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  1. How dare you!
  2. Catchy. As far as the actual point of this thread, I'm not going to pre-ban a ship whose official stats and consumables haven't been released, particularly given that WG has said it'll be available to the public at some point. For all we know it could simply be a different skin for the class. Once we know what WG plans to do with it, we can make an appropriate decision; as is we're very far off from Season 4 and have no release date for the Bama itself. If the ST only version ends up being different than the standard release, then it'll likely be added to the no-go list with the Flint.
  3. That depends, what kind of a music are do they play? Southern Rock?
  4. Given around the turn around times for all involved, I think we'll have teams submit them mid-season, so that we can hopefully get the finished Flags as close to finals as possible.
  5. Classic Atago
  6. Each season should have it's own set of flags for the victors, hopefully a unique design per season. I'm putting the finishing touches on the prize list, and the participation flag / flag pack list right now. After that's it's all on Q to start crediting
  7. Semi-finals are in 3 days, and finals are next week. Mfw
  8. Come drink Mac!
  9. Food for thought: this game is still quite small, and the community of active clans is even smaller. Almost all of the clan leaders know each other, and typically we keep pretty close. So, as in this case, when you choose to burn a bridge with one clan, publicly or privately, you've probably burned bridges with another 5-6+ clans
  10. Season 3 isn't even half over.... You're got a long wait sneaky
  11. Minor change to the ruleset: Wording change from: Currently all ships (with the exception of the USS Flint) up to T8, premium and non-premium, are allowed within the league. To: Currently all released ships (with the exception of the USS Flint) up to T8, premium and non-premium, are allowed within the league. Reasoing: Wording meant to disallow ships only available to Supertesters and Wargaming Employees, as originally intended by the ruleset
  12. Since the Maps page on the website is 404ing at the moment Round 1 New Dawn Atlantic Islands of Ice Round 2 Okinawa Loop Trident Round 3 Tears of the Desert Tourney Version Mountain Range Hotspot
  13. They will both be gold. Just keep in mind you've got separate teams, seperate rosters, etc.
  14. Qualifying for gold does not also qualify your second team
  15. Yep, that's correct