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  1. Moenrg

    Idea to (potentially) fix an aspect of CV's

    First off CV's cannot perma-spot anything, their planes can be shot down and they tend to want to use their planes, rather than have them fly in circles all game. More importantly, people have requested this, or some version of this, ever since the CV rework happened. Yet WG has not given in here, perhaps this is because they want CV's to spot. If you have been around a while, you remember DD's being able to invisi-shoot (there was no gun bloom), you remember when there was no radar, and no sonar. Yet WG removed the DD's ability to stay invisible while shooting, they added both radar and sonar. Almost as if they thought the DD's ability to control vision, was too powerful since the only counter play was another DD. Now, ships have some counter play against DD's control of vision, at least at the higher tiers. But what about tier 6 and lower, there is no radar, sonar is very short ranged thus if you remove the CV's ability to spot, you are left with only DD vs DD play to fight for vision control. Maybe, just maybe this is why WG wants CV's in their game. Re-read that, WG WANTS CV's in THEIR game. CV's have been in this game since it's beginnings. Their power has been greatly curbed since the CV rework. Under RTS days, ships could be removed at will by the CV. You played in the RTS CV game, simply to provide a targets for the opposing CV. You could not survive a good CV player's attacks. Not only that, but under RTS days, CV's could perma spot an area of the map by leaving an 'empty' squadron there (i.e. one that expended their ordnance). I'm sure you've been in those lower tier games, where all your DD's die in the first few minutes, the games where you have little chance to win at that point. Having CV's present means you actually have some counter-play against the enemy DD's, at least on one side of the map, you're still most likely to lose, but at least you have a chance. Your proposal would strengthen DD's in those situations, they are already some of the most influential ships in the game, perhaps WG doesn't want to make them even stronger? So you can either adapt to the game the way WG wants it, or stop playing it - your choice.
  2. Moenrg

    Captain Build post update 1.0.0

    Rather than just copy his ideas, I suggest you watch: https://www.twitch.tv/ahskance Or if twitch isn't your thing: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHiU4YKBk-QoOOAa9AGywbw He states his ideas and talks about how to improve your CV play. If you want to get better, give it a watch.
  3. Moenrg

    Made a Reworked CV Skill Builds Vid

    Both you and Ahskance pick Improved Engines as your first 2 point skill, but 2.5% increase in speed results in an increase of about 3 to 5 knots depending on the aircraft. I would think Repair specialist for German aircraft and Torpedo Bomber for Japanese aircraft would be more useful as your first pick. For Americans and British I agree it's between that and Patrol Group Leader. Additionally I think Enhanced Aircraft Armor is pretty useful as I often see grouped enemies, and while it's not too hard to avoid a solo ship's flack, grouped ships are quite a bit tougher.
  4. Moenrg

    Anyone tried any of the new skills yet?

    So the only way this works is if you manually fly your planes out of flack before recalling. It was like this for a while after the carrier rework, one of the later patches buffed AA such that pressing 'f' inside a flack field was very brutal
  5. Moenrg

