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  1. swampwater77

    8.10 start time for download mismatch.

    I just noticed that the game center says The start date is Oct. the 16th for update 08.9. It should be Nov. 13th for 08.10
  2. swampwater77

    8.10 start time for download mismatch.

    Yeah I figured as much. I do not believe that wargaming was going to pay people to work on a Saturday. I was just hoping that someone from staff would see this and make the correction.
  3. The start time you have posted on Game center, does not match the date of the start time on the release notes. One says it starts on Wed. the 13th, the other says Sat. the 16th.
  4. Yeah I know. was just trying to say it is only for sale now as regular base ship. Though I have not checked the Arsenal to see if it was moved to that spot. .
  5. WV is still in the shop, but only as the base ship. It is under the ships tab down near the bottom.
  6. swampwater77

    Disconnet troubleshooting steps?

    To check for ultra or standard look at setup on the launcher. In setup you should see the check boxes.
  7. swampwater77

    Disconnet troubleshooting steps?

    Are you running the game in Direct X 11 or are you using DX 9? If you are running DX 11 try dropping to 9 and see if that helps. You could also need to check if you are running Ultra or standard Mode. Try changing to see if that helps. Check and make sure your Video and sound drivers are up to date as well.
  8. swampwater77

    We should Sail USN Ships today to honor fallen Hero

    The ship that he flew from, was an Independence class CVL named San Jacinto. Maybe you should take Independence out in his honor.
  9. swampwater77

    Remembering me Father.

    I just lost my dad Tuesday. He and I were both Navy and we both would share sea stories about our service. It has only been 2 days, but I miss him already. Much love dad and fair winds.
  10. swampwater77

    Whats your luck with getting RN DDS

    20 crates got 3, opened a crate today and got #4. Not played DD's much, but Lightning is fun.
  11. swampwater77

    Hurricane Florence.

    I have zero intention of staying here in anything over a cat2. I have lived through enough of these things over the decades of living here to know better. I saw what happened to Charleston after Hugo tore through. It was very ugly. I could and still can not find my way around there, even after having been stationed at Charleston navy base in the 80's We already have plans to evacuate we have done it before. Just need to load up and then decide where we are going for the unplanned vacation.
  12. swampwater77

    Hurricane Florence.

    I feel bad for the people in North and South Carolina. With that strong a storm it will be bad. At least in Wilmington, Nc. they have the battleship North Carolina as a museum ship. That seems to me a great place to hide from the storm. Weld some generators to her deck and put food aboard and ride the storm out behind 16 inches of armor. Now I am seeing where the storm is maybe going to stall just offshore of Wilmington, then drift south along the coast possibly all the way down to Georgia where I live. So much for believing I am out of the woods for this one. I hope this is not the case but I am going to have to get ready just in case. Glad I bought that RV just over a year ago. And now all of a sudden the other half likes the RV, imagine that. That stopped the bit... Err complaining about why did you buy that thing. Depending on what happens tomorrow, I may be off here for a bit. I have to get my parents ready as well for this. They live even closer to the beach than I do. What fun. I stayed here for Irma last year. It was not that bad, But a cat 4. I am out of here. Please wish me and all who are going to be affected the best. Any prayers will be welcomed as well. Everyone take care, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
  13. swampwater77

    T 61 now on sale.

    Do not know if anyone has posted this already. The ship is now on sale. The bundles start at 26 dollars for just T 61, and go up to 48 for the top bundle.
  14. swampwater77

    Nueve De Julio and Boise

    Both ships are now on sale in the premium shop.
  15. swampwater77

    The boys soccer team and coach

    All 12 boys and the coach have been safely rescued from the cave in Thailand. Only need to get all the support divers out and the rescue will be complete.