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  1. El_Judarino

    Boredom-ever hear of a taxi.....

    I hate you In a loving way Cannot unsee
  2. As one of the "down voters" I'm not displeased with the post itself, merely WG going off into territory it has no business in and affirmed several times would never happen... If this is inappropriate I can retract it, but these smilies are new to me as I've been off the forums for a year and the game for most of the past 9 months... I'm not happy to come back to the game to find this development.
  3. El_Judarino

    WG is jumping the shark by adding submarines

    Wow... I had just come back to this game in the last month or so after taking like 9 off... looks like I'm about to take a whole lot more off. I was looking forward to the CV shakeup, am most certainly not looking forward to Submarines.
  4. El_Judarino

    Premium Ship PREVIEW: HMS Hood

    Hood will get lol-penned through the extremities because it's a tier 7 and all tier 7s get extremity armor that is overmatched by 15"+ guns and tier 7 sees an awful lot of 15"+ guns. And what on earth do you mean it was never a battleship? Yes, I know the RN called her a battle cruiser, anything with capital ship caliber guns and better than 26knot speed was a battle cruiser in the eyes of the RN, including the "thicker belt than everything but Yamato" King George V class. Hood literally has the same armor scheme as the Queen Elizabeth class battleships, just on a longer hull to enable reaching such high speed, this is not a battle cruiser in the mould of Invincible or early Kongo, it is literally a fast battleship. Now, I do agree that Hood stands a very real chance of struggling at tier 7, but if it does so, it will struggle courtesy of it's weak guns, not its lack of armour.
  5. El_Judarino

    Mouse's (New) Summary of Premium Ships

    It's Mouse, that paid early rep is just a cheap investment that's guaranteed exceptional informational returns!
  6. El_Judarino

    Premium Ship Review: Molotov

    Looks like one I'll buy, I'm having a blast in Kirov and this is a Kirov with even more Kirov (the guns being the heart and soul of both ships). Now WG needs to make a Tier 7 RU prem and sell/gift me Diana and I can haz maximum premium Russia! (Then they need to get on a T8 USN something ASAP).