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  1. Fubuki is a gudbote. Her guns are terribad but 3x3 torps and 6.1 vis easily make up for it. Even better, she's not radar bait in that tier. I was doing pretty well with her in ranked, frankly, but you need at least a 10pt captain to exploit her properly.
  2. Yubari has prem match making. It actually devalues her primary gimmick.
  3. You dont buy macs to play games. Thats been a fact of life for over a decade now.
  4. Beta product is beta.
  5. So do you equip juliet charlie? Are you going out of your way to mitigate a bothersome gameplay mechanism? In games that matter, like ranked? If you or anybody else here does, its a blatant admission that you dont want to be bothered by a random and capricious element of the game that requires zero skill. In fact, you will be berated in any serious ranked tier for not running it. What does that say about it's game value?
  6. Somebody's moving into the chineeeeeeseeee markeeeeeet :)
  7. These threads invariably follow the same pattern-- "__________ sucks!" ...quickly followed by... "But I do great in the ________!" But I'll bite. The Yubari. It's premium ship that's lousy at doing premium functions, like making money or training captains. She's not historically accurate. She has all the weaknesses of a destroyer and cruiser combined. Her AA gimmick is handicapped by her matchmaking tier and the fact that CVs are flat broken, greatly reducing her exposure to them. Captain skills are weighted against her by exactly 1mm of bore diameter, further stunting her effectiveness on the field. Her torpedoes have an insanely narrow arc and similarly short range in spite their damage. Her guns are accurate, but their anemic dpm negates that perk outright. She's easily in the top five worst premiums available.
  8. How about we sell you another premium instead?
  9. I head you say, "let's sell them another broken premium instead."
  10. Its pretty hard to call something free a scam, but i am willing to bet the back-end math is pretty sketchy versus what's implied.
  11. You make sound as if WG doesnt bend history to convenice. All. the damn. time.
  12. The fact that people actually have confidence in WGs ability to impliment this correctly in spite of all the evidence to the contrary fills me with lulz.
  13. I stopped playing this srason as soon as it became apparent that it was just a waste of premium consumables. R12 is a good parking spot until wg finally pushes some engaging content.
  14. Its break time. Gigantic's premium pack is looking damn good for $30; thirty that WG could have had if they stopped assigning monkies to balance their game. CVs are a mess, DDs are lol!detected, fire is still out of control and as the op said, that radar and sonar. But here, buy another anime prem for $40, kk?
  15. Ive only had it decisively decide one battle against me. Helped a bb pre rotate his guns as i came around an island. Being one of the few ships left, it was easy to determine where i was as a threat. But usually this skill is worthless for at least the first 10min if a match and its amazingly simple to use other allied ships as clutter.