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  1. You are full of it. I have fired 8 salvos on a stationary ships and hit 3 time (overpens) and I have put 5 shell in an DD from 20 k out. I have deleted 3 CAs with 4 salvos and then hit nothing for 10 mins. In an fight with a CA it is more luck than anything else.
  2. Rise of the Lemming....

    The difference between a lemming train and a battle line A lemming train takes the longest, most protected way around the map and when they see a torpedo they all stop and try to collect all of them even if they have to sit around for 10 minutes. A battle line is taking a path that permits them to always shoot at some other ship. In the ideal case a 12 to 1 ratio. A 12 to 2 is still okay, but barely.
  3. Rise of the Lemming....

    No you don't! You perfectly can protect your cap from one, again, one side.
  4. This game treats winners and losers equally. That small difference in XP does not really matter. So there is no reason not to play "I don't care matches."
  5. There are matches that you lose regardless of how good you are and there are matches that you win regardless of how bad you are. Those types of matches average to exactly 50%. It is that small set of matches outside of those two large groups where your actions decide who is winning and losing. So yes skill matters.
  6. Fun and Enraging

    And how exactly does being pink hurt your game? You don't lose XP, credits, a ship, a commander. Nothing is reset to zero, in other words the system does absolutely NOTHING except you are pink for a while. I really don't see what the fuss is all about.
  7. And why do you think that insulting professional programmers is helpful? or are you used to getting candy from your mom when you threw a tantrum?
  8. Why don't you ****** understand that rushing out and capping at any price is a main reason why teams get deleted. First you need to fight and BEAT the other team before you can cap. (Of course by that time you rarely need to cap)
  9. Top three

    The top three reasons teams get destroyed. Thinking that capping wins the match. Sitting around is the best way to avoid getting hit. Mistaking a battle line for a lemming train.
  10. Are you playing the same game? The CO-OP bot use more strategy. All I see is: DDs spamming torps and hope they hit something. Ships sitting around and hope there is one stupid guy that moves forward and uncovers targets so that they can shoot at something. Once the stupid guy has died in a hail of gunfire they hope for another stupid guy.
  11. I like the idea that if you are not ranked you should be limited to CO-OP only.
  12. matchmaking and bans

    Maybe just out of respect those bad players should quit?
  13. Why in the world?

    If CO-OP would give the same rewards as random I would play it. If all "Missions" would be CO-OP I would play it. So you have to put up with players that like to "PLAY" games.
  14. Sorry, but when I am close enough for secondaries then I am busy driving the ship and don't have a second to spare for aiming another set of guns. Also I like the extra warning. When the secondaries go off then I know there is something close.
  15. New ships and only the ocean map. I would be more then happy with that.