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About Me

WarGaming member since Apr. 2015 (Originally as XXFlippyTheBearXX)

Operates under NA server of WOWS (formally on MAC.)

WOWS forum commentator/visionary, Historian of Modern Warfare (WW1-present)

Participant of the Last Great Corgi Armada (2017).


About my character:

Name: Red Dawn (German: Rote Von Dämmerung)

Age: ???

Species: Unicorn

Flankmark: Anchor in front of an Iron Cross

Religion: Selenism

Royal Title: Freiher Rote Von Dämmerung des Hauses Hohmarezollern (Baron Red Dawn of the House of Hohmarezollern)

Nicknames: The Red Mane Baron (Der rote Mähnenbaron)

                       Baron of the Seas (Baron der Meere)

                       Red (Rote)

Birthplace: Wilmareshaven, Imperial Equinian Empire (Kaiserliches Pferdereich)


Navel officer in the Kaiserliches Pferde Marine [Imperial Equinian Navy] (A new ally of the Equestrian Royal Navy) 

Rank: Kapitän zur See (Captain at sea)

Ship assigned: Battlecruiser S.K.M.S. Schmarehorst


           (Kapitän zur See Dämmerung's navel portrait courtesy of x PhiL1998 on DeviantArt)

A short tale of The Red Mane Baron:

Born as Rote Von Dammerung, he was christened as a Freiher (Baron) of the House of Hohmarezollern; one of the royal families of the Imperial Equinian Empire (the pony world version of Imperial Germany), the third eldest of four siblings. He disliked being treated like royalty since he didn't view himself as superior among the general public (often refusing any pony addressing him by his title and often partaking in activities with the local population near his family's palace), and he wanted to do more to help the empire he loved. At the age of 10, he found his destiny, when he assisted his uncle with his sail boat out at sea, this resulted in not only gaining a love for the sea, but also his flank-mark (an anchor in front of an iron cross). After finishing his classes at Selena's School for the Gifted, and graduating from the University of Hayburg, he joined the Kaiserliches Pferde Marine as a volunteer (against his family's wishes). After eight years, he eventually rose through the ranks to become Captain, and was assigned to command the recently commissioned battlecruiser Schmarehorst, where he not only does his part to serve the Empire but also satisfy his love for adventure and the sea.


[Info on Kapitän Dammerung's warship]:

Name: S.K.M.S. Schmarehorst

Builder: Kaiserliche Werft Wilmareshaven

Ship's Motto: Für das Imperium Stehen Wir! (For the Empire, We Stand!)

Class/Type: Schmarehorst-class battlecruiser

Displacement: 36,500 LT (Standard), 41,400 LT (Full Load)

Length: 790 ft     Beam: 101 ft     Draft: 35 ft

Propulsion: 3X steam geared turbines, 3X three-bladed propellers, 16ft, 8 inch diameter

Top Speed: 32 knots

Range: 7,300 nmi at 19 knots

Complement: 58 officers, 1645 enlisted

Armament: (Main): 3X3 (9) 11.5 in. guns

                     (Secondary): 12X 15cm guns

                     (AA): 16X 10.5cm guns, 18X 3.7cm guns, 20X 2cm guns

                     8X 533mm torpedo tubes

Armor: (Belt)- 13.8 in.

              (Deck)- 2.0 in.

              (Turrets)- 7.9 to 14.2 in.

              (Conning Tower)- 13.8 in.

Aircraft carried: 2X spotter and 1X fighter-type float-planes

Aviation facilities: 1 aircraft catapult


WOWS Fleet Stats: 

Total:(78) Carriers: 2 Battleships-30 Cruisers-33  Destroyers-13


Carriers: Enterprise(VIII), Graf Zeppelin(VIII)

Battleships: Musashi(IX), Arizona(VI), Missouri(IX), Prinz Eithel Friedrich(VI),

Scharnhorst(VII), Tirpitz(VIII), Hood(VII), Nelson(VII), Duke of York(VII),

Vanguard(VIII), Giulio Cesare (V), Roma(VIII)

Cruisers: Yubari(IV), Yahagi(V), Atago(VIII), Alaska(IX), Puerto Rico(X), Aurora(III), 

Molotov(VI), Mikhail Kutuzov(VIII), Kronshtadt(IX), HSF Graf Spee(VI), Prinz Eugen(VIII)

Destroyers: HSF Harekaze(VIII)

FOG VESSELS: Kongo(V), Haruna(V), Kirishima(V), Takao(VIII), Ashigara(VII), Haguro(VII), Myoukou(VII), Nachi(VII)

*DISCARDED/RETIRED PREMIUMS: Mikasa(II), Katori(III), Mutsu(VI), Kaga(VII), Texas(V), Atlanta(VII),

Alabama(VIII), Graf Spee(VI), Krasny Krym(V), Murmansk(V), Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya(V), Warspite(VI), 

Dunkerque(VI), De Grasse(VI), Duca d' Aosta(VI)


[Japan][USA][USSR/Russia][Germany][France][Britain][Italy][Tier19 Captain in Command]

Flat-Tops: Furious(VI)

Battleships:  Fuso(VI), Amagi(VIII), Yamato(X), Wyoming(IV), New Mexico(VI),  Iowa(IX),

Pyotr Velikiy(V), Sovetsky Soyuz(IX), Kremlin(X), Konig(V), Bismarck(VIII), Friedrich der GroBe(IX),

GroBer Kurfurst(X),  Richelieu(VIII), Alsace(IX), Lion(IX)

Cruisers: Ibuki(IX), Zao(X), Buffalo(IX), Seattle(IX), Worchester(X), Novik(II), Karlsruhe(IV), 

Hindenburg(X), Algerie(VII), Saint-Louis(IX), Devonshire(VII), Neptune(IX), Drake(IX), Minotaur(X), 

Zara(VII), Brindisi(IX), Venezia(X)

Destroyers: Wakataki(III), Harugumo(X), Clemson(IV), Fletcher(IX), Grozovoi(X), Khabarovsk(X), 

Ernst Gaede(VI), Leberecht Maass(VII), Mogador(IX), Kleber(X), Lightning(VIII), Daring(X)