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  1. I have no interest in being political about the passing of the former first lady. I do wish to offer my thoughts and prayers to her family, and her husband of 73 years George H. W. Bush. I do not wish for this thread to become political in nature. I do wish to acknowledge the passing of Barbara Bush.
  2. I am a BB main. I have not played DD's in over a year. These missions are the first time I have taken one out and I chose Nicholas. To give an example, yesterday on 2 brothers map. I sank 6 ships for a total of 11 torpedo hits. I lucked out and looked like a brilliant DD player, when I have no idea what I was doing. I just shot at red sh**, err i mean ships. Try Nicholas, she is great for this mission.
  3. Yet Another Find by R/V Petrel

    It would also be nice if he found the USS Hornet, USS Wasp, and the 4 Japanese CV's sunk at Midway.
  4. Ducca D'Aosta

    Thank you all. I appreciate all the feedback and I will pick up Ducca and see how she does. Again, thanks captains for all the feedback.
  5. Ducca D'Aosta

    Has anyone picked up Ducca D'Aosta from the premium shop? If so what do you think of the ship. Not sure if I will get it or not but would like feedback to see if I would like to get it. Thanks.
  6. Free Stuff For All World of Warships & Twitch

    Thanks. I did manage to get all sorted out. Don't know which salty phrase or phrases got it to work, but I sure used a bunch of them.
  7. Free Stuff For All World of Warships & Twitch

    Disregard please. It all went through and like the OP I just got signal flags and camo.
  8. Free Stuff For All World of Warships & Twitch

    I am able to log in to my wargaming.net account and play the game with my email and password. I can not link my twitch account to my wargaming account as wargaming says no email address found. What gives?
  9. web page problems

    I had the same problem of the main news page disappearing when in Internet Explorer. I could access all other of the tabs like forums and the premium store, but not the main news page. I switched browsers to Microsoft edge and Firefox and had no problem viewing the website. The problem for me seems to be with IE.
  10. Musashi

    Musashi is now in the tech tree. Gat her for 750k free xp
  11. Roma

    Roma is now for sale in the premium shop.
  12. Cool deal. Thank you all for the info. I am quite experienced in coop but I also understand that PVP is a different animal. I will start in random after the first of the year. So thanks again and look forward to seeing all soon.
  13. I would like to play in random games, but I have a problem with communication ability which counts me out of joining a clan or div. My question is can I still play random without being able to communicate? I have a health issue that has severely effected my ability to speak. Thus no voice coms are open to me. Thanks for any help or responses.
  14. Dasrksaint1071. I was stationed on 2 FF's back in the 80's, USS Blakely FF 1072, and USS Pharris FF 1094. The only one still around was the Pharris which was sold to Mexico. So hello to a fellow Destroyerman.
  15. Sounds reasonable to me. I was a Quartermaster in the cold war navy and we had flags that size. We also carried a flag that was several times bigger that was called a battle flag. Just so the enemy had no doubt as to who was shooting at them. In any case, it is probably a real flag, but I would have a reputable appraiser look at it if possible.