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  1. Nergy

    World of Warships Ship Opinions: Fuso

    I found the Fuso to be an excellent brawler. (not the broadside to broadside brawl but in sense of maneuvering close combat.) Because of the turret layout you can fight 2 target simultaneously and you have accurate and fast loading guns (28 sec). Stealth for a fighting BB is unimportant because once you open fire you can't hide anymore and you don't have the speed to pull out of visual range. The main problem I found is the range of the guns because it attracts all the cowards and bad players. It lets them sit back and the hits they score gives them the feeling that they influence the outcome of a match. In reality, even so they have a good score, most of the time they don't do anything match deciding. They don't cap. They aren't able to take out DDs and maneuvering CAs from that distance. All they can do is skimming the first 50% of damage off the BBs and that, in most cases, is not match deciding. Plus most of those guys are horrible BB fighters. Most of the time the match is won before the fight gets to them and if the fight get to them they can claim they did their part and it was the rest of the team that lost the match, or they blame bad shooting luck on their side and superior luck or even cheating on the other side.
  2. I think this need to be redesigned to this. Calculate the Torpedo damage to ally If over penalty threshold Apply Penalty (turn ship pink) Now apply (reflect) the damage to the correct ship (the pink one) else Old code
  3. The overwhelming majority of players is perfectly happy with bathing their boats and shooting the guns and that is the full extent of their interest. This also means that you all can quit whining about the RNG and the MM and everything else because they are not the problem.
  4. Nergy

    So Where Do I Apply For A Refund...

    Have you ever though about what that really means when a ship is real fun to play?
  5. Nergy

    excuse me but why is ranked T10 again?

    It is Tier 10 because ranked is for the elite players only!
  6. How can that be even remotely fair that 2 carriers can have so many planes? We shot down 164 planes in a tier 6 match.
  7. The problem are not the game modes and not the ships and not the ... The real problem is that 90% of the player base is s t u p i d as s h i t (sorry but sometimes you have to say the truth) and have no clue what to do while thinking they are the wisdom's final answer, and no tweak or change of the game can change that.
  8. Be happy when CVs come after you because that means that the rest of your team can play unmolested. Oh I forgot this game it not about team, it is about whiny, egoistic, selfish, greedy bastards.
  9. If you consider the change of the color for 4 games as penalty then you real need to seek professional help.
  10. Nergy

    Stop Kill Stealing!

    You were only 2km from the target. It is entirely possible that someone has fired a salvo before you launched your torps.
  11. I fully agree with you. Idiotic players trying to force a cap is the number 1 reason for a loss. Of course sometimes it works, mostly because the other team has a few more idiots the the own team. And yes sometimes you lose because nobody capped but those cases are rare. Anyway the number one reason why I stopped playing after 10k matches is that there is nothing in the game that stops that rush to cap behavior and I got sick and tired of watching them racing out, sit in the cap, blow smoke and getting killed and when you needed them in the last 5 mins to cap something they were dead.
  12. Nergy

    A challenge to the community.

    The purpose of a game is fun. The opinion about what fun is varies. The conclusion of what that means I leave open. (Hint. It might be the opposite of yours.)
  13. Nergy

    Ranked should have skill based MM

    The problem is that first you need to have players that have skills.
  14. Well sometimes I wondered too whether there is some hidden factor that is set when you log on. There were days you couldn't hit anything and then there were days where you couldn't miss regardless how bad your aim was. I know conspiracy and such.
  15. Nergy

    WG gifts

    Sorry but I have to decline those gifts. Why? Just read the forums. Do you really want to play a game that has such a population? I thought so.