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  1. Elessar_warrior

    Winning Auction Bid for Coal

    I bid 100k and lost, shold have bidded 100.000.001.
  2. Elessar_warrior

    Torpedoes bug

    I have the same issue almost every battle. I potentially lost random battles and even clan battles becouse of this bug. Initially i thought it was a ping issue. It happens so often in this patch i can't play torp ships anymore until this is fixed. Thank you. Please fix the turning torpedos. I got this bug
  3. Sadly, game and players are worst every patch. This time we got "special" randoms with 2 slight buffed t10 bbs. Almost all battles now are 10min or 7min steamrolls. And if you play with torp boats you should have noticed that torps now turn randonmly without reason, most likely a sub code that got into normal torps by mistake.
  4. Elessar_warrior

    Torpedo aiming / launch bug?

    I had this issue for a long time but it was only when i launched torps fast and turned the camera immediately. But since this patch torps just dont go where you aim, ship movement doesnt matter.
  5. Elessar_warrior

    Chaves Mod de Voz

    Atualizei o pasta e as instruções para a versão atual do jogo ( Continua funcionando normal.
  6. Elessar_warrior

    Who Were The Sea Peoples

    Sea peoples are fascinating to me. Unfortunately we know very little of them. On the bright side, decades ago the sea peoples were little more than a fairy tale. Now evidence has come. In some civilizations you can give more credit to the translations. For instance we have the rosetta stone, wich has the same text written in ancient egyptian and greek. Other exemple is the Maya civilization, ironically the monk that done the most to erase maya culture also wrote the correspondent maya sounds in spanish in his memories book, wich helped in the translation effords.
  7. Elessar_warrior

    Strange game freezes after last patch

    Not in the foruns of course. They said to me in a ticket they were working in the issue. Three weeks and the same bug continues, dozens of ppl with the exact same problem in the reddit and eu forum.
  8. Elessar_warrior

    Strange game freezes after last patch

    Same thing here since the patch, just cant play.
  9. Elessar_warrior

    Game freezes all the time

    Same here. One guy in eu forum made a video of this issue. WOWS: wigging out on memory problems? - YouTube
  10. Similar issues here. Random minimap freezes for minutes, speed indicator wild, no rendering of shells and torpedos, torpedos freeze in the water. Hp bars and distance indicators freeze. Torpedo traverse freezes as well. But for some reason expectator mode works great.
  11. Elessar_warrior

    Can't see shells nor enemy ships

    Im pretty sure its a high server load due to the new game mode, maybe the huge amount of torpedos. Hope its fixed soon becouse its unplayable here.
  12. Elessar_warrior

    Can't see shells nor enemy ships

    Exact same issue here on almost all my games since last patch.
  13. Elessar_warrior


    2 perguntas: 1 - onde todo mundo vai se reunir pra combinar? 2- como vão ser definidos os mapas?
  14. Elessar_warrior

    Cade os artistas da comunidade?

    Meu site com alguns trabalhos: www.igormitt.carbonmade.com