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  1. Thanks for verifying my thoughts about the mental quality of the player base.
  2. Nergy

    Fires + Floods on BB's

    That lasts you about 30 seconds before you die.
  3. And I am sick and tired of players like you that run out like ******. In 80% of the matches, by the time my BB has reached maximum speed we have lost a ship or two and at that point I have lost interest in finishing the match. So the problem are the players that can't wait lousy 5 minutes to give others a chance to get into position to actually do something.
  4. Nergy

    Subs when Wargaming o.O

    They still cant decide whether they want chicken, pepperoni or salami on the subs.
  5. The problem is they watch you-tube and copy what they see and think the are unicums (which somehow is correct) without understanding what is happening and why.
  6. What they want is that the BBs go close and "tank" all the damage. They don't understand that a BB goes down in less than 60 seconds if they concentrate their fire.
  7. Nergy


    If by the end of match you still alive and you are on the losing team you should get negative points.
  8. Nergy


    My lovely friend, I trust the Russians a million times more than the Americans. And I have zero faith in the Russians.
  9. Can we put all the smoke hiders into a separate game too please so that the real men can fight it out.
  10. The reason why they get to tier 10 is that losing is rewarded.
  11. Nergy

    Could’ve had a great battle, until....

    And this is the problem with this game. Way too many absolutely clueless players that think they know it all.
  12. Nergy

    Never in Five Year Have I Seen...

    Why win if you can float your boat and shoot at stuff.
  13. Nergy

    WG please fix AA

    Personally I think players like you do much more damage to the game than the AA balance.
  14. What do you think will happen when all employees of a car manufacturer do what they think is best? Or what will happen if all soldiers do what they think is best? Exactly, chaos! So why do you War Gaming think that this will work in a teamwork game? I think this, doing what players think is best, is the most annoying (game breaking) part of the game. Watching certain player behaviors repeat et nauseum is sometimes quite a challenge (you have no f clue how long I had to work to say it this way). How to solve this? What this game needs is a commander that directs the battle, an absolute authority that has that right to kick and report players that disobey orders. (Maybe even directly control other players ships) Some ideas how that might work. After the match has finished loading, players have 30 sec to vote for the commander before the match starts. (Players that want to be a commander can flag themselves.) Commanders have a small set of attributes, like offensive, defensive, aggressive, passive and a win rating. Players use those to make their voting decision. The commander has a special command screen, I am not sure whether he should also pilot a ship, that lets him see the battle and direct the forces. He can pull up views from the different ships. He can order: Ships going to specific locations. Planes scout certain areas. Fire on a specific target. etc. If players disobey orders he can kick them from the match and they have to wait in port till the match is over. Players kicked will not receive any reward for that match. Kicking will auto report the event. We all know penalties don't work. So as a reward for not getting reported for disobedience, players are permitted to move to higher tier play. Players that get too many disobedience reports getting that privilege removed and might end up staying in tier 1 play until they start to behave or even have a special tier 1 league just for them. Players will have an option to rate the commander. A simple screen with a few check boxes should do. If there are too many complains about a commander, a GM should be able to silently watch some of the matches and then either warn that commander or remove the commander status from that player or go after the players that file false reports.