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  1. No, hes saying that his interpretation of whats important and whats not is the only one that matters. IMO, the blys took a huge hit with stealth firing, and these continual environmental nerfs have basically turned it into another f2p ship. Sure it's a decent boat, but the premium is gradually getting sucked away. It's like the yubari... The last nerf wasn't directed at the ship specifically, it was a change in the captain skills by 1mm of caliber to exclude it from several perks. It was already hurt for dpm, but that change all but crippled it. Funny how that method of indirect nerfing is becoming more and more common. But hey, today we changed the color of your car without consulting you. That's not a big deal, amirite?
  2. If i recall, you dont even have to enter the circle when you start. The trans will just sit there while you clear out the initial cats. It doesnt move forward and doesnt count as a stop. Not sure if that still holds true this year, and finding a team with that sort or restraint was all but impossible anyway.
  3. Nooooo, "premium" should mean something, not just a reskin of an existing f2p ship that has its premium benefits mitigated by terribad implimentation or environmental balance changes. Thats not the spice of life, thats bad business.
  4. You forgot to mention how a decent number of your ships are broken and barely worth the label of "premium" aside from being unique, but more often a clone of an existing ship. I have two that are all but worthless as premiums. Theyre so broken that using them to train captains on them is lol and performance so sad that youre not going to make money off of them. The other is forever locked in its own country with no peers, and even then, wargamings changes have regulated it from a premium to the equivolent of a standard f2p hull. When i buy a toaster, it doesnt change based on the whims or profit motives (ex. murmansk) of the developers. Why the hell would i trust wg with any serious money with their track record? Hell, they f*kd one of my premiums over with a patch that changed all the captains skills by a single millimeter of shell diameter. I have less shady companies to spend money on, thx.
  5. Sacrifices useful perks for the sake of mitigating one clearly broken game mechanism. Makes sense.
  6. I have a solution: everybody only play british battleships. WG has a hard time hearing voices and their normal solution is to throw a premium at the problem. Maybe when statistics tank theyll wise up.
  7. From somebody who hates the manual drop bullsht and thinks the 'planes are hitpoints!' line is retarded, i play CVs to break the monotony, so take this as you will-- I have three priorities: 1. Threats to objectives. 2. Threats to me. 3. Lone wolfs. Bullet three is anybody who decides to sail alone. Period. You can be an arkansauce beta with no aa or a CV who leaves himself uncovered. My job is to win by the most efficient means possible with the least amount of risk. If you fall into catagory three- as have i many times myself -i will pick you off in a heartbeat.
  8. "Fix something? Here, buy another belfast instead."
  9. And yet they can somehow correctly map line of sight not just through smoke, but behind it as well. That's why it gets singled out.
  10. Thats actually pretty well corrdinated. And they knew somebody would be there. Its not without tradeoffs. Nobody else will have to deal with any more torps for a good minute-thirty.
  11. Wargaming? Cash grab? Outright lying? This is my surprised face :/
  12. Just because you dont think the op shouldn't play doesnt preclude him from voicing an opinion.
  13. WEAR THE PINK WITH HONOR! Side note for bad behavior control-- sink a ship, banned from participating in missions and obtaining containers for one day. Future offenses ban these activities for a rolling week. Another tk, add another week. 10 tks halt xp and income generation. Mind you, this is kill based, not damage.
  14. Angling against dispersion is perfectly valid. You sacrifice guns on target for presenting a minimal aspect to the enemy. Angling for armor is another thing entirely.
  15. I want to love this game, but wargaming as a company can barely be trusted (graf zepplin, murmansk humble bundle, paypal bundle, etc) and damned if they can actually balance the game without leeching the fun away from it update to update.