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    I'm done in Random

    I have a couple of matches per evening at tier 10 but get frustrated, now I’m attempting not to shame myself horribly whilst trying out Ranked or just avoiding 8/9/10 in randoms for now. I am fine with 4/6/8 CVs currently, I just wish that they temporarily disabled 10 CVs until hotfix. To me it’s just an exploit. I say continue gathering the relevant information/data from the lower tiers but disable Haru/Midway and we can retry after hotfix.
  2. Spectrefiend

    that 8888 8888 8888 lunar special is creazy

    I used up all my luck with the Xmas boxes, which I’m fine with, I now have I believe just about every ship on that list. I had to pay for it this time however with the Lunar Boxes. I had enough luck to get every permacamo, but no duplicates so I am one of those that had to ultimately pay full price for all 3x8888, unfortunate but not angry :)
  3. Yeah they posted about it... yesterday I think? Here under “Combat Missions” https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/development/lunar-new-year-2019/
  4. Or to take it a step further, a fully customizable camo. It would include the standard affair; - detectability,+dispersion, the standard baked in. But depending on tier you can have up to 3 dropdown menus where you can choose from set, specific and potentially stacking buffs however some may only be used once. for example all 3 line could have +100% ship exp, or -10% service fee, but only line 1 can have +20% credits, lines 2 and 3 can have + 100% FEXP etc etc results one match you can go in with: +20% credits, -10% service, ,+100% FEXP. next match you swap to +300% exp next -20% service, +20% credits. you could potentially have most stats available to “tweak” slightly with the camo, just to varying degrees dependent on tier both in value and quantity.
  5. Santa crates end: 21st, (3:20am pt) https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/deals/premium-shop-december-2018/