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  1. so wich ship to go for Montana or the Des moines. im pretty new to the game and could use youre help in picking ships


    1. UrPeaceKeeper


      Of the two, I'd go Montana.  DM is a great ship, but if you aren't a massive cruiser player and slightly psychotic (which is about what you'd have to be to WANT to play the USN cruisers in a T10 fight constantly :P), the DM can be extremely frustrating to play because of how difficult it is to stay alive on some maps....

    2. Remco_V_D_Heuvel


      thank you for the advice, id thuahgt so as well that Montana was better, but then the youtube videos started to doubt me again. im currently doin the British side im at the Queen elizabeth at the moment. its going slow but its fun.to play the game and real slowly upgrade to the tiers, and thank you for the fun and amazing videos. i almost learn a trick or 2 from it..