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  1. Tier 6 Dallas

    Git gud then? I personally like my T8s being uptiered because it means more XP killing higher tiered opponents.
  2. Tier 6 Dallas

    Because it's tier 6! It's not like the meta of the entire game is decided at tier 6! Who cares besides the one or two people(or you, for that matter) that main tier 6 for the entire time they play warships? Several times now I've said to play the ship first and then make the judgments, and then we can see who's wrong and who's right, and at the end of the day, what is that gonna even matter when you'll end up grinding up to Worcester anyways? You won't keep Dallas, same as I didn't keep Cleveland because I already have Des Moines. So let me ask this then, are you a supertester? A CC perhaps? Have you played the ship? Can you make the honest argument that it's worse in every single manner, IF you have played it? If you think the Cleveland is just a middling tier 6 cruiser, explain that one to me, because as far as I've been aware, the Cleveland has always been one of the best T6 cruisers available in the game, and it's always had to have been nerfed to keep it in line. Now the nerfs are finally catching up to the point where one feels a powercreep, or the fact that it can't bully T4 anymore, but yet it's still got enough firepower to reliably hold its own even when uptiered. If it's because your favorite sealclubber is going away, then it's time to either git gud and club with the Dallas, or go club at Tier 8. There are far bigger issues in the game than the inclusion of the Dallas.
  3. Tier 6 Dallas

    I used to have 6 actually, and on the other part of it, if you raised a cat up with a ferret, or vice versa, they get along really well actually.
  4. Tier 6 Dallas

    This isn't irrelevant, Dallas is a new ship that is set to replace the old. Pensacola of all ships is getting downtiered with 10 203mm guns at it's disposal. The Dallas has 10 152mm guns, and decent looking stats, if inferior to the Cleveland, on paper. My point of my argument is that we are comparing a ship that has been played extensively vs a brand new ship that looks inferior in the "areas that matter". Everyone seems to be missing the concealment on the new ship is lower compared to the Cleveland which make the usage of those guns and the ship more comfortable, and that also likely means the ship is smaller, and harder to hit. Ergo, let's play the ship first.
  5. Tier 6 Dallas

    If I was the only one that thought the Cleveland was too strong for it's tier, I wouldn't have said anything. What I see is a bunch of useless quibbling over paper stats, and I'm injecting the idea that maybe, just maybe, the ship is supposed to be a step from the Omaha-class to the Helena-class. I can also tell you that it was blatantly overpowered when it was just the USN and IJN lines because of the split citadel, the ridiculously good armor for Tier 6, and the fact that it used to benefit from BFT/AFT. It has been nerfed and brought down significantly from what it used to be, and if you want to see what it used to be, look for videos from late 2015/early 2016. The ship is still extraordinarily strong for tier 6, and it's not entirely unreasonable to suggest bumping the Cleveland back to pre-nerf statistics and bumping it up in tier, and then including a ship like the Dallas as a what-if lighter Pensacola look-alike. And at the end of the day, it is a game; historical balance should and will need to take a backseat to game balance. It does not matter that you or someone else wants to keep Cleveland at tier 6, it matters that the balance stays consistent as the tiers continue to rise.
  6. Tier 6 Dallas

    Another fact: Cleveland has been played millions of times by people of all skill levels. In my hands, or anyone above average, it'll perform like a Tier 8, if I decided to go back to it that is. But you and another missed my point entirely: Why in the world would you continue to play Tier 6 if it wasn't comfortable or fun? Throw all the numbers you guys want at me or anyone else that tries to explain that Dallas replacing Cleveland is a non issue, but the facts on my end remain pretty consistent too. Dallas is not an open water cruiser like you'd want it to be. Neither are any of the USN CLs tbh, besides maybe Cleveland in it's current incarnation, and it's not an offensive capable cruiser either. USN CLs/CAs in my eyes are cruisers meant to take and hold a position and bombard any aggressor that dares to push in towards them. You have to sit in cover and take advantage of the fact you've got these ridiculously atmospheric arcs, or you will find that, not just the Dallas, but the USN CL line in general, will not be for you. And if your argument starts waning towards, "but I can't farm BBs like I used to", git gud, and start picking a different target like other cruisers or DDs. You may find the rewards to be much greater than just another high damage game. Dallas still has 10 guns with USN HE, USN arcs, USN accuracy, and on a slightly more mobile, but much lighter platform. Adapt and overcome, when you actually get the ship, THEN complain.
  7. Tier 6 Dallas

    @HazeGrayUnderway True, but only to an extent. The firepower is perfectly acceptable for Tier 6 where most other cruisers at your tier and the ones below it will have less guns to bring to bear than you do. The AA on Cleveland has also always been way too strong for its own good, and the AA rating for the Dallas now brings it to an appreciable level, where you will still likely swat planes out of the sky, but not as readily as before. Again, true to a certain extent. The RDS time is a paltry 8.0s vs the Cleveland's 7.2s, but the RDS is fine given the 650m turning radius. It's especially fine when you start stacking it up vs other CLs for the tier: XXX RDS TIme(in seconds) TCR(in meters) Cleveland 7.2 660 Dallas 8.0 650 Aoba 6.5 710 Budyonny 8.6 710 La Galissioniere 7.7 650 Leander 6.3 640 Nürnberg 7.6 720 (Assuming fully upgraded hull, no module upgrades) So it fits in rather comfortably. And on the HP pools, Cleveland has way more health than any other T6 CL: XXX HP Cleveland 35200 Dallas 28300 Aoba 31900 Budyonny 30800 La Galissioniere 27300 Leander 28700 Nürnberg 27000 (same thing as the first chart) Again, this is balanced against Tier 6. And the Cleveland is more a Tier 8 cruiser than a Tier 6. Your point? The firepower is comparable enough, ESPECIALLY against its peers, and if you can't make it work with the eventual captain skill and modules and upgrades that one will eventually apply, grind past it and go up the line. We're sorry that you can't club T6 anymore.
  8. Tier 6 Dallas

