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  1. Willy55_1955

    PTS 0.10.8 Bug Reports

    Again, you mean high ping rate for internet connection? You WANT the highest FPS possible in the game. High ping rate causes issues do to slower connection to the server.
  2. Willy55_1955

    PTS 0.10.8 Bug Reports

    You mean high ping, right? High FPS is desirable. High ping rate means slower internet connection.
  3. Willy55_1955

    Wow, do PTS rewards really suck now

    Thanks for the response.
  4. I haven't played PTS for a while now. First thing I noticed the 2 missions for the signals were gone. Checking things over I see they substituted crates, OLD crates, and I got what I expected. A lot of worthless stuff. At one point I accumulated 26 crates. Out of those 26 crates I received 5750 Free XP (nice) and ZERO combat signals. I got some 60 or so economic signals (OK), 5 camos and a TON of worthless duplicated collection items (first 3 rows of second pic duped from the bottom of the first). Not one signal to help me in combat. As far back as PT 0.10.4 they still had play 1 game, get 3 of every signal except specials. There use to be another for 10 battles but in 0.10.4 those were gone. Along with the signal purge for Achievements, it seems WG is dead set on making us pay for combat signals in the Armory.
  5. Willy55_1955

    Subs are killing gameplay in ranked.

    Not being able to detect submarines with hydro acoustic search is SO stupid...
  6. Willy55_1955

    Bonus Code gives you some stuff

    Thanks, it worked.
  7. Willy55_1955

    t6 DD for ranked

    T-61. Guns, Hydro, torps. Good all around.
  8. All missions of the campaign can be finished in cooperative, random, and ranked battle modes and require USA and IJN ships from tier IV and higher. This special event is occurring just after Clan Battles start. Since Ranked can count, why not Clan Battles? Why are CB participants sidelined from this event?
  9. Willy55_1955

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    This is a comment posted on the EU forum from their Clan Coordinator: [WGP2L] got_carried_by_Dark_haha Petty Officer Clan Test Coordinator 137 posts 1,009 battles Report post #11 Posted 4 hours ago [WGP2L] got_carried_by_Dark_haha Petty Officer Clan Test Coordinator 137 posts 1,009 battles Understandable and it is an appropriate statement. Thanks WG for clearing things out. Moving on is always better and most productive o7. Some critics don't know how departmental investigation work and it takes time to make a judgment or analysis. XD
  10. Willy55_1955

    What was the WoWS update this morning?

    Probably for Clan Battles Wednesday ?
  11. Why don't you read the patch notes? Amongst the items 'temporarily removed' is "Adjustable Division Chat Window".
  12. New players shouldn't be buying tier 10 ships.
  13. Willy55_1955

    Still no community tokens

    If you read the website articles, some have links to claim the community tokens. Take this one for example: The Third Brawl | World of Warships
  14. Anyone know how to control the spend of the replay files made by the renderer?
  15. Willy55_1955

    Everything but what it is...

    LOL! When you watch the first part of Jingles video dealing with this, its hilarious how these things bomb!