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  1. UrPeaceKeeper

    Alaksa Super Heavy AP?

    Hmmm.... no actually. The Alaska fires a 12" APC Mark 18 Mod 1 shell that weighs 1140lbs. Contrast this with the Wyoming's 870lb APC Mark 15 Mod 1-6 shells... This is most certainly within the realm of "Super Heavy" for shells as it's 31% heavier. The shell penetration is also SIGNIFICANTLY higher than that of any other 12" gun the US fielded with comparable penetration rates to the 14"/50's on the New Mexico and Tennessee classes. Here are the NAVWEAPS tables for the 12"/50 on Alaska: http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNUS_12-50_mk8.php And for the 12"/45 on the Wyoming: http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNUS_12-50_mk7.php
  2. UrPeaceKeeper

    CC question

    Sorry for the delay, not on the forums much, but ExploratorOne is absolutely right. I play all ships in a line (including T1's) in my How to Play series. I give as honest of an opinion about a ship as I can. Don't believe me? Go watch my Grozovoi video... no seriously, that ship cost me a friggen monitor and a headset that's how frustrated I was playing it...
  3. I got a question you use a slain do you use there skin or camouflage pack if so how does it work I tried it and failed I asked them got no answer 

  4. I got a question I just got the myogi mine doesn't look like your in the video it has the 4 stacks in the middle and that's even with the b Hull upgrade even in world of Warships wiki it looks like the like your so what happened. I can't submit photo right now on phone at my job

    1. UrPeaceKeeper


      There is another hull upgrade that you'll have to get and unlock before you will get yours to look like mine!

    2. Gear_Jamer


      Oh so there is a c class also 

  5. How do you get your commander skills done so quickly like what I see in your video

  6. Take it from a fellow YouTuber and STer: Pace yourself! :p If your goal is to release 4 videos a day you will probably burn yourself out very quickly! That's a lot of editing (you will do this eventually, you know you will!) to do plus a lot of content to have on hand to upload. I stuck myself to 3 videos a week! Every M/W/F except in rare cases when something comes up. If I only release videos twice in a week it's M/Th but that happens very rarely now. Not only pace yourself, but be consistent! Like with streaming, the more consistent you are, the more likely people are to check in on your channel and see what is going on. Now if you have the free time to do daily releases of that much content, that's great! You should still put a decent amount of effort into it as it will help people feel like they are listening to someone with a bit more credibility. And yes, microphone, microphone, microphone! I use a Blue Yeti on a Rode desk mounted articulating arm. I also use a pop shield. I've done Audio three ways: Unedited, Through OBS, and Recording with Audacity. Unedited: This was done with my teamspeak headset and while it worked, it was obvious I was not using the highest quality mic. I hate my own voice enough as is, even as nice as my Plantronics gaming headset is, it never records audio at quite the same depth as a more realistic microphone. The other thing is, my computer chair squeaks, my keyboard clacks (yay mechanical! :D) and my mouse is loud. All of that gets picked up easily and recorded. Through OBS: When I started becoming more serious about recording and putting out quality content I started editing audio to remove all the things about my audio I hated. To do this I used VLC Player to save a copy of the video as an .ogg file that I could open with Audacity. Once there I edited the audio and then used a video program to combine them back together. Through Audacity Directly: Finally I removed the convert step which took forever to do even on a good computer (about 10 minutes or so on a 15 minute video). By recording direct to Audacity it cut that out of my video editing. Audacity: Best free sound editing software on the market. Very easy to use. I use three of it's built in plugins on my audio: Noise Reduction (I use this to pick up the background noise, clicks and clacks), Compressor (to level out the changes in volume) and Equalizer to add a little bit of bass to my voice and to remove all high pitch sounds such as sibilance (this is that whistle sound some people make when pronouncing "s" sounds). Those three, in that order, make a WORLD of difference to the audio, even using a nice mic! :) If you need any other advice, you know how to get a hold of me! We can meet up in the ST TS and chat too! :)
  7. Been watching some of you videos. Good info, thanks hun!

    1. UrPeaceKeeper


      I'm glad you are finding value in the videos I produce!   I hope they continue to help you improve your game and continue to entertain!   :)  Thanks for watching!



  8. so wich ship to go for Montana or the Des moines. im pretty new to the game and could use youre help in picking ships


    1. UrPeaceKeeper


      Of the two, I'd go Montana.  DM is a great ship, but if you aren't a massive cruiser player and slightly psychotic (which is about what you'd have to be to WANT to play the USN cruisers in a T10 fight constantly :P), the DM can be extremely frustrating to play because of how difficult it is to stay alive on some maps....

    2. Remco_V_D_Heuvel


      thank you for the advice, id thuahgt so as well that Montana was better, but then the youtube videos started to doubt me again. im currently doin the British side im at the Queen elizabeth at the moment. its going slow but its fun.to play the game and real slowly upgrade to the tiers, and thank you for the fun and amazing videos. i almost learn a trick or 2 from it.. 

  9. i just unlocked Queen Elizabeth any tips on wich upgraades to mount on that beast? im pretty new as it comes to WoW so any help would be very cool