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  1. Idc about win rate, I'm just trying to understand the counterplay to something like this. Because as far as I'm concerned, there is no real counterplay aside from "run away" or "don't get spotted". Seeing people land devstrikes with the Yamato makes me wonder wth is going on because I swear my dispersion is complete [edited]even with the legendary module and ASM1.
  2. Yes, I'm aware of all this. I've played the game a long time. I use ASM1 and the legendary module and my dispersion still feels like absolute [edited]. If you watch the replay, you'll see what I mean. And yes, I use all premium consumables. No reason not to. I can't close the distance on a kiting/dodging Smolensk. I'm very, very slow and he controls the pace of the engagement. Again, watch the replay and explain to me how I'm supposed to hit him. It's literally a guessing game if he's gonna stop, speed up, slow down, turn away, turn in. It's impossible to reliably hit him with any shell, unless I am extremely lucky, which does not happen, as you can see.
  3. Title says it all. Am I just aiming horribly? Getting nothing but overpens and single pens unless it's 12km or less? Why does it seem like everyone else's dispersion is amazing and all I get is sub 10k salvos 70% of the time? Even when I aim perfect and they are SITTING STILL, I will still get shatters, empty pens and overpens. Why? https://replayswows.com/replay/74107#stats Had so many games go like this where we lose or I just get farmed by a goddamn Smolensk from 13km+ because I physically cannot hit him in a battleship. It's absolutely impossible to avoid getting HE farmed from any distance except sub 10km by that damn thing because the moment they see you shoot they just change course.
  4. OWMS


    People who do this suck.
  5. Uhhh...carriers? Lol. Also I understand that destroyers are the counter to battleships, but dude why can they just rush me with almost no consequence? They lose half their health for taking out a battleship. Who cares lol. My point is that low tier battleships should have a better answer to a ship which has a 15 knot speed advantage over them instead of the fireworks display that is their secondary battery or their god awful main battery dispersion.
  6. I wasn't complaining about that, it was moreso there was nothing I could do because my team got both of our destroyers sunk so I was haplessly trying not to die. Oh well.
  7. I do prioritize destroyers because they’re a massive threat at low tiers. The problem is that because of my dispersion I’ll miss them and get [edited] unless I wait until they show broadside to fire their torps (which I usually do now). My issue is when my team ignores them entirely and just wants to pad their damage numbers by firing on battleships instead of helping to win the game by doing their job of targeting what’s the largest threat to the most powerful ships on their team. EG destroyers threatening battleships.
  8. Poke fun all you want. The Phra Ruang has 4 10,000 damage torps that reload every 42? seconds. the V-25 (other destroyer that was hunting me) has a reload time of 38 seconds with 6 torpedo tubes (5 to one broadside) that do 10,600 damage apiece. Maybe it wasn’t exactly a million but it was damn close, like 850,000 potential damage or something. My point is that’s a crapton of torpedoes to be constantly dodging, especially since they were stagger firing their torps.
  9. Yeah, I have five T10 ships. I play Gearing extensively. It’s not a matter of not understanding how things work it’s moreso my teammates not doing their job lol. I just had a game where where an enemy Wickes popped up, so I fired at him. One overpen. there was a friendly Chester legit 1km from me…and he fires a salvo, causes 2 or 3000 damage to the destroyer…then totally ignores it and doesn’t finish it off. I take two torp hits and move away from the area. Destroyer charges around the island a minute later and sinks the Chester before getting sunk by a friendly destroyer. the Chester didn’t finish off the destroyer so he paid the price, and so did I. It’s a team game. I am trying to prioritize targets like battleships and cruisers because that’s what I’m supposed to do. I’m not supposed to be destroyer hunting, but that’s what I end up doing because no one else on my team does it. It’s only a problem in low tier games. In high tier games the second a destroyer is spotted everyone blasts him to pieces.
  10. I have the Orion. I just wanna play the KA because it’s a fun ship. It’s just annoying when I can’t do anything about the damn destroyers harassing me from the shadows or charging at me.
  11. It’s the V-25 and the Phra Ruang mostly (or whatever the T2/3 Pan Asian destroyer is). Whatever teammates were with me get wiped out, and because I’m angling/kiting I’m the last one left so they just charge me with little to no consequence and unleash a full torpedo salvo. Or they just harass me from stealth. Both of which there’s little I can do about, though stealth topping obviously there’s absolutely nothing I can do about when teammates get destroyed.
  12. I don’t see how they have it any worse against destroyers. KA secondary battery is fearsome on paper but it’ll barely hit anything in practice.
  13. Sometimes I like to venture back to T3 (I have a König Albert, sue me) and low tier destroyers are absolutely annoying as all Hell. Their torpedoes reload nearly as fast as my main battery, they can charge at me without much penalty because secondary battery accuracy is garbage, and if I miss with my main battery (due to dispersion or because they sit so damn low in the water it’s very difficult to hit them mind you, not my aim), then I’m screwed because lol low tier destroyer at 5km. I’ve tried turning away, charging at them, changing course and speed and I’ll dodge a million torps and then I’ll just barely get clipped by one or two, burn my DC, then while it’s on cooldown I’ll get clipped again and sink from flooding. i literally dodged 1 million HP of potential damage last night in the KA from two T3 destroyers and it was purely from torpedoes. Every 45 seconds it was constant, nonstop torpedoes. So damn annoying and frustrating because our destroyers got demolished in two minutes after the game started and I obviously have no way of spotting them.
  14. Yes because radar is already too good even without the upgrade. Needed a nerf in some way and +40% duration on one of the most powerful consumables in the game was plain stupid.