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  1. MeekANTIFUN

    Games sticks at end of battle report

    Haven't heard of this happening. If possible, can you give a little more context, screenshots or videos? You can also create a bug report so that WG devs know of it.
  2. Your team won based on points. Judging by the fact that you're playing in co-op, it seems like your team won by killing enough enemy ships that their point counter reached 0, thus loosing the game for them and winning the game for you.
  3. MeekANTIFUN

    The Italian Cruisers are PATHETIC

    Montecuccoli is 37 knots with a 610 meter turning circle and 10.7 s (stock), 7.6 s (upgraded) rudder shift Trento is 35 knots with a 630 meter turning circle and a 13.3 s (stock), 9.5 s (upgraded) rudder shift Zara is 32 knots with a 580 meter turning circle and a 13.7 s (stock), 9.8 s (upgraded) rudder shift Amalfi is 37 knots with a 680 meter turning circle and a 15.3 s (stock), 11 s (upgraded) rudder shift Aside from the Zara, who makes up the slow speed with a small turning circle, have above average speed. They are pretty good flankers, but yes, the turrets are a problem
  4. MeekANTIFUN

    The Italian Cruisers are PATHETIC

    I have no issue with the ship itself, I even stated that. The issue I have with them is that the shells are terrible. SAP shells are super inconsistent and they struggle to pen anything angled. The French cruisers always had HE to fall back on and the British had the short-fuse AP so penning at any angle isn't an issue. The SAP shells are an abomination though. I should have made this very clear, the ships themselves are perfectly fine, but the armament they receive mixed with the incredibly slow reload, few torpedoes with weak damage and slow speed, and the inconsistency with the SAP shells makes these ships a struggle.
  5. MeekANTIFUN

    The Italian Cruisers are PATHETIC

    Even more reason for the Genova to do really well at T5. Those 203s should be able to decimate cruisers and chunk battleships, but as they are right now, they're a total mess.
  6. First, just a quick disclaimer. I'm so damn frustrated at just how terrible and unforgiving these ships are that this is probably gonna be a total mess of a post. The low-tiered Italian cruisers are absolutely pathetic. The ships themselves are mediocre, but the armament they're given is just so damn awful that its a total slugfest. These are the characteristics of the available ships, with the exception of the Genova. Tier 5: Tier 6: Tier 7: Tier 8 (and probably Tier 9 and Tier 10 since they use the same gun): (Since the Tier 9 and Tier 10 stats aren't available in game, I will post links to the wiki pages for the two ships so you can make your own comparisons and judge whether or not you want to grind this absolutely terrible line) T9: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Brindisi T10: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Venezia The ships are very agile and put some destroyers to shame with their speed, but then you have to deal with these terrible turrets that are slow to turn on target and keep up with your turn. Once you fire, the shells have a lazy arc (at the lower tier) so you have to lead even the slow battleships at 6-7 notches. The SAP shells are horribly inconsistent and struggle to do anything against battleships. These shells also have absolutely TERRIBLE pen, 54 millimeters at Tier 8, that even destroyers with the slightest bit of angling will bounce or shatter your shells. Yes, these shells will slap destroyers that go broadside, but any competent DD player will know to angle against Italian ships, or any ship for that matter. The Genova is in a league of its own. The ship is just so awful, I would prefer to get everything BUT it. 20 second reload on a cruiser with 152 millimeters guns is so horrible, I'd rather hang myself than play it. Seems like you're insinuating that Italy has some of the weakest men in the loading room known on planet Earth. Here's the biggest slap in the face; 104 shell hits yet a measly 38,958 damage. Even destroyers and small caliber cruisers will do more damage with the same amount of hits. The torpedoes are mediocre. They deal decent damage, but with so few, it's highly improbable that even a half health New York will die to a salvo of the Montecuccoli's torpedoes. They have good range at ten kilometers, but they're so damn slow that they pretty much are only useful for ambushing. With that being said, the detection is so bad that you'll get spotted going behind whatever cover you want from halfway across the map and since the torpedoes are so slow, any decent destroyer player will be able to speed right through them. If you like the speediness of the Italians; I suggest the Henri or the Zao. Both ships have HE that smacks and with a high fire chance, they can actually deal damage. The Venezia has the second weakest torpedoes at Tier 10 among cruisers at only 13900 damage and with only three per side, even cruisers can take all three and live. If you like the high arc on the shells; I suggest the Worcester, Des Moines, or Minotaur. The Worcester has spammable HE that is quite consistent with IFHE and the Des Moines has Super-Heavy AP that will slap even battleships. The Minotaur has the short-fused AP that will wreck destroyers and with the spammableness, it will do very well against battleship superstructures. If you like smoke; I suggest Minotaur, and for the sheer brokenness, the Smolensk. The Smolensk is an HE spammer with torpedoes that deal more damage and two extra tubes per side. The Minotaur is a jack-of-all trades. It can do well against battleships, smash cruisers and destroyers and if you squad up with destroyers or other ships with smoke, you can slot radar and decimate anyone that dares get close. TL;DR The line is terrible and if they don't receive buffs to the pen of the SAP shells, it's not worth playing. Skip this line if it comes out as is. I wouldn't wish these absolutely trash ships on anyone. For the first time, WarGaming have actually released a series of ships that were underpowered. I'm not even Italian and I feel like this is a total insult to the real Regia Marina. Edit: I just want to clear something up. The ships themselves are perfectly fine. They have a mixture of speed and agility to make them super good flankers, mixed with the walking smoke to make them perfect for getting in, hitting some things then getting out. My issue is with the armament. The SAP shells are too inconsistent and struggle to pen anything that angles, from destroyers to battleships and everything in between. The turrets are just too slow to keep up with the turn, which is fine, but it kinda takes away it's ability to get in and get out if you have to spend longer to get those turrets to turn on to target. Mixed with the slow reload means that you'll get maybe 1-2 salvos before getting focused. The armor is a bit weak and can easily be citadelled. The torpedoes are kind of a waste. They have low damage when compared to other ships and torpedoes of that tier and with so few, it's a struggle to kill full health battleships. Assuming that the Tier 10 Venezia using the same guns as the Tier 8 Amalfi, it'll be hard to reliably hit and deal damage to high tier ships. What needs a buff is the shells, or at the very least, the reload needs to be shortened.
  7. RNG is never with this one