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  1. lol typical tough guy responses. I bet you wouldn't say that in person, because talking crap in real life is dangerous. why don't you two go bump tips for a bit. you'll feel better.
  2. i have 17 tier X. again, hope you feel superior.. must be making up for something
  3. does it make you feel better to talk down to people, tough guy?
  4. was just in a match, and a few team mates had said their screen froze.. then mine froze, as did a clanmate i was in a div with. It stops the camera tracking your ship, so your ship goes on it's way, you can move your mouse all over, it doesn't do anything. can see other ships on the screen still moving. Happened to about 8 of us in the same match. Also, armory will load for some clan members, and not others. also had a member report his port screen was black, no ship.
  5. ahhhh. Yeah i don't have the other hull yet. can't stand the donski to grind it. whole line is miserable. thanks for the reply
  6. can someone explain why these do not match? Why do i get a discounted price on the tree, when i look at it in port, it full price. I've gotten stuck paying full XP price on the last couple and feel ripped off.
  7. why does random look like this 90% of the time? this is a rare one where i'm NOT fighting against tier 8's.
  8. Brett1970

    can't post in general

    i have no idea.. it's the same email address is use to log into the game
  9. Says i need to play 5 battles before i can post.. been in the game for four years... with tons of battles.
  10. says at the top i need to play 5 battles first.. i've been playing since the start.. doesn't really matter. they had to go and nerf the hosho.. the one ship i play 90% of the time in game. No reason to play anymore, already uninstalled it.
  11. Brett1970

    ban this guy

    [edited]... spends entire matches using a BB shoving on your carrier, never fires at the enemy, he just constantly rams and shoves on you so your carrier cannot move... the entire chat was flooded with messages of him doing damage to me. Needless to say i couldn't move my carrier, and got surrounded by enemies. I got fed up and started torping him myself to get him off me.