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  1. It's your money and I certainly won't be giving you grief or anyone for it, maybe snickering at you for paying what twice the price of an Alaska, but it's nothing to harass anyone over.
  2. Arvanna_1

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    I'm a bit annoyed with this event, honestly due to getting all the way to E-7 and then slamming into the road block of the 1st Boss on this map. They pretty much make it required you have two or more flying boats to boost the range of your land based planes to reach and need at least two in order to deal with the Boss on last dance once they throw those two BB Himes. I went back to E-2 for two weeks trying to farm another Akitushima and not a single one of her dropped. SO back to E-6 to farm me some Russians Girls to go along with Gambier Bay, got Tashkent so still gunning for Gangut *fingers crossed*