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  1. I like how I'm expected to crawl off the BB that rammed the CV while I was busy being air wing captain in World of Naval AirCraft.

    I end up having to program loops & chicanes in the "autopilot" which worked fine in the Ryujo but fails in the Shokaku. The Shokaku ends up needing to make unnecessary large rudder adjustments in order to make the path. This severely reduces the speed of the carrier, over complicating even the simplest of maneuvers. Small minor rudder movements.

    I've lost the ability to one, two, three punch warships & have had one hand tied to one one foot behind my back but given a hammer stapled to my wrist.

    I'm neither in charge of the CV nor the aircraft but of ordinance placement.


    Tier IX+ battles are a joke. 2 tier VIII CVs required for tier IX battles.


    Rocket planes? ...?


    DD hides in its smoke & the AA just bursts from the cloud at all angles, which makes it look like multiple DDs are in the smoke.


    BB & Japanese artillery in general are slow. During maneuvers you have to free look your guns into the next position. It would be nice to have control over the guns with the number pad; 8 forward, 2 aft, 6 right, 4 left, >>>5 centered<<<. If nothing just 5 centered would do great.