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  1. A Sad Goodbye!

    As of now, I'm retiring from the game, and I'm not likely to return.

    Why am I leaving? Well it's a number of factors really, that over time, really ruins the game for me and no longer makes it as enjoyable as it once was.


    1. End of support for MAC.

    When I first started, I only had a Mac laptop and at first, the game was playable, but over time, the game constantly crashes and it pisses me off that WG doesn't support the MAC variant. I mean, what's the point of having it if you don't support it?

    Thankfully, I bought a PC desktop two years earlier, and I could have stayed, yet there are other reasons why I'm leaving.

    2. Constant Major reworking of the game.

    At first, all seems fine when I've started, but over time, WG made major changes to the playable ships in the game, such as nerfing a majority of the battleships in my collection, and the infamous Carrier Reworking update.

    The ships were fine as is in my opinion, and in my mind, WG ruined the game by implementing these changes.

    3. The expenses of playing the game.

    Over time, the costs of maintaining my status, my ships, research, and premium account has increased to the point that I could no-longer afford it. Some of you would think, don't buy premiums then, don't spend too much then. Unfortunately, the way the game is rigged now, and the way my account is set up, I couldn't do anything about it without either being left out, or be able to achieve things the way I want them to in the game.

    4. Issues with the matchmaker.

    :etc_swear: This one, really pisses me off! For the last 2 years, it seems like whenever I join a match, I'm always stuck with losing teams. I admit, some maybe my fault due to me being an average player with not much talent. Yet, almost always, it's the rest of the team getting themselves easily killed, while the rival team loses little to no ships, and this happens as much as 5 to 15 times in a row! Not only does it ruin my W/L stats, but it also, over time, deters me from playing the game, as well as making me curse WG for letting this happen again and again.

    5. Adding submarines to the game.

    :Smile_facepalm: WHY?!?! What were they thinking?!?! Since I first joined WOWS, the position was NO SUBS! Unfortunately, over time,  idiotic players made suggestions to add them to the game. At first, I, along with many just laughed, and thought to ourselves, like that would ever happen. Yet when they first put them in the Halloween event a couple years back, I thought to myself, ok, hopefully it would just be that, but, then when it was confirmed that they would be added, I thought to myself, why? It wouldn't work the way the game is set up, and it would over time, likely cause more to complain [as if there weren't enough of it these days] and would certainly break the game. I mean, if they want to play with subs so bad, go play the Silent Hunter series of games (I recommend SH3 & SH4).

    6. All the fun and excitement is gone.

    Lastly, as time wore on, along with these things, the final reason I'm done with this game is that the very thing that all players should have while playing a game is gone; fun, excitement, and an enjoyable experience.

    It was what drove me to joining this game (that, and all the exciting historical warships I get to play with).

    As of now, there is none. When I play this game, it's stressful, annoying, frustrating, and it's really not that enjoyable for me anymore. 


    After 5 years of being a member of the WarGaming community, and over 4 years of being a member of WOWS community I've had a memorable experience, I'll never forget all the fun I've had and I'll miss you all and yet, while I'm sad that I have made this decision, I know that not all good things last forever...

    As for me, I'll be found on the other side in a game that I now find more enjoyable, (yet controversial to the WG community); [edited] under the name SpottedFox.

    Thank you all for making my experience here as enjoyable as it is, and I hope that you would find it within you all to enjoy your gaming experience to the fullest!


    Good Luck and Fair Seas to you all! :Smile_honoring:

    -Red Dawn