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  1. TheFerretArmy

    What is the ideal engagement range for Musashi?

    same as the yamato, ideally within 12-16 km, where you have the ability to disengage as needed, but don't find yourself having issues with the dispersion. You can sit up to 18km away and still be mildly effective, but that's if you're good at aiming at targets from afar.
  2. TheFerretArmy

    When is the next USN Heavy Cruiser rework?

    could care less about other points made in this post, but DM mediocre? you're surely joking right?
  3. TheFerretArmy

    How To Counter The Stalingrad

    I mean, in my own opinion(which doesn't really matter in the whole for this case), I think that the ship is strong but fine. The main issue comes from the ship being both strong and mostly in the hands of really good players, which certainly does not help the case of whether or not the community thinks it's OP. Nikolai and Kutuzov are definitely OP, and quite annoying to deal with, but because of the different ways and options to deal damage to an opponent, they aren't completely unable to be dealt with, which would make a ship broken IMO. All that I'd like to do is prove that the 'glaring' weaknesses are just the same as any other ship, and at the end of the day, give advice on how to counter it. I do like my Stalingrad, but it's only as good as the player piloting it.
  4. TheFerretArmy

    How To Counter The Stalingrad

    It's different enough that most just seem to give up and call it OP instead of trying to find the glaring weaknesses it has and exploit them. Good players will play to a ship's strengths, better players will tend to manage and hide their weaknesses, and most of the people who own a Stalingrad, me included, know how to play a round or two really well. It's far from the invincible boat people hype it up to be, so I just wanna shed a little light towards what it's actually like. If all the focus is on the 2.65 sigma or 305mm guns or 72k health pool, then who's going to point out the massive turning radius, increased vulnerability to fire damage, or horrible concealment?
  5. you don't. But in all seriousness, it can be done. In order to understand how to counter what is perceived as "OMG AN OP RUSSIAN BIAS BOTE AAAAAAAAAA!1!1!!!!" by some elements out there, we must first understand how it plays. Stalingrad is a heavy cruiser/battleship hybrid, or battlecruiser. Meaning that it shares traits of both ship classes without really being one or the other. It's fast and sleek like a cruiser, and comes equipped with DFAA and Radar, as per usual Soviet cruiser consumables, and the heal is nothing to write home about, but it also has guns closer in caliber to a battleship. It's also massive. Sitting at a hardly concealable 13.9 km detect by sea range fully equipped for stealth, the concealment is lacking, and the size makes it a very nice, juicy target to shoot at. The fires also last longer on the Stalingrad than they would on ordinary cruisers. And they hurt more because of the percentage based damage, which, even with a HP pool of 72,450, hurts more than one would expect. 1. The guns: Do not broadside this ship if it's aiming at you. EVER.* The Stalingrad comes equipped with a set of 9 305mm guns in 3 triple turrets mounted in an AB-Y configuration. It is laid out like Moskva and it punches much harder. It also packs improved AP pen angles and 2.65 sigma on a 20.0s base reload. OP right? WRONG. Due to having the slowest reload out of all the T10 cruisers, it's much better suited to punishing one or two targets at any given time, and lacks DPM against angled targets, of which even Henri IV or Moskva can out DPM in that circumstance. If you're a cruiser or a battleship, with maybe the exception of RN CLs, you will mitigate a large portion of the firepower the guns can dole out simply by angling your ship. Treat the Stalingrad like a battleship when you go to fight it one-on-one. There is a slight '*' to note. DDs should not angle vs this ship at all. Stalingrad's guns will not overpen nearly as much as other battleships would if you angle in a destroyer even a teensy bit. DD should stay broadside, or stay undetected. The ballistic arcs of these guns are INCREDIBLY flat, and keep velocity out to the base max range of 20.4 km. If you are in a cruiser that has the arcs like, for example, a Worcester, you can easily fire upon the Stalingrad and stay safe from its guns. Although the guns are amazing in open water, it struggles against targets that are situated behind anything larger than a sandbar. Stay behind an island if you can do so. .2. The Armor: Stalingrad's armor scheme is such that she can angle against other cruisers/battleships and live to tell the tale, but is horrendously vulnerable from the side. Like Yamato, the ship is suited to keeping targets within a certain angle from her bow, and every cruiser and battleship can eat this thing alive from the side, if you can get there. The bow is also plated with 25mm, meaning 380mm guns and up can go through the upper portion of the nose and potentially drop into the citadel dead bow-on. Speaking of, it's also vulnerable to HE spam, due to the large 16mm plated superstructure, and 25mm plated bow and stern decks. And because of the similarities to a battleship in both size and function, it eats fire damage like tomorrow will never come. If 2 or 3 cruisers were to focus this ship down, it will die, fast. The 50mm middle deck may be a bit more resistant, but Hindenburg can counter that small advantage quite easily. The torpedo protection is only 25%, which makes it better than most cruisers(only Moskva is better, at 28%), but ties with Großer Kurfürst as the lowest in terms of battleship levels. It does not like to eat torps. Feed it as many as you can muster. 3. The Ship: The Stalingrad is not exactly slow, but she ain't exactly the crowl jewel of agility. Even Moskva compares better to the 1130 m turning radius of the Stalingrad, and the large size of the ship means making full turns will have to be done in open water. The acceleration is certainly nice, but it's still a massive clunky ship that will struggle in anything but open water. All the more reason to island camp. The concealment is horrid. Full stop. 13.9 km by sea, and 14.9 km after firing from smoke means staying hidden is very tough to do, and even though it packs the Soviet long range radar of 11.7 km, there is still a 2.2km buffer where you will not be detected on approach. You can easily outspot it, even with some battleships, and that says more than I ever can. Long story short, the ship is far from OP, and while it will more than likely be in the hands of players that know how to abuse and make use of certain mechanics, you as a player can still be effective versus the ship itself with just a few bits of knowledge on how to counter it. Knowing that I've just made my job harder as an owner of the ship and player, I bid you all adieu, and see you on the ocean.