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  1. As one of the "down voters" I'm not displeased with the post itself, merely WG going off into territory it has no business in and affirmed several times would never happen... If this is inappropriate I can retract it, but these smilies are new to me as I've been off the forums for a year and the game for most of the past 9 months... I'm not happy to come back to the game to find this development.
  2. Wow... I had just come back to this game in the last month or so after taking like 9 off... looks like I'm about to take a whole lot more off. I was looking forward to the CV shakeup, am most certainly not looking forward to Submarines.
  3. The Gamechanger RP: Gameplay Thread.

    France Turn 20 Diplomacy: - Honoring our alliance with Austria, as well as standing up for all that's good and decent in the world regarding the brutality visited by the Bosche upon Luxembourg and Denmark, France declares war upon the murderous Hun! - Stated war goals are the Liberation of Alsace-Lorraine, Restoration of Luxembourg, Restoration of Slesvig to Denmark, Elimination of the Hohenzollern dynasty from any seat greater than a Duchy, "re-balancing" of the German states (details to be determined later), and other such concessions as may be deemed appropriate by our allies - France would like to point out that it has sufficient colonial territories for it's own ends and that other than (former) Spanish Northwest Africa (which France would prefer to see in either French or Spanish hands) the rest of the colonies are welcome fruits for Italians or Englishmen to pluck. - Offer war-time treaties of alliance to both the Danes and whatever government-in-exile may represent the people of Luxembourg and generous terms of credit on french small arms, ammo, artillery & materiel (likely to be repaid from German reparations). - Cut off all trade with the German Empire (say goodbye to over 20% of your iron imports Kaiser). Military: - Begin the plans detailed in Operation "99 problems but a Boche ain't one"
  4. The Gamechanger RP: Gameplay Thread.

    France has an imagination crushing case of head cold and stupid work environment this week.... Or, in character, massive ennui Internally: -celebrate the commissioning of 6 (Jud)antons and 4 Marshal Neys and France having some (borderline) modern naval units with pomp and circumstance appropriate to subsidize the nation's winemakers - Lay down 3 Courbet class dreadnoughts and the further 6 Bouclier class DDs authorized in the last naval bill - the recent expansion of the army due to the maturation of the 3 year conscription law necessitates an appropriate increase in artillery, order 850 fast 75s and 150 of the fast 155s as well as a 50% increase in HE shell stocks for both weapons. Due to their previous trade deals, Chilean nitrates will sourced first during this programme. Diplomacy: - invite the members of the EU to partake in the commissioning festivities for the ten new capital ships, should the British make comment to the effect that the (Ju)Danton is in some way lacking vis-a-vis one of their own designs: point out with good humor that it is no small mercy that they were specifically designed with no intention of contesting the RN, and shift the conversation to wargaming more likely opponents and a nice Bordeaux wine. - Given the uncertainty in the Ottoman Empire, triple the present guard force (an additional 400 FFL/ex -royal marines serving as private security) for the construction of the Beirut-Baghdad-Basra railway and quadruple the bribes for the locals. Research: -Begin Bretagne (as IRL, but 5m longer at the bow to help keep the deck and forward guns drier, with the slight increase in displacement appropriate for such an extension. Additionally, slightly modified armament) -Begin 340/45 mle 1912-JUD (essentially the same gun program as historic but aimed at launching a 600kg projectile at 770 mps rather than a 555kg @ 794mps. And allowing up to an 18 degree elevation, if feasible). Operations: - 99 problems but a boche ain't one (continued as before)
  5. Small sneak peak

    My chief concern is seeing Courbet in the game somehow, and ideally in the tech tree as it just makes sense (not that I'm at all shy about buying prems, but this ship is a tech tree ship). I know the French 340mm gun is a disaster, and understand that it's the reason for trying to downtier Bretagne and Normandie to 4-5 rather than 5-6 Tho if that puts 16 gun Lyon at 6... Even the worst BB guns in the game, and a 1.3 sigma are gonna make things really uncomfortable for the same tier cruiser population. A fictional upgrade for the shell on the associated B hulls with acceptable armor pen values should be 1.) Easy to do. 2.) Encourage free XP use which WG loves
  6. Small sneak peak

    I'm aware it was a rather poor gun, but there are plenty of poor guns in the game already, no reason it can't be balanced with soft stats. 12 gun Normandie would probably do just fine compared to Fuso and New Mexico if given a 1.7 or 1.8 sigma compared to the 1.5 of Fuso and NM. Doesn't even need a crazy fire chance, Krupp or autobounce rating. This is not an insurmountable problem in my opinion.
  7. The Gamechanger RP: Gameplay Thread.

