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  1. Not entirely true. For example, Pan-European and Commonwealth ships have captains that are unable to be trained to any silver/tech tree line, and Italian battleships are not a line yet either but have Roma and Giulio Cesare, so they make either FXP through Doubloon Conversion, you already have a 19pt captain and you're grinding elite commander XP, or you're playing them for kicks. It also takes about as much effort to swap out + swap in a captain, as it does to just filter out captainless ships. However, it takes much more effort to code that UI to display differently, test it to make sure it works, and then patch it to live. There are other, more important things that need attention. There is zero need for this.
  2. literally no need to "fix" this, easiest way is just put a freebie captain in, and either train him or dismiss him.
  3. TheFerretArmy

    I made it past 10,000 missions altogether....time for an AMA

    so, what made you decide to div with me as much as you used to, and did i end up ever teaching you things that you later used in your battles? also what made you pick up the game in the first place?
  4. TheFerretArmy

    Barrels Matter with Battleships

    Good bait OP. wait this... this is bait right? right?
  5. @Radar_X The wide opinion on the matter is that we don't want more details, we just don't want this as it is in the game. Your responses imply that, regardless of our initial reaction and dissent to these changes, the dev team/whoever is responsible for pushing this from conceptual stages to where we can see it is basically ignoring us and deciding to try to sell the idea to us in spite of the negativity and backlash this is still creating.
  6. TheFerretArmy

    Why does Colbert have 127mm guns?

    I... I don't even... ?????????
  7. TheFerretArmy

    8.5 will kill cvs again

    This seems very biased, and you're glossing over the skill gap I was referring to quite heavily. I'm not advocating for a total reduction in effectiveness, I'm advocating for counterplay and mechanics that actually challenge a good player to do better, and yet still remains accessible enough for newer/learning/average players to reasonably enjoy the ship in question. Yamato, for instance, is very appealing due to the massive 460mm guns that can overmatch 32mm plating. However, Yamato also has glaring weaknesses in the form of glacial turret traverse, a high and vulnerable citadel, and relative lack of gimmicks compared to other ships of its class and tier. As a result it's balanced in it's class, tier, and against both what it counters and gets countered by. Most CVs do not have any form of counterplay against them post rework, and they almost don't even have the ability to defend their own team properly. If, and I do mean if, WG properly balanced ships that are either currently broken, or have been largely powercreeped by giving actual attention to counterplay and mechanics that makes sense, then I guarantee you that a previously broken or currently unappealing ship will be more appealing, not less so at the minimum.
  8. TheFerretArmy

    8.5 will kill cvs again

    The inverse is just as true, but we're referring more to the fact that even the bare minimum of a proper strike barely incurs risk of losing multiple planes in the squadron. Scouting can also be easily accomplished through a quick flight and dropping a fighter squad, which is not hard to do at all.
  9. TheFerretArmy

    8.5 will kill cvs again

    That's a very shallow point of view. Balancing around the top means ensuring the difference between the skill ceiling and the skill floor of a given ship, line, or class isn't astronomically large. It doesn't make a ship less rewarding or effective in terms of high level play, and if things were actually balanced properly, MORE skilled players would likely play the ship in question. WG has to be careful about striking a balance between an accessible skill floor, and mechanics that aren't so that any small advantage a ship/line/class has can be exploited (legally ofc) to overwhelming effect. So, no, it's not nerfing the good players, it's not dumb, and it's not making it any less accessible to the statistically or mechanically average population.
  10. TheFerretArmy

    8.5 will kill cvs again

    You're striking a USN battleship loaded to the waterline with AA armament. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
  11. TheFerretArmy

    8.5 will kill cvs again

    You have unlimited planes in a theoretical sense, and 100+ plus strike aircraft only instead of having the hangar capacity split between fighters, dive bombers, and torpedo bombers. The only way this is 'unfair' is if you throw away planes for little to no effect, which was just as probable of happening in the old pre rework CV play, pre 0.8.5, and now. You aren't 'losing one of your main guns' permanently, if you can just fly them back, have them replenished, or straight up send new ones. No other class has that capability.
  12. TheFerretArmy

