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  1. New ships and only the ocean map. I would be more then happy with that.
  2. I hate when those ****** DD drivers think they have to rescue me. First I want to know what is shooting at me. Second the smoke causes to lose look on my target,most of the time. Third I am in this situation because I wanted too, so let me die.
  3. Unsportsmanlike Conduct

    I don't see a problem with that. It's a game. It's for fun and if you are playing a match in a game you basically have hit a yes button to accept that people do what they consider as fun. If this would be a e Sport event or work then it is a different matter, but games are for fun, nothing else. To me trying to elevate a game to the level of work or regulated sport by using terms like professionalism or sportsmanship is the actual despicable act.
  4. "Lemming Train" (local firepower superiority) is actually the way to go. The problem is that most of the time they go the lo n g and save way around the edges of the map and cannot engage most of the time. This not being able to be shot at is the reason why most of those matches are lost. (in case you wonder. If they can't shoot at you then you can't shoot at them and if you can't shot them you can't win.)
  5. Weekend Potatoes

    Whats your Point? That people that just play to play should not exist?
  6. You are like a three year old that says "I have a brother, but my brother does not have a brother." or in other words it is only your team that is impacted by that behavior and never the other team. Statistical speaking, in the long run it does not impact anybody because the cases offset each other.
  7. BB Captains

    Could one of you explain to me why you go slow or even stop? What is the advantage of that? All what you do is setting yourself up for a torpedo attack you can't evade because you are a sitting duck. I just watched 3 BBs going down because of that.
  8. The Hood even worth it?

    What do you want? She lasted 3 minutes against the Bismarck.
  9. Strange behavior

    Time after time I see DDs and CAs run out front and stubbornly try to cap. Why in the world are they so desperate to lose the match in the first 5 minutes?
  10. If you launch torpedoes then you have to make sure that ships in front of you are not endangered regardless of how they maneuver. If you hit them then it is 100% your fault.
  11. A growing trend

    I don't understand what makes you think that FORCING players solves all and every problem in existence?
  12. I play just to play. If you or others lose and you don't like it pick a different game.
  13. This "I have to put up with" is the worldview a 3 year old. It assumes that it only happen to them self and never to others.
  14. It doesn't take a lot to get a blowout. A few lucky hits on one side and a few unlucky ones on the other and a 5 on 6 match turns into a 3 on 6. This most likely will lead to an 4 or 5 ship advantage for one side. It doesn't take a lot of imagination what the result of the match will be..
  15. Petition

    So you are just another guy that thinks that the RNG is in the way to greatness. The problem is not the RNG. The problem is your lack of skills.