    Turn 17 of Le Republique de la Baguette Army Navy Diplomacy: - Announce that in celebration of the general badassery and intense freedom loving that was Guiseppe Garibaldi, as well as the recent strengthening of relations between France and Italy, that the homeland of M. Garibaldi (Nice) will be returned to the Kingdom of Italy in ~4 year's time (official handover date to be upon Garibaldi's birthday). In the meantime, the region will be administered in condominium by the governments of France and Italy, and plans for a statue on the scale of the statue of liberty shall be drawn up to celebrate his most august character. Internal Affairs: Construction: - Lay Down 2 Jourdan class Battlecruisers Research - Courbet (turn 18) - Canon de 105 mle 1910 (turn 22) - Begin New Cruiser Operations -99 problems but a boche ain't one (to be expanded)
  8. Small sneak peak

    Oh.... Well that is awful... Sorry, I haven't been paying enough attention to the forums the last few months Then my official hope is that this Danton is running with an assumed name because it is due to be a premium (possibly exactly a super Mikasa)and that Courbet will be the tier 3 line ship, because ignoring Courbet would just be criminally rude to French naval history
  9. Small sneak peak

    Isn't Courbet the logical tier 4 anyway? With Bretagne slotting in at tier 5? I mean it's got the NY/Konig/Iron Duke pattern gun layout? This would allow the 12 gun Normandie to hang with other members of the 12 gun club at tier 6 (Arizona, NM, Fuso) while Strasbourg (or some interpretation of Lyon) takes tier 7... Am I nuts to think this makes sense?
  10. Small sneak peak

    1.) I'm legitimately hoping they're a second weapons system, available through the "3" key like torpedoes or "3&4" to choose AP/HE. As making "super Mikasa" would be very hard to do in a combination that kept most people happy Two different gun systems should be plenty balanced on a semi-dreadnought like Danton... The most optimistic rates of fire are 2 rpm for the 305s and 3 rpm for the 240s, leaving her still very comparable to her peers (Nassau getting 22 second reloads on much more capable 283s). I understand why this wasn't done with Mikasa (she'd basically become super st.Louis). 2.) This I cannot begin to guess.
  11. Small sneak peak

    Are they though? Granted the pic is fuzzy, but to me that looks like a twin 240mm turret on the starboard "shoulder" of the ship and not a single 305mm mounting.
  12. Small sneak peak

    I'm super thrilled at the evidence that we'll see some iteration of Danton I've long found the class interesting if strategically flawed. The French analysis of Tsushima taught them all the wrong lessons, Danton trumps Dreadnought or Nassau at 6km, but past ~9-10km, those 240 mm guns went from assets to liabilities. I'm pleased regardless of what manner we get her in, but I can't help but speculate. - Might this finally be the ship with a controllable secondary battery? - will it just be Super Mikasa fun times at tier 3? - will it become/upgrade to one of the Danton proposals with single 305s in place of the twin 240s? - premium or tech tree? I will have it either way! However it plays out, this just punched my ticket for the French BB hype train! (Full disclosure: I was probably jumping on anyways, but now I'm riding first class and not playing the role of hobo)
  13. The Gamechanger RP: Gameplay Thread.

