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  1. I am afraid this will happen. DDs and fast CAs trying to hunt and destroy carriers in the misguided believe they help the team but, in reality they do exactly the opposite. This chasing keeps them out of the fight and makes it easier for the other team to play the objective because they now have superior numbers. The correct answer is to pound and destroy the other teams ships as fast as possible. The faster this happens the less time the other team's carriers have to impact the outcome of the match.
  2. Nergy

    CV Rework - option to opt out

    I'll give you the opt out button if I can the the no HE button and the no DD button and the no sub button and the no everything button. You see where this is going?
  3. By your logic anytime a game company makes adjustments to a game then they have to offer a refund for the game. I am fairly certain that in the moment you install a game you agree to be OK with any future changes.
  4. Because it is called the word of war ships and not the world of gun ships.
  5. Any ship can delete any other ship in one "salvo". So why are you whining and demanding that CVs should not be able to do so?
  6. Nergy

    Flamu tries CV Rework

    I think the 2 biggest problems with carrier play are solved. Giving unlimited planes is preventing the carriers on one side to completely take the carriers of the other team out of the game by killing all their planes in the first few minutes. This flying your squadron looks like a lot of fun unlike this icons from A1 to A4 and the other icons from A1 to D8 and the last set of icons from A1 to E6. This style was in my opinion just a load of bull.
  7. Nergy

    Just stop it

    Yes just stop it. Declare the end of the open beta, redesign the game with what you learned in the last 3 years, set everything to zero and relaunch the game. The biggest problem is not the RNG or the campers, snipers, hiders or anything like that. Those are just the symptoms of the real disease. The real disease are the top 10% of the players. They are the ones that have destroyed the game with their accuracy. They are the ones that have scared everyone else to the edge of the map. They are the ones that drove everyone behind the mountains. They are the ones that cause mass panic when the shadow of a DD is seen. For the good of the game this needs to stop. There are 2 way to deal with that. Just ban the top 10 or 15 percent for good or add something that hinders or supports players by using the rating of that player. In other words the good player's sigma is reduced proportional to their rating and the bad player's sigma is increased proportional to their rating. For torpedoes and bombs add a malfunction value. The general idea is to make the top players less deadly and the bad players better. Right now the delta is to large that not even wins are fun anymore and the reason is that one of the teams is going down so fast that the match is decided before you've fired your 4th salvo and unless something is done to get actual fights going it is not worth to spend more time on this game. PS For the guys that now scream "WOWS is a competitive game, you can't penalize good players for being good" I have to say you are wrong. The design excludes this from being a competitive game. Too much depends on luck and not on skill. The problem is the RNG, but not in terms of accuracy. This not hitting can be eliminated by firing enough shells in a match. If you fire 150 to 200 shells (in a BB) you are bound to have some good hits. No the real problem is the timing of those hits. If you have the big hits at the start of the match and can take 2 or 3 ships out of the match then it is most likely won especially if a teammate has the same timing luck. If those big hits come at the end of the match when you are down by 5 ships and 400 points then those big hits are meaningless. Yes if you play a sufficiently large number of matches then this averages out, but if the outcome of an event depends on a few matches then this will not happen and the luckier team wins and no nerf or buff will turn this into a competition game.
  8. If I am in a match and my wife comes in and wants to talk to me then she is a million times more important then a stupid little video game. If you don't understand that there are many situations that can interfere with gaming and you don't accept that as normal then you might reconsider you mental attitude. So get over it.
  9. Nergy

    Cumulative Battleship Nerfs

    So you are admitting that BBs are ahead of the others. Otherwise they could not be in danger to fall behind. Right?
  10. If you lose you should get absolutely nothing. YOU JUST LOST.
  11. Nergy

    Team Play and ways to reward it :)

    There is nothing in the game design that rewards team work. Only individual greatness is rewarded. A good loss is rewarded more or less like a win. So why in the world should I be a team player if selfish, egoistic play is what gets you the points.
  12. Nergy

    Premium CV Refund

    You had 2 years to enjoy them, more then enough to get your money's worth.
  13. This particular idea is what looses most matches. They run out and cap and blow smoke and get killed. Match over. You first need to beat the other team. Then you can cap.
  14. Nergy

    This Game Very Badly Needs an Actual MM system

    This is all nice and good and I am sure it can be done. The question now is are you willing to wait an hour for your ideal match to begin.
  15. Nergy

    WG logic at its worst

    The problem with "fun" ships is that the more fun they are the less fun it is for the others. You now have 2 options. You nerf it to bring it in line with the others or everybody is using the same fun ship. (which pretty much ends the fun) So what is the better option? All run the same "fun" ship or .... (Of course you could just buff all the other ships.)