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  1. I have had this problem for a few days now. And since no answer was posted in this thread, I thought id drop what fixed it for me. I had experienced exactly what the OP did. Frequent disconnects during matches. My rig wasnt closed to being maxed out. Dropping graphics didnt work, nor did reinstalling the game, the integrity check, updating my any driver, a power cycle on my equipment. I followed every step I could from this forum and WG's tech support trouble shooter tips (up to fixing the ports, I couldn't figure that one out). Overnight my router decided it wasn't going to cooperate with the game anymore. I changed my ethernet connect from the router directly into the modem, and bam! no more disconnects. Since my modem only has one output port I put in my splitter so that it goes from my modem to the splitter and from there to my desktop and router. In case anyone else has this issue, give this a try. And for the record it happened before and after the patch that went live today
  2. Zambasshik

    How to AA?

    Played this game a ton in beta and little off and on since. Always loved CVs but never good at RTS so I stayed away from them. The CV change. Brought me back though as I can actually play them now. However, i took my Des Moines out the other night as I've been fully AA spec'd forever and noticed I couldnt shoot down a single plane. Then I noticed my long range AA went from what I believe was 7.2 (?)km before to like 5.4km now. What happened? How do I AA now? Also: ##BringBackCBTCleveland
  3. Zambasshik

    Biggest OP thing in the game

    Couple days ago i was playing a game in my cruiser. I was 15km from a Bismark and angled only about 10 degrees port. He fired one salvo and took off 26k of my health. Why? Simply because i had the audacity to be spotted one the same map with a BB. Ill take everytime i get burned to the ground by HE in a BB, over having that happen