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    CV's, What exactly do you mean by "Unbalanced"

    lets see... CVs are ships that hide behind islands and the back of the map and bomb players that are much slower and in most cases, almost defenseless. CVs basically have destroyed DD gameplay and made it virtually a suicide mission to play for the objectives. CVs have preferential matchmaking that deliberately avoids AA ships and ships with AA builds. CVs have been given special anti-fire mechanics which makes them virtually immune to HE shells. AA mechanics have been reduced on most ships to make them more vulnerable to air attack. (example: commander skills for AA defenses) I started playing WOW in beta. I have played over 10,000 games. I will say that I think CVs have totally ruined this game for most players. If WG is so confident that players like playing in games with CVs, then give us an option NOT to play in games with CVs. Let the player base decide - it is very clear that WG is staying with CVs because they can't admit that it was a terrible idea.
  2. i just don't understand what value CVs bring to the game. they hide behind islands at the back of the map and prevent exciting game play. i know they were intended to prevent ships from camping, but the ships that do the camping typically have excellent AA, so what's the point ? why on earth would WG want to discourage aggressive, exciting game play by players that push to take the objective (cap)? the solution is simple. let players choose whether they want to be in games with airplanes. my guess is that 90% of players would chose not to spawn in games with CVs.
  3. any ship that specs AA should be able to clear the skies. CVs belong in worldofwarplanes.
  4. okay, i give up... how do i use the code ? where do i go ?
  5. i sometimes a note from wg asking how my game was.. its very simple. if there was a cv in the game, my game sucked. if i am 2 tiers down in the game, my game sucked. other than that, my games are good. this viewpoint seems to be shared by many, many players (and ex-players). if wg is so confident that players like cvs and being 2 tiers down, they should let players select. give me an option screen, let me chose my game. do you think any players would chose to be in games with cvs or battling ships that are far superior ? i would rather wait extra time and get a better, more well-balanced game without cvs. (i've been playing wow since CBT and have over 10,000 games played)