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  1. Willy55_1955

    what the hell wg? [dev blog]

    This CAN'T possibly include deep water torps?
  2. Willy55_1955

    Why no torps for Hood?

    Her submerged bow tubes were removed in 1941, but she retained her above water tubes.
  3. Willy55_1955

    Why no torps for Hood?

    4 of her tubes, as I noted, were above the waterline, 2 each side.
  4. Willy55_1955

    Why no torps for Hood?

    The Hood had 1 underwater torp tube either side of the bow, 2 above water torp tubes either side of the aft smoke stack. Why were they never implemented in the game? The Kii got torps and it never existed. Hood had torps and some claim it was the reason it exploded. So, how about we give Hood it's torpedo tubes?
  5. Willy55_1955

    I've been getting bullied in game for playing PR

    Ignore them. I don't like this whole PR debacle. And while you represent one who gave in and spent an insane amount of money on a pixel boat of all things, I will not villify you in-game for that. It was your choice. Enjoy your ship, the hubub will die soon, I think.
  6. Willy55_1955

    Wargaming Charity Stream and "Banned' Ships

    I think it is just great, really. What better way to drum up larger donations for the charity than by offering rare ships.
  7. Read the last line please:
  8. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET IT FOR FREE! PERIOD! WG said it themselves: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/new-year-2020-event/ choose files...---------Click to choose files.url
  9. 1. Wow, do you really believe everything you wrote? Seriously? Its OK for WG to lead people into buying up to $96 in boosters for a ship they will never be able to finish building? Charge them another 35000 doubloons to finish the ship? AND, WG themselves say you can NOT get PR for free: "Please note: it will be impossible to complete the ship in time without using boosters" (https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/new-year-2020-event/) 2. There is hard math to back up the 700% claim, not a meme. I agree with you it is a T10 ship, but still impossible to get for free without spending $240 to try to get too finish it. 3. I have no problem with Lutjens. 4. Again, hard math shows that the Snowflake steel availability is about 1/2 what it was last Christmas season (plus additional steel in Directives near impossible to get). SO, in conclusion, grind more, get less. Have a great holiday season regardless!
  10. I've been showing that date in the armory for months. Nothing recent.
  11. Willy55_1955

    Zoup the feeling police

    Well, first off your post is incorrect from the getgo. The pm was from a clan member who continued to a berate a non-clan player after the battle ended. That is the core of the issue that Zoup brought up. And what are you afraid of if people want to review Zoup's video after reading your post? Here is the video: My response to his video was simple. Clan member should be perma-banned and the clan commander should be put on notice by WG about the conduct fo his members. Lets break down your response. 1. As a clan commander you DO have control over your clan members. On a couple of ocassions my commander has had to pull a member aside for a talk, and if it had no expected result the member was dropped. 2. So what if a player is slow to learn. Does he deserve the tirade he received? 3. "Perma ban a player who has i would guess spent a decent amount of money on the game, couple of thousand hours play, cause he said mean things." Mean things? Mean things? "Kill yourself"? In the news there are plenty of examples where people have told other people to kill themselves on social media or text messages and they actually did it. This goes beyond mean or "sticks and stones". 4. "I do think that the player should not have said anything to the offending player". Offending player? Oh, yes, my friend, you most certainly are a victim blamer. 5. I do whole heartedly agree with your clan's rules. They are well thought out. Why, then, do you seem to support an opposite position? Where toxicity of the level revealed requires only a slap on the wrist, anger management and no intervention by the clan commander? And the offended player becomes the "offender"?
  12. Willy55_1955

    CV VS CV needs to be more of a thing.

    What burns my butt is the HE nerf where fires started only last 5 seconds. Now, if you want to make that a thing for CV planes against CV, fine. However, if ships make if close enough to fire upon the CV any fires started should NOT be restricted to 5 second duration.
  13. Willy55_1955

    Smol worth getting with HE changes looming?

    Keep in mind the proposed armor nerf from 30mm to 16mm by reclassifying it to a very light cruiser.