    France Turn 15 Army: Navy: Diplomacy: - Politely decline Japan's offer to purchase the Foudre, she's needed where she is. - Offer license to the Empire of Japan for manufacture of the Benet-Mercie LMG. license fee is 15% over cost of production (its new) and Japan buys no license to export, merely to manufacture for their own use. - Clairfy the Hotchkiss order. Hotchkiss is a company with a wide array of automatic firearms. Assuming Japan is talking about the mle1909 version of this weapon , then the same terms as regarding the Benet-Mercie LMG are offered. If talking about another excellent Hotchkiss product, more communication may be required. - With the dust seemingly settling among the remains of what was once the Russian Empire, attempt to make contact with the various new governments among the new countries birthed from it's ashes; The Baltic states, Finland, Belarus, etc. and see about establishing embassies and normal relations - Similarly, if the Russians seem to have formed a coherent government with the fall of both president Canadian and the Bolsheviks, recognize that government and see about the establishment of embassies. - Establish formal diplomatic relations with Czechoslovakia and Hungary, the missions already in Vienna and Belgrade will continue to serve despite the dramatic changes in both countries. - Inquire with our friends in the Georgian government about their feelings having just become home to a very large number of communist exiles. France has a long and colorful socialist tradition, so we bear no philosophical grudge against the remains of Russia's Reds, but would look forward to their (mostly) peaceful integration into Georgian politics. France would offer humanitarian aid to both Georgia and the refugees if it would be deemed helpful and there aren't bullets flying. Internal Affairs: - The Senate's counter-offer is deemed fair and accepted by the navy. A small counter offer is made to delay one Courbet class battleship to the next fiscal year if an additional unit for the same year can be assured, in an effort to free up Francs for this year's unexpected diplomatic costs (Embassies, Georgia) and to shamelessly secure a fourth unit for the class. - preparatory orders for components for the battleships and large armored cruisers so authorized by the senate are to be made over this and the subsequent turns as their respective details become finalized, with appropriate caution, the object of this process is to avoid delays in supply chains not create new ones from whole cloth ;) - encourage the army to establish a "flying corps" and begin theorycrafting applications for this exciting technology. The navy is similarly encouraged Construction: - With their authorization by the senate, lay down the first 6 units of the Bouclier class DDs. Research: - Courbet Class BB (turn 18) - Jourdan Class ACR (turn 17) - Begin canon de 105mm me 1913. I know 1913 is ahead of the current tech cap, but Schneider was making the same gun (only in 107mm because Russia) for Russia in 1910. https://www.militaryfactory.com/armor/detail.asp?armor_id=467 Operations: Begin: 99 problems but a boche ain't one
  14. The Gamechanger RP: Gameplay Thread.

    Army Navy: Diplomacy: - license Foudre class torpedo boat tender as well as it's two passenger TB designs (small torpedo boats "A" & "C", respectively) to the empire of Japan charging a 5% fee on the first tender and TB complement, 2.5% on subsequent units and 2% on first generation derivatives. - Allow Spain to place orders for two JuDantons from French yards at an 8% fee. - Sign treaty of Rome. - Deliver the Edgar Quinet class cruiser to the Ottoman empire, throw a party in Istanbul, bring mead! (As it is neither fermented grain nor grape) Internal: - orders for equipping the additional conscripts should be met in the next two years, though the army will pay an 18% bonus if the order is met in one year. Current conscripts in excess of the supplied amount will spend their first year training with older Lebels in storage. Among their training will be proper restoration from storage of rifles in cosmoline. - suggest a Naval building program for the next year of 4 Courbet class battleships, 4 Jourdan class battlecruisers, 12 Bouclier class destroyers and the expansion of the base in Dakar, should the senate prove resistant, the Dakar drydock will be the first item relented on, and the rest of the port's expansion the second point relented on. - based on the known requirements of the nearly finished developing Bouclier class DD, begin stockpiling steel, rivets, other construction materials, and order weapons and boiler/turbine sets for the first 6 units of the Bouclier class just as soon as authorization has cleared the senate such that they may begin construction immediately upon finalization of their plans next quarter. Research: - continue Courbet (turn 18) - continue Bouclier (turn 15) - begin Jourdan
  15. The Gamechanger RP: Gameplay Thread.

    France Turn 13 Army: Navy: Diplomacy: - Sell the three Marceau class battleships and the terrible class battleship "Requin" to the Ottoman Empire for 800,000 pounds. Internal Affairs: - As the three year conscription law matures this year (all two year contracted classes having cycled out and into the reserves) begin production of necessary rifles (8mm Lebel Daudeteau) and kit for a further 200K active soldiers. - As the navy has been expanding, it comes time to retire older, ineffective, units to free up manpower and budget. The following vessels are to be decommissioned: Sea-Going Torpedo boats: 6x Balny (reserve) 4x Ouragan (reserve) 3x Coureur (reserve) 6x Avant-Garde (reserve) 6x Agile (reserve) Submarines 1x Narval (steam/electric) 4x Sirene (steam/electric) Torpedo Cruisers: 4x Condor (reserve) 2x Wattignies (reserve) 7x Bombe (reserve) 2x Levrier (reserve) -With the removal of those ships from the roster, their maintenance crews are to be reassigned to the 4 protected cruisers in reserve (Sfax, Tage, Forbin, Suchet) and those vessels "worked up" to be returned to active service. Research: - Continue Bouclier Class DD turn 15- Continue Courbet class BB due turn 18 - Begin Jourdan class Battlecruiser Operations: - Tom Clancy (Continued) - Robert Heinlein (continued) - H.P. Lovecraft (Begin)