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  1. Willy55_1955

    Overall Activity Dropping

    See NoZoupForYou's video today. It is not dropping.
  2. Willy55_1955

    Public Test 0.8.1 - Feedback

    Any tier that is a problem. The autopilot is too stupid to turn the ship around. You need to plot a course that makes the ship turn in increments so it doesn't back up on you.
  3. Willy55_1955

    Public Test 0.8.1 - Feedback

    Aircraft torpedos are smaller than DD torps so the damage is nowhere near what a DD torp can do. If you dive real close to a BB before releasing your bombs you are assured to get hits. Best to drop from the bow or stern. Because of reaction time, fire rockets when your reticle is just at the ship's waterline. Adjust if the ship is at an angle. Good luck.
  4. Willy55_1955

    Public Test 0.8.1 - Feedback

    Fighters for Ships and CVs are circling too close to their ships. They have little chance of intercepting torp planes let alone bombers and rocket planes. Need to extend the radius they circle their respective ship.
  5. "In Update 0.8.0, a new section titled Naval Battle will appear in the Clan tab within the game client, where you can find a calendar with the event’s schedule. A Commander, or their Deputy Commanders will be able to register the Clan for participation in the competition for each coming week." I cannot find this Naval Battles tab in the Clan section of the gaming client. How are we going to register for the start on the 18th if the Naval Battles tab isn't in the Clan Base?
  6. Willy55_1955

    Mounting Equipment Monday - Battlewagons

    DD or submarine would get the ice cream. DDs were plane guards during takeoff and landing ops. Subs would rescue aircrew from enemy waters or if they were the closest to where the aircraft went down.
  7. Willy55_1955

    Mounting Equipment Monday - Battlewagons

    1. Expert Loader (switch shell type faster, for hunting DDs) 2. Expert Marksman (faster turret rotation) 3. Adrenalin Rush 4. BFT (faster reload secondary and AA) 5. AFT (secondary and AA) 6. Radio Location (find those DDs) Leaves 3 points, either Survivability Expert; or Demo Expert (French or Japanese BBs)
  8. Willy55_1955

    AA Sector Switching UI

    I mapped the 'Q' key in place of the 'O' key, that way I just use my ring finger to press the 'Q' key and click on the sector.
  9. Willy55_1955

    Royal Navy Battleship AA Compared (8.0, 8.0.1 & 8.0.2)

    Drop the Lexington, bring back the Essex. Essex much closer in age to Shokoku, Lex much older. Better planes, problem solved.
  10. I first encountered it on the test server, now today after .8.0.2: topedos dropped by planes do not show up in the water right away unless they drop right next to you. You have no idea if the are together or spread out. You head to where you think they are heading in hopes to be in the right position to dodge them with fingers crossed. I'm really getting tired of all this OP CV stuff, 5 second fires, 30 second floods, invisible torps, etc.
  11. How do you get the UK ships to complete the Event on the public test server, e.g. Hood, Vanguard, etc. I have completed all other tasks and missions but can't find these ships anywhere.
  12. 1. Occasionally I see a ring emanate from near my ship. It reminds me of when a nuclear weapon detonates and you see the sound wave approaching. 2. When zoomed in voices sound different, like they are inside the ship. 3. Plane engine sounds appear from nowhere. 4. Always seeing in chat "I use hydroacoustic" or "I use surveillance radar". Fills up the chat when everyone is using it. I hope this is not what you intend as team notification. There was discussion of over ship marker notification or something else. If 1 above is part of that, it needs to be more prominent. Something with player name, type of unit, duration and range (Willy55_1955 is using radar, 24 seconds, 7.4km range).
  13. WE got the update a day before them.
  14. They said there (in THEIR minds) were not enough differences between each tier to justify all the tiers.
  15. OH! Thanks for reminding me. Essex Class. Drop the Lexington and bring back the Essex. Most prolific fleet CV in the war and WG drops it? Its within 2 years commissioning date of the Shokaku.