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  1. Landomatic

    Radar needs to DiaF

    For sure. Lately however, your example seems the exception, not the norm.
  2. Landomatic

    Radar needs to DiaF

    Well with power creep being a thing for new vessels that mostly never existed I'm leaning that way, which is unfortunate. It would be nice if they did what SMITE does, which is let the new hero/god have a good 2 week window of OP play, then tone them down similarly to what the others are like. They'd still make some money selling their new premium toy while not pissing on previous grinds. A new one comes to mind Ragnar. If GameLabs: Naval Action & WoWs had a child it would be an amazing OpenWorld ship conquest game using steel hulled behemoths, and that would be amazing. We played for years where DDs "ran rampant." Agreeing with your other points then, I suppose that level realism I'd be fine with. The game uses a stupid sighting mechanic. Conversely if I can see the water I should be able to see what's floating on it. The issue isn't necessarily the realism. Radar doesn't just counter DD's smoke and stealth game play. It completely destroys it. Most radar is x2 DDs detection range, and in the event they have to flee they'll get absolutely slammed trying to escape. Moreover, most teams and players knowing this seem to have anywhere from 3-6 radar ships per match per side. With power creep being WG's new money maker, it feels like MANY of the new vessels just have it now, or atleast a majority of ones being played. I find this breaking for DD gameplay. And if you mean running rampant by dodging torpedoes, atleast you have a chance to move around those or take skills to help see them earlier. There is no counter for radar which makes it incredibly overpowered, except not pushing objectives, or staying 14Km out, which seems counterintuitive to a capture the flag style game. But that's just my opinion . . .
  3. No, but seriously. I've taken a bit of a break and come back to radar and hydro being EVERYWHERE. Played about 100 matches in DDs recently and basically the teams that push with radar seem to win. In my last match there were so many radar ships I didn't even leave the upper quadrant of the map. I'd start to roll out one direction or another and radar or hydro was up every 2 minutes or so. I spent the ENTIRE match just running. Immaterial of that being a thing that happens, that's not fun. The game is supposed to fun right? I wouldn't mind it so much but the range is insane, never minding the ridiculous physics WoWS portrays it in their weird stealth sighting game. In the real world Radar nor Hydrophones pen rocks, islands, landmasses, mountains, etc., If it wasn't nearly double most DDs hiding range that would be ok. But to have a Petro, Moskva, DesMoines, Missouri, and many others just spamming it, just kills destroyer/cruiser play for me. I can't be alone, but maybe I am. Looking forward to your thoughts.
  4. Landomatic

    Account RIP

    I'll take subs over the rampant broken radar use any day of the week, so far. What's your issue with subs?
  5. Landomatic


    What's a SWO?
  6. Erm, right after you learn to read for comprehension, I'll be glad to try that. :p
  7. That's true. However, when you take "random" shells when not having been detected or becoming invisible minutes later, then still getting shot. Then it's suspect. This just happened to me earlier. It was pretty blatant. You should open a ticket and upload a replay. You could even post one here. Many "experts" here will tell you if it's legit or not. What is this blue flame you speak of? Smoke? Russian bias?! no way. Well, in the beta I used "Artalans(sp?) mod" before the days of training rooms. It did definitely help with gunnery and learning where to aim. Especially at angles. I'm still not the best gunner, but as a mod it was very helpful. Now, you can use a few dynamic crosshairs and mods that give you the max speed of the ship you're shooting at. If you want to get historical about it, ships had Gunnery teams and spotters who mathematically calculated where to shoot based on earth curvature, atmospheric conditions, windage, and angles of impact nevermind the eventual usefulness of radar that pretty much lasered where to shoot. Do a search for GFCS or Gun Fire Control Systems. This game sims none of that, except a spotters periscope. But if it did, how much fun would that be? That's partially true. The smoke only renders when you look at the ship. To save resources, the game engine doesn't render smoke all the time, only when you're close or ADSed. Also, at our 15 degree angle or whatever it if for viewing long distance, sometimes the wakes are very very hard to make out. That's not completely true. The game shoots differently at targeted vessels vs. open water. Your dispersion and accuracy are measured against the enemies skill and camo. Generally you're more likely to hit an enemy when targeted then not and firing randomly. Additionally, some turrets do aim on center and tighten up in the middle, vs. firing flat or straight out to sea. But I could be mistaken.
  8. Landomatic

