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  1. Welp...

    My server just crashed, and I can't login to the game right now.

    I'm currently in a loop with customer service about fixing this problem.

    I hope that (since I'm on the Windows version of the game), WG would do better in fixing this issue better than they did when I was on the MAC version of the game.

    If not.... along with multiple frustrations of the current mechanics of the game, I might not ever come back...



    1. MajorRenegade


      I had this problem a few times myself. Finding out later that my internet service have been having connection issues and even contacting the cable company support for fixes. Heck I had someone came out to look at my boxes only to tell me that it working fine and 25$ was added to my bill(never again), Was unable to play Wows or Wot for 2 months till the problem slowly went away.


      I would suggest on taking a month or two break from the game to do other things. Hoping your issue will go away


    2. XXRed_DawnXX


      Thanks Renegade!

      My issue has to due with the recent issues with Spectrum/Charter Communications. This wouldn't let me log on to my account.

      I hope there would be some sort of compensation for this since I'm missing out on the holiday event, as well as gaining points to unlock boosters for the completion of the Puerto Rico.

      I hope that the issue would be resolve soon or it would be another reason for me to leave the game.

      I can only hope that it would never happen, but we can only wait and see how it plays out.

      Have a Happy New Year Major!