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  1. Played bisko this morning, encountered no issues with the fire chance. It's more the repetitive rain of fire that deters people from constantly pushing, and unnerves the stronger ships that can withstand a few hits or so. Bismarck secondaries are fine, if not more powerful now because of the range buff. Please don't ask them to pull the fire chance back up.
  2. Nice, I think I have around 30 or so myself. And alpha flags don't mean much, considering I've seen players with both alpha and beta flags play just as poorly as unregistered players who just joined.
  3. It's really cool to watch these anims, since they remind me of watching a distant thunderstorm. You're too far to hear the sound, but you see the flashes, painted hues of crimson of fire amongst the dark smoke clouds, brief, but frequent and intense for sure. Love it, I just hope that my potato of a computer will be able to render some of these.
  4. I love players like this cause you can tell who actually worked to improve themselves in the game, and who, upon encountering a bump in the road, cracked open a wallet and, "WG take my money and gib me skill and high tier ships". It's actually impressive how many players manage to bumble, stumble, and then crumble up at high tier gameplay. It's as if none of them were even ready for it in the first place.
  5. See, this doesn't make much sense then. I look at my stats very often, but mostly because I hold myself to a higher standard than I do my teams/friends. Granted I can only do so much at any given point in time, but I still try to recognize more of my own inconsistencies and try not to repeat them in game, in progress during a battle at any given time. The idea is stats as a metric give you an idea of how you can improve numbers-wise, and give you an idea of progress. Saying that everyone will hit a point and plateau out from there is kind of broken logic, seeing that there is always something to learn or something to improve. Which is why people like me get frustrated when someone, typically on my team, is content with just mediocrity or just doing the base level of what's required, instead of trying to go above and beyond or at least trying a bit harder to achieve the goal of the game: winning. The damage and other metrics really don't matter much unless you can tie winning into it, and being consistent and active as a player. When people choose to focus on one single metric, or choose to fall back to one amazing game they had/shame you for one bad game, or play excessively passive/farming, it's frustrating to play with. There are multiple game modes in which someone wishing to just dink around or not take the game seriously(not that you really need to, the game's pretty easy once you get the hang of it) can go and play, or if they wish to actually learn more, most of the times, they can literally just ask another player, but refusing to, or making excuses for why their performance is terrible instead of just admitting things, is, and you guessed it: Frustrating. Just don't be that guy. Ever.
  6. FTFY
  7. Under Settings, on the Controls tab, one of the checkboxes should say something along the lines of "Display Team Rosters". Enable that, and you should be good to go.
  8. man that last gif has a harder collapse than some of my teams today, have an updoot
  9. True true, the derailing was definitely top quality. Hopefully I don't get excluded from satire posts when I eventually turn purple :c
  10. Wasn't the original post supposed to be satire venting about how random battles just have some random WARBEASTY-esque dude that seems to just always be on a team every single game?
  11. See, I'd say that could be correct but that's more or less down to horrible CV balancing more than it is actual stats. Now, that being said, I'd rather have a competent Midway over a terrible Haky cap. It's easy to pad certain stats, but it's also easy to do a bit of reading into said stats, and watching a player in game to understand if they're any good, hence why I said, "stats are one half of the way to determine skill". It will still always be pretty clear the skill gap between someone with a 800 WTR and 1200 WTR, and having someone of a lower skill level that refuses to get better is always frustrating.
  12. Who said I was trying to win? I'm just stirring up what's cooking.
  13. Because it's the here and now. Sure you can easily point to the fact that absolutely no one will care in 5-10 years, but people care now because this is an active game with an active community. Plus, how else are you supposed to measure things? With how it feels? If you wanna know how well that turned out, ask Notser about IFHE. Stats are pretty much one half of the way to determine if the people you play a "competitive team based game" with are any good, and how much fun you'll have as a result during said match. Working for every single match because someone's got the excuse of "well I just play for fun, because stats/games/etc. don't matter" isn't fun for a player, div, or team wanting to get better or do well. And it's just selfish logic on the whole to brush that off. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. Because of those DDs you mentioned: Fidonisy is basically an enlarged Derzki, and is still WW1 in design, and isn't really that unique. Gnenvy to Ognevoi to Minsk doesn't necessarily work, as Minsk is a destroyer leader, and Gnevny technically the more modern ship, so it wouldn't make sense to bump her to 8, even you believe she might fit. And on that note, Skoryy and Ognevoi are both late-war/post-war designs, with Tashkent being mid war. So the line as is, is fine. Having the paper ships is completely okay considering the other paper designs in the game, which allows for some speculation on what these ships would've sorta/kinda been like IRL(which is a stretch to say).
  15. Aren't macs both hella expensive and just poorly optimized for anything outside of working in certain creative programs?