    <Rant> CV Karma Insanity

    How curious. I wouldn't have thought relegating myself to a PVE mode would be hastily fun, but then again chat gets pretty toxic. You've given me much to ponder. Couldn't agree more, but back when certain DDs were more OP than, say now, I met the D/V button before for hounding ships with Destroyers. 7 Pages in and someone asked me a question. Delightful! Firstly, I'm not looking for "pats on the back" so to speak. I was more curious as to whether or not what I was experiencing was limited to my tiny little view of the game. I don't have 3000 karma like some of my betters in this chat, but I've seen my 50+ drop to 2 in a short amount of time. My prior experience was that when I ran my mouth, I'd expect to lose some Karma. But what I've observed is that if a player on my side suggests that I may have played poorly, or an opposing player suggests unfairly; they fire up the mob and I'll lose a bunch in a single match. I've had a few players thank me for saving them with fighters, or sink a ship about to do them in. My biggest Karma loss was about 15 in a match where I Krakened+1 despite still losing. To that end, if someone is soloing out in the open, and none of my fellows need immediate help, they definitely present a target of opportunity. Conversely, I've seen players get what I call "CV Fever" where you'll have some destroyer find the CV about 15 minutes in after being apparently less useful elsewhere and try to sink it. Which is great, as we usually win the match as that players resource was sorely missed elsewhere. Honestly, I'd say remove the voting system all together or change it a bit. These forums suggest that it's little more than useless anyway. I'd save it for legitimate problems in chat or overt obvious fellow player abuse, eg.,: TKing, Abusive Chat, Bigotry, etc., I will say since my return chat has tamed quite a bit. But it could be that the game is a little less "hotter" than it used to be. I suppose, adding a "why" dialogue box would be noteworthy but people like to get to the next match, and who knows what would end up there. Nevermind, having to make someone review them. Is it a critical problem? I don't think so. I'm actually surprised how many people have put eyes on my rant. What has been a boon however, is all this perspective. I had no idea my little rant would've run into so many eyes. It is pleasing to see the community engaging and discussing and that I get to play the game, with them, and in some cases despite them. That's basically all I was trying to do. Finish the grind and try a long lost gameplay type to me. So far despite the feedback it has been enjoyable. And as an average CV driver I'm outpacing most of my competition on a match per match basis and contributing to a win. Still haven't found where it breaks the EULA and ToS, but that's interesting. Having played other competitive games, some folks just don't like losing, but enjoy competing. As a friend of mine who plays Naval Action once said, "we must all be a little psychotic to get so mad at defeat or a system that we blame one aspect we don't like but keep going back for more." I prefer more sportsmanlike, gentlemanly competition personally, but I get why folk get enflamed. In my minds eye, that's a perfectly justified D/V. He wasted SO MUCH time gunning you down that he likely cost them the match while the opposing CV driver enjoyed unabated utility everywhere else.
  9. Landomatic

    <Rant> CV Karma Insanity

    Nah, I generally try to be a friendly helpful player, and rarely run my mouth. I fell from 30 something to now 2 in about a weeks time. No losses and a few upvotes in other ships. So it's definitely a bias, at least in my very limited 90 matches in the Midway. THIS, has been a trend since I started playing the game in 2015. I regularly see no one assume any level of "command" of the team or their immediate area/division. Then, usually, LONG AFTER things for the match have gone south, these perfect unicorns have what they believe to be perfect hindsight bias, which they mouth off about in the last 5 minutes of the match. Usually, blaming someone else for the loss. My opinion is such that you should either lead the squad, offer assistance, or shut the hell up. I dunno. I guess there's always something someone doesn't like about a game, despite their playing it. I don't care for the 14Km range of a Moskva's radar when I'm Cruising or Destroying, but I try to play around it as I still enjoy the game. I can't imagine playing a game where one class can completely upend your whole experience that you'd need to run your mouth or abuse an in-game reporting system for the sake of punishment/justice/entitlement. But maybe my hypocrisy is different. Downvoting would be considered counterplay? How . . . interesting. I mean, you could make an argument for any class or game mechanic having an impact on the others. Some tremendously more than others. Torpedoes, Hydros, Spotting Planes, FIghters, Radar, HE, Citadels . . . etc., Hey man I was just asking about it. I think if the voting system is used to "punish" or in this case "counter" play, then it or the players using it as such have no concept of fairness or sportsmanship. It's more like an angry, cringey, vengeance button. Using the voting system in this way is against ToS/EULA? I had no idea.
  10. Landomatic

    <Rant> CV Karma Insanity

    See I thought so. It's just annoying to going from what I'd expect to be an above average player with a decently high Karma score to two for simply playing the game.
  11. Landomatic

    <Rant> CV Karma Insanity

    Shooting apparently isn't harassment. CVs working however . . .
  12. Landomatic

    <Rant> CV Karma Insanity

    I oh dunno. I thought there was some penalty for getting low. If it doesn't matter . . . then "plus ça change."
  13. Landomatic

    <Rant> CV Karma Insanity

    I've been seeing some players with some insane stats with CVs. I feel however, you just are cleaning up other peoples work with them at the moment. I find them to be more useful for spotting, not unlike DDs, unless you spend 2 or more sorties focusing a ship.
  14. Landomatic

    <Rant> CV Karma Insanity

    Guess I don't find playing against or with them harassment. Not a big of fan of tanks. The "spotting" mechanic in warships is tolerable, but for tanks it makes even less sense. It's warfare mate. But I supposed not.
  15. Landomatic

    <Rant> CV Karma Insanity

    So for playing the game. Kinda my point? Seemed like that when I took a break 2 years ago. Was hoping maybe it was a different animal. Good to have goals! Seemed awfully nerfed to me since I played last. Was crazy broken when you could manage 7 squadrons all at once.