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  1. The boys soccer team and coach

    All 12 boys and the coach have been safely rescued from the cave in Thailand. Only need to get all the support divers out and the rescue will be complete.
  2. Server switched back

    Yes I am aware. I was just stating that the game is working. I know that none of the prior battles played show up. I am also aware that all premium consumables were not credited, and no xp was added.
  3. Server switched back

    The server has switched back to the original one. Just played a match and the game now works.
  4. Monaghan and Massachusetts

    Look under the ships tab in the premium shop. It is not on the featured tab. I had to look to find it this morning and found it by accident.
  5. Monaghan and Massachusetts

    Do not know if it has been mentioned yet. Both ships are now in the premium shop.
  6. Trouble logging in/Getting any help to do so

    It may not be your email that is causing the problem. I ran in to something like this when trying to log in after a new patch. It ended up being my password, and that I forgot to capitalize one of the characters in it. Once I got the password right it let me in. If that fails, see if you can log in using Facebook, Google or Twitter accounts. I have had to do that on occasion as well. That is all I can think of right this minute. Good luck and hope you get in.
  7. You are penalized for afk/tk, unsporting conduct in coop, just as you are in randoms. You can turn pink and or orange, no difference.
  8. I would also like to see a story of the SS Steven Hopkins put to film. The Steven Hopkins is the only merchant ship to sink a surface combatant in WW2. She ran in to the surface raider Stier, and her tender Tannenfels, in thick fog in the south Atlantic. After a short brutal fight Hopkins would sink with most hands lost. The Stier was so badly damaged she had to be scuttled. The Steven Hopkins was awarded the Gallant ship award for her action. Several of her crew were also awarded medals. It is a very interesting story very much worth a read.
  9. On this note. I would like a movie about the first battle of the Falkland Islands. When Admiral Von Spee's squadron of Imperial German Naval ships. The armored cruisers SMS Scharnhorst, and Gneisenau plus several light cruisers led an attack on port Stanley, Falkland Island. Sitting in wait were a squadron of Royal Navy ships Including battle cruiser HMS Invincible and Inflexable, plus several other cruisers and support ships led by Admiral Sturdee. The Royal navy was victorious in the battle. It is still celebrated in England as a holiday each December 8th.
  10. It has been awhile ago, but I was having one of those days when MM was being especially brutal. It did not matter what I tried I was always the bottom tier ship. It did not matter even if I tried to take out my tier 10 ships. At tier 9 and 10 no one to battle would show up. but go down to tier 8, then low and behold I would be up against those tier 9 and 10 ships. Totally frustrating day. Well the final match before I pulled the plug I was in New Mexico, On the teams were North Carolina, and 2 Tirpitz plus other ships, all but 1 other are higher tier than me. As soon as the battle starts I am placed on the far right side of the map, alone. Several ships from the center of the map start my way to assist me. I start moving forward to head to the only place I could and that was to head for c cap. I make it 2km from where i started when up pops the enemy North Carolina right in front of me. He is well out of my gun range. Almost as soon as he is spotted I go boom. 9 16" shells from long range and I am done for. Total time in combat a little over 2 minutes, total distance traveled 2 km's and had zero kills zero damage. Decided it was then a great time to go watch tv, and try again the next day.
  11. Not sure if the tactic is still used, but at one time they used what was known as a bomb toss. The attacking aircraft would come in low and at high speed towards the target. At a certain range the aircraft would pull up at a 45 degree +/- angle. They would then roll upside down at whatever altitude was calculated to get the bomb on target then dive toward the ground releasing the bomb at the apex of the maneuver. The bomb would then continue up and away and begin to fall back to the target. In the mean time the attacking aircraft has pulled a modified loop and is speeding away at low level in the opposite direction from which it came. I also believe it may have been called a popup attack. This could be done by almost any bomb carrying attack, or fighter aircraft however It is probably only used against lightly defended targets.
  12. U.S.S. Johnston DD 557, actions at Samar
  13. Where To Put Some Codes?

    If it is an invite code, I would think you would send it to a person you think, or know, who would like to play WoW's. If that is the case I would say send the code to the person by either text. or email. or some other private communication means. I would also let them know in the communication, where to enter the code on the wow's site. Make sure you attach the referral link to the message as well.
  14. Login Issues?

    Yes you can list them in here. I will give one example of some bad words. This classic is one you hear in warships a lot. "By Thunder." Now excuse me, after having to say that I must go and wash my fingers off with soap.
  15. Login Issues?

    LOL Yeah after 12 years in the Navy and another 10 as a computer tech. I am a professional with the, as I call them, "technical" words.