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    French DD bait and switch

    From what I remember the mission to get the republic tokens ended today.

    Open challenge, CVs.

    They actually listed him as the winner originally. Just because you're incapable of doing it, doesn't mean someone else isn't. And no, 70% hitrate for one match isn't fishy.

    Open challenge, CVs.

    What is caving to rabid forum warriors for 500

    Open challenge, CVs.

    Considering that particular person currently also holds the damage record for CV, and in that particular instance with bama, a certain user decided to start flinging mud because they thought it couldn't be possible. You may want to 180 that opinion.

    Open challenge, CVs.

    Just adapt my dudes

    Triple Threat Tuesday - Multi-role cruisers

    Slingshots past your AA Nothin' personell kiddo
  7. Lately it's been extremely frustrating to play DD, it feels as though there's hardly any counter to being spotted and summarily deleted by DBs. The problem is magnified when you get 4 CV matches, with plane turnaround time and speed making it so that if the CVs are even remotely competent they can permanently spot you. I'm personally in favor of ballpitting the CVs into until they can rework the rework.

    Almost Five Million

    I did 4.8mil in randoms last year. I don't have the screenshots for complete proofs on this computer, I can post it later if you want.
  9. It's funny you call it a bug since apparently it was tested by STs and it's been in the game for the last 4 months.
  10. No, it only does that if you were detected after firing. It's just reverting it back to how it used to be.
  11. Um, sweetie, by making the battleships and cruisers dead he's allowing friendly cruisers to push up. You just must not have very good game sense.
  12. Sounds like he was doing something right and the rest of the team let him down. Maybe if you hadn't been on the team he would've won.
  13. Whenever I play battleship I always find sitting in the back is the best way to maximize my damage potential. It's the only way to judge skill in battleships, it's the job of cruisers and DDs to screen for the battleships.
  14. My favorite Austrian put out a nice video detailing just how large the gap in naval production was between the IJN and the USN.

    I Just Noticed that one of the Oldest Lines IJN

    Jesus what a shitshow the second half of this thread turned into. I'd definitely be onboard with having Hara as a captain. I wish they'd make Spruance as a cruiser type captain too.