    8.5 will kill cvs again

    Uh, the slingshot method would like to have a word with you. Plus, you guys do realize that the AA as of 0.8.5 only focuses and shoots down the inactive planes in the squadron, NOT the attack run of the squad UNLESS they have low health planes? There's not skill involved without the AA changes, tbh. I've seen planes of all tiers fly into a few brand new, undamaged ships, get free damage off, and only incur minor loss, and I see that happening more often than not. You shouldn't be able to just strike anything at will, as something has to be able to counter your ship for your attacks to be remotely balanced. But hey, I hear ignorance is bliss, and since CVs have so much skill, I wonder why everyone complains about how truly balanced and effective they are.
  13. TheFerretArmy

    8.5 will kill cvs again

    jUsT dOdGe This is a welcome change, considering in most cases, planes basically stay unlimited/combat capable through proper play with little consequences for minor losses incurred, while ALL surface ships gradually lose AA effectiveness through repeated shell/bomb/rocket hits. Previous to this patch, you could have large amounts of plane damage dealt over the course of a match, but comparatively shoot down very little actual planes, which will not significantly hamper the CV's ability to farm damage without consequence. As much as I enjoy some inclusion of the more famous ships from WW2, carriers are inherently unbalanced, due to the fact that they have made mostly every other class obsolete in the course of naval warfare history. As much as I would like to see a happy medium with CV balance, it's nearly impossible to make them perfectly balanced vs the 3 other classes of surface ships in the game, and I will be willing to argue out every single point on why that's the case. Surface ships, not just the 'DD mafia' or 'world of battleships' fanboys, make up over 80% of the content in the game, and I'd rather see that flourish and thrive and be properly done, than to have a one-size-fits-all class that can do just about anything with little to no consequences.
  14. TheFerretArmy

    So now that Kremlin is out, what is GK's Purpose?

    Kremlin suffers from not having hydro (which is probably why the maneuverability has to be a little better than GK) and having limited DCP charges. Say what you will about GK eating damage, but it's typically one of the hardest ships to kill when played correctly and allowed to shine. GK (and a fair number of German ships) suffers from power creep. It is still powerful in it's own right, but recent additions of new ships have shifted the balance away from the GK's favor, with the popular picks being firmly in the court of newer ships. Once people learn how to effectively start killing Kremlin, and it receives a few small balance changes to bring it more in line with the legacy T10s, GK will still have its own place in T10 randoms meta. It's up to you whether you stick with it or not.
  15. There's a few problems with this line of thought. One could indeed say that it is 'just a game', just as much as I can say 'git gud or stop playing'. The main issue is that this is a competitive, PvP game with a high emphasis on teamplay, rather than highlighting individual performance. One potato is not going to ruin a game. 15-20 will. The fun that people experience varies with what they expect out of the game, and this game is equally as community driven as it is run by WG. If you, or other people, of a lesser skill truly didn't care, and are just in this game to 'have fun', there'd be very little reason for you to actively argue that 'it's not the community'. There are multiple modes for all different types of people, casual to competitive, but all of them have an element and emphasis on teamplay. Ignoring this is not playing the game as it is meant to be played, and though you may find enjoyment in doing so, you are deviating from what WG intended for the community, and therefore it's on both the community to self-police themselves and start, I dunno, thinking about how it might affect others, and on WG to crack down on those that actively go out of their way to lessen or ruin the fun of others and the values of the community. Additionally, games are not solely a source of entertainment. If they were, streamers would be unable to do what they do, tournaments and competitions would not exist, and communities likely wouldn't form around a game. Trying to be condescending towards people who do actively support the game by buying into it, forming tournaments, and making it more than it is, only furthers the idea that it is indeed elements of the warships community that are causing a deterioration in the enjoyment of others, simply by the fact that you and others are not willing to just accept that there's more to it. It's not just elitists. It's not just the average. It's not just the bad, or the whales, or the uncaring, or the CV apologists, or even WG themselves. Everyone contributes to the overall health of the game, and choosing not to contribute actually does affect the game and the community. Just because you 'don't care' about what happens, does not mean that negative and positive changes are still occurring to change the game. And just because you view the game as purely an entertainment source, does not mean others should or will. WG themselves has to react to the changes in the community and act accordingly, as for them, this is a business. If the health of the game declines too far, they will lose income, and we may lose features and content that we as a community have been treated to so far. If it really is 'just a game', why would you even bother with responding to threads like these?