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  1. so you want me to spend my money to join a third party company to get twitch, and you want me to spend all my free time to watch other people talk about or play the game. leaving me no time or money to participate in your game. maybe that's a good idea.
  2. joedoe_hero

    Waterline: What's Happening Next?

    if they insist on keeping subs in the game they should put an opt out button in settings, this way 75-90% of us can click on it and be happy. in coop games; 1) subs drag the end of games way out because the last sub has not been seen yet 2) if they are deep you cant even detect them with hydro when driving on top of them. (and most ships don't even have hydro) 3) the speed is totally out of place while submerged. (these are submersible boats, not modern nuclear subs) 4) the guided torps are also out of place, they need to aim like a real sub that needs to come to periscope depth, see their target and fire. 5) the detection radius from aircraft needs to be higher, as this was the downfall of the U-boats after CV started escorting convoys and longer range land based planes were put into service. giving the subs no place to hide and recharge during the day. 6) far to many boats are unable to engage/detect subs and if they are the only ones left in the game then they are just driving around for nothing sucking the fun out of the match. 7) the amount of total HP to farm in each game has gone way down due to the low HP of the subs and also the higher number of DDs and CA/CLs in each game. some games have no BBs and most only have 1 or 2. put subs back into the history books, or maybe the convoy mode with an all sub team hunting the convoys protected by 1 CV and a pack of DDs. you know, something historically accurate.
  3. joedoe_hero

    Submarines in Ranked and Co-op Battles

    all the time and trouble of the long testing period and they still cant make an in-depth video series on how to use and defend against subs with the other ship types. just a few words on how they basically operate and nothing more.
  4. joedoe_hero

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.7

    I was having issues getting it to post. when I re-posed it I didn't' realize the first time actually went through.
  5. joedoe_hero

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.7

    THE DOCKYARD DECLINE CONTINUES. with each new dockyard the rewards get lesser. now for a tier 8 ship you have to pay as much in gold as for the previous tier 9 ships. no research points for completing it with gold this time either, just a minimum token amount of steel. the rewards for each dockyard are less than the one before. the only way to get WG to change this trend is to not pay into the dockyard at all. just take the free prizes for the first 21 missions and forget about getting the ship and paying into WG with your gold. this is the only way we the players can make WG change their trends to keep making lesser prizes for more money business model. DOCKYARD STRIKE TIME
  6. joedoe_hero

    Update 0.10.6. — "Dutch Cruisers: Part 1"

    do I have to trade my Friesland for the new Dutch ship? or can I keep the Friesland and simply just get the new Dutch clone latter?
  7. all I want to know is when will you get around to fixing the torpedo aiming. some of the CC are saying it has to do with drift because the ship is moving, but I have been stationary aiming torps between 2 islands and end up losing most of my torps into one of the islands when they all should have cleared them with out a doubt.
  8. joedoe_hero

    Naval History in Photos: German Submarine U-505

    it is so sad we live in a time where historical photos have to be blurred out because they (a couple of social media owners) may offend someone. and the worst part of it is that it is less than 1% that would say to pixilate the Nazi flag while the other 99% would understand it to be something from history and it should/needs to be reported as accurately as it happened. if we change everything in history that offends someone then we would have no history. without history how do we see what the people of the time were thinking and how it lead to the events that followed. how do we stop our selves from taking the same bad path's without understanding of history. todays politics have no place in changing the worlds history, the only thing that matters is as much of the truth, and even the "may have happened this way" information to be recorded and presented to all whom care to study and learn about it, and decide for themselves what the truth of it may be.
  9. joedoe_hero

    Update 0.10.5: The Grand Battle

    I wish we could see the results of the bids. I have no idea if I was even close or if the winners were way out of my possible range to pay. for all I know I bid the same as everyone else but I was not in the first 5000 bids so lost that way. I guess this is yet one more part of the game that I will have little interest in and I'm guessing that others feel the same way.
  10. joedoe_hero

    Update 0.10.5: The Grand Battle

    I prefer these type of team set ups. much better for missions and general XP. I'll take the bot heavy team any day over a people team match that ends so fast. the only down side is that too often the bots all ram each other and "steel" the points. it would also be nice in all bot games that have a CV in it, if the bot CV could be programed to come to the center of the map when it is the last ship left to end the game without a 5 minute chase to spot/get in range to shoot it and end the match.
  11. joedoe_hero

    Battle of the Beasts

    so we get 40 minutes to do each mission, well if any of the missions take more than 1 game to finish and you happen to get into 2 back to back games that go the time duration you will miss out on the mission completion when you figure in time spent in the que or looking at your results at the end of a game. talk about a set up for failure event.
  12. joedoe_hero

    Watch Official Streams to Receive Rewards!

    this is what they do. wargaming always give the same rewards for a specific contest every year. they don't want to give out new rewards that may be of some interest to players that have stuck with the game for years. they should make it a reward progression each year. xxx is the reward for players that don't have XXX already. players that do have xxx will be given a bigger better reward and so on each year as a reward for sticking with the game. I have won the same ships and perm camo's 20 times and the contest have no real excitement because of the repeat rewards.
  13. KIROV; so the compensation for the Kirov is going to be 6 mil (???) in credits. this represents 2-3 days of just normal game play for the 3 daily containers. the cost of it in coal is 43,000, that takes about 27 days to earn. to make the credits equal to the cost in coal you should give us 2 mil credits per day for 27 days to make an equal substitution. CAMOUFLAGES; once again you are trying to sell us camouflages for premium ships that already have camo when they are acquired. these new camo's give the exact same bonuses that the original camo gives the ship. why would anyone pay for a different color of lipstick? if you really want to sell the new camo's why not make them give different bonuses? then players may be interested in them, so they can put the different camo's on that they want, depending on what they are grinding for. 200%xp bonus weekends; thank you for giving us the bonus weekend, they are so rare in WoW's. over in WoT's it is just a normal everyday thing and on their bonus weekends they get a 5X for the first wins. they also get them way more often too. SHIP DISCOUNTS; so one of the advantages of being in a clan are the ship discounts that the clan has to earn oil to boost it up to 15%. the sale price of tier 8-10 ships when they do go on sale is 15%. so that means the sale is of no use to anyone in a clan that has their discount up to the 15% rate. why not have the sale discounts stack with the clan discounts that have been earned by the clans???
  14. joedoe_hero

    Big Hunt: Results

    I liked this game mode. I love the aggressive nature of it and always being on the attack. I play mostly coop for the same reason. random's have gotten so boring with to many passive players and every 9 out of 10 games is a complete blowout because of it. I was glad we could also do part of the daily missions in big hunt but because you couldn't do them all I always had to switch back to random/coop games every day. the prizes were OK and the credit payout at the end for the extra battle points was nice. over all it was fun and I would play it again if it remained unchanged.