    [ALL] Kleiner_Kreuzer's Skin Arsenal

    Is there any mod pack that uses your skins? I would love to add them to my game, but I normally use Aslain.
  6. Slingshotting only works for DBs and requires you to see the target at about 7 to 10k and the target not to change direction by much. Not what the OP was experiencing. As for myself, if I’m in a CV, I would always give fighters to a DD who tells me what he’s doing at the start of a match as well as offering to scout for him. I’ll also try to help him if he is fighting another DD, that’s just smart team play. I wish fighters were more useful, because the best ship to help a teams DDs, is that teams CV.
  7. Six months would work out to almost 1700 coal per day, I think you’re including quite a few premium containers, or your luck is far in excess of mine
  8. Taffy 3 DDs did not “split off and make flanking attacks”, they were surprised and suicided themselves to save the CVLs they were assigned to protect. They had no choice and gave their lives to protect their charges, do not dishonor their sacrifice. And do not read into what I said as what “I want”. I’m looking at WGs actions and trying to understand them, perhaps they want their game to be more historical, perhaps they don’t want DDs to have a monopoly on concealment, whatever they want , they clearly want CVs in their game and want them played. It’s their game, so I accept that they have the right to do what they want. Your choice is clear, accept it on not, but whining about it is just childish.
  9. As far as the first paragraph, ships sailing off alone to try “flanking” is neither realistic or historical. Ships work best in fleets, mutually supporting each other. You’re correct, sailing off by yourself is poor gameplay. You’re asking to be isolated and destroyed just like the Prince of Wales and the Repulse were. However a division of ships 2 to 3 can pull off a successful flanking maneuver depending on the tier of the ships and the tier of the CV, as CV’s can’t be everywhere at once and same or higher tier AA will discourage CV attacks when ships are grouped. This is the changing meta, and maybe it’s what WG wants - people working together, not a bunch of soloists. Don’t know as they really haven’t told us what their goals are, except in broad terms. As for the second paragraph, limiting CVs to support roles would reduce them back to RTS levels of play. The best thing about WOWS is the ability to line up that perfect shot, press one button and eliminate one enemy. It’s what makes BB and DD (and CA/CL to an extent) fun. CV’s lose that ability but have the ability to constantly do ‘chip’ damage. Removing the ability to do any damage would simply remove the desire to play them from many people. There is simply no reward/reason to play support roles in this game, and exp and credits aren’t enough, there needs to be satisfaction too. No doubt, more iterations and changes are needed in AA and Plane interactions, but WG clearly wants CVs in their game and wants them played. That much is clear.
  10. Moenrg

    CV Economy

    WG considers the DC and the Fighter consumable to be premium and thus you pay more for them, planes are ammo and do cost more. Making credits above tier 6 is hard. Tier 8 premiums can make good credits though due to their reduced repair cost. For tier 10, you need premium time, camo and some flags to consistently earn credits. Such is life.
  11. Moenrg

    PTS: HE bomb nerf

    Well one could hope... I wouldn’t have the fighters controllable as in rts days. But the ability to assign them to a teammate without having to fly over to them (and stay in the area since currently fighters only last a minute or so) , would still allow the CV to get damage and protect his team. Sadly though, you’re probably right as WG simply doesn’t have a solid plan for what they want CVs to do (or if they do, they haven’t been able to articulate it). Maybe it’s just a lack of experience on their part, as a google search of “great Russian CV battles” doesn’t generate a lot of hits.
  12. Moenrg

    Toxic PM Advice

    When someone wants to critique my playing I normally tell him I’ll be glad to listen to his concerns face to face. Interestingly enough, nobody has taken up my offer, guess their concerns weren’t that pressing to them....
  13. Moenrg

    PTS: HE bomb nerf

    As I said they CV would need to be compensated for helping. For example; let’s say I could assign fighters to A DD that stay with him until removed or destroyed. The CV gets a percentage of the exp for the DDs cap and damage points (the DD doesn’t lose anything) same for assigning fighters to flankers allowing me to protect them, without having to constantly fly over them and do nothing else (and get nothing in return as it currently stands)
  14. Moenrg

    PTS: HE bomb nerf

    0.8.4 isn’t solving the real issues. Making the planes slower (and this easier to kill) and making HE DBs more RnG isn’t making the game more enjoyable for DDs. CV damage will drop (a lot), which no CV player will enjoy, when HE bombs actually hit, DDs will still take a large amount of damage which they won’t enjoy, AA will be more effective, but will still be rng dependent, and will more likely result in CV damage being buffed to keep them played (which was WGs stated goal). WG should look at CV interactions. CV players need better tools to help protect their teams. CVs need better tools to protect their DDs in caps, and their flankers in setting up cross fire positions. Rather than just increasing CV RNG , WG should make CV interactions more interesting AND rewarding.
  15. Moenrg

    Concern over the Engine Cooling nerf

    Except we actually don’t get to pilot the ship if we actually want to do anything else in the game, we set way points. With only 5 available waypoints, i’m not going to take 45 seconds to set them. WG removed the ability to pilot a CV if you actually try to damage another ship at the same time, you might want to read over the patch notes for the last few months....