    Everyone complaining about this ship, not realizing that you really aren't meant to stay at T6 with a silver ship anyways, and Cleveland could be bumped to T8(like it is now) and not give a crap. Seriously the ship looks fine to me, and the lack of hydro is about the only questionable thing on the ship, but everything else about looks balanced against tier 5-7 MM, where you will likely end up 80% of the time. The complaints about this ship don't match up imo, and I just don't see a problem with it, rose colored glasses or not. Play the ship first, then make your judgments, because there are a lot of soft stats and things about how the ship will perform and handle in your hands that you won't get to know until you actually play it. If you end up not performing as well as you did in Cleveland, then spend the effort to do better.
  9. @Pigeon_of_War With the return of the Hunt for Bismarck and Dunkirk collections, is there a chance for earning the 2 Years of World of Warships items again? For reference, the reason I ask is because I have 1 duplicate and 15/16 items, and it kind of bothers me that I never got to finish due to my computer suffering a blowout of the GPU. or maybe just gift me the last item please thank you
  10. Hey fellow captains, I've been meaning to release a proper guide or series for a while now, and I have finally started with my first video in a series, aimed at newer players, and those who wish to pick up some extra tricks to get better at the game. The series is called The Learning Curve, and I intend to help players to make it somewhere closer to my skill level at least, if not help them improve overall by as much as I can. This first episode is covering the basics of what I'll be going over in the weeks to come, as well as just getting some brief notes for a starter until I release more focused episodes to start dialing in specific components of the game and how it plays, as well as covering how everything interacts with other mechanics. Please enjoy, and I look forward to any and all support! --- I hope that this does kickstart a great and informative series, and I wish to hear as much feedback as I can. I'm kinda running a subpar recording suite, so this will be the best I can manage til I can upgrade to more serious software/hardware. This replay was recorded in on the NA server, on an nVidia GTX 1060 GPU, Intel i5-7500CPU, 8GB DDR-3000 RAM desktop PC running Windows 10 on OBS Studio, and final editing and processing done thru Windows Movie Maker(because I'm still a student, and students are not typically well off). If you'd like to know the modifications(visual or not) I use, please ask at any time, and I'll get a list compiled from aslain's modpack.
  11. Played bisko this morning, encountered no issues with the fire chance. It's more the repetitive rain of fire that deters people from constantly pushing, and unnerves the stronger ships that can withstand a few hits or so. Bismarck secondaries are fine, if not more powerful now because of the range buff. Please don't ask them to pull the fire chance back up.
  12. i like flags

    Nice, I think I have around 30 or so myself. And alpha flags don't mean much, considering I've seen players with both alpha and beta flags play just as poorly as unregistered players who just joined.
  13. It's really cool to watch these anims, since they remind me of watching a distant thunderstorm. You're too far to hear the sound, but you see the flashes, painted hues of crimson of fire amongst the dark smoke clouds, brief, but frequent and intense for sure. Love it, I just hope that my potato of a computer will be able to render some of these.
  14. I witnessed the worst player

    I love players like this cause you can tell who actually worked to improve themselves in the game, and who, upon encountering a bump in the road, cracked open a wallet and, "WG take my money and gib me skill and high tier ships". It's actually impressive how many players manage to bumble, stumble, and then crumble up at high tier gameplay. It's as if none of them were even ready for it in the first place.
  15. Stats Mean Nothing!

    See, this doesn't make much sense then. I look at my stats very often, but mostly because I hold myself to a higher standard than I do my teams/friends. Granted I can only do so much at any given point in time, but I still try to recognize more of my own inconsistencies and try not to repeat them in game, in progress during a battle at any given time. The idea is stats as a metric give you an idea of how you can improve numbers-wise, and give you an idea of progress. Saying that everyone will hit a point and plateau out from there is kind of broken logic, seeing that there is always something to learn or something to improve. Which is why people like me get frustrated when someone, typically on my team, is content with just mediocrity or just doing the base level of what's required, instead of trying to go above and beyond or at least trying a bit harder to achieve the goal of the game: winning. The damage and other metrics really don't matter much unless you can tie winning into it, and being consistent and active as a player. When people choose to focus on one single metric, or choose to fall back to one amazing game they had/shame you for one bad game, or play excessively passive/farming, it's frustrating to play with. There are multiple game modes in which someone wishing to just dink around or not take the game seriously(not that you really need to, the game's pretty easy once you get the hang of it) can go and play, or if they wish to actually learn more, most of the times, they can literally just ask another player, but refusing to, or making excuses for why their performance is terrible instead of just admitting things, is, and you guessed it: Frustrating. Just don't be that guy. Ever.