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  1. For the people who still have the previous version of the ship icons, I found a workaround that I considered acceptable until the addon is updated. The problem: - Minimap doesn't work (no ship icons, no cap zone indications) - No cap zone letters in full map mode - Image with ship/turrets in the lower left of the screen didn't rotate with the mouse (making it hard for me to angle armor) The workaround: Exit the game. Rename a file. Re-start the game. Sadly, I'm at work and don't remember the exact name of the file, but it was something like "scorecard.swf". The side effects: - The team listing on the left and ride side of the screen become smaller and harder to read - The ship icons are reversed for the enemy team making the text only readable if you can read mirrored text I like the icons since they provide a nice and easy summary of what enemy ships remain (all ship types are colored). So, the backwards text isn't that big of a deal for me. I can still see how many destroyers or carriers are still alive.
  2. Ah... .all is right in the world (of warships) again. thanks again
  3. No worries. You have plenty of mods that people seem to love (myself included). There's just never enough people saying thanks, so I felt I should.
  4. Major, I just wanted to post to say thank you for doing all this! I find it hard to play without your ship icons. Great job, keep it up!