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  1. On target, especially with low viz boats like the kagero. Ill often park on the edge, booster ready and angled out for a quick escape versus action, but my low viz gives me enough confidence to sit and loiter. Am i going to hang out for the gunfight? Of course not. And keeping one rack in reserve is sound, sound advice. Learn to rotate your torpedo cooldowns, dont spend them all on one target unless you're absolutely sure of the kill. IJN torpedoes take upwards of a minute to reload. The worst thing for you is to be stuck with dry tubes for the next hundred and some seconds. One thing i didnt see anybody mention in that thread is you can lose a game by reaching ZERO points. Say all you want about how DDs shouldnt rush a cap, but that initial gain is critical. If your team has no caps (no point generation) and loses enough ships (negative point generation), you can lose by reaching zero points. I recently had a game last only seven minutes. We didnt capture all three caps, but we kept red from doing so and kicked his teeth in. Seven minutes later, we win with only a few hundred points. We had killed enough ships and they hadnt to the point they reached zero points. Game over. I hate to say it, but you cant wait for the scatter brained CAs or the slow BBs. Somebody has got to take that cap.
  2. Derpwater Torpeedus

    This. Its not hard. Obviously hulls interact with other hulls of sinking ships to a point where the game says theyve sank enough and removes them from being interacted with. All this is is a binary flag. 1 = torpedos interact with a class of ship, 0 = they dont. Done and done. None of this 2d stuff. It might be harder to change if the switch is on the weapon end since all it has is a list of stuff it interacts with and the dd technically doesnt change states just because its sinking. /Shrug
  3. Derpwater Torpeedus

    Another anime with angsty emo-boys. But fun steampunkish combat,
  4. Your Black Friday Loot?

    Wish I could afford a new PC. Well, technically I can, but good enough is good enough I guess :p
  5. Your Black Friday Loot?

  6. Derpwater Torpeedus

    Wait! No! We're all wrong! Armor piercing torpedoes.
  7. Your Black Friday Loot?

    Remington. One of the few firearms lines they havent screwed up yet ;)
  8. I suspect WoWS has banked its survival on whales instead of the quote-unquote "micro" transaction model. It certainly seems to bare out in their target audience of "GET EVERYTHING FOR $300 SUCH A DEAL!" I just bought a $700 1911 for black friday, Wargaming. It's not that I can't afford it. Figure it out maybe someday?
  9. Derpwater Torpeedus

    Obviously somebody took shortcuts in how these torps are modeled with the line "Ignore all destroyer clipping" somewhere in the code.
  10. Your Black Friday Loot?

    So today was the day of retail bargains that you may or may not have participated in. Be it WoWS or otherwise, what did you purchase? I had to retire the XDm to do it, but mine was this--
  11. "Deleted another useless dd." Bwahahahahaha! I give a +1 in sympathy.
  12. Against anybody that is experienced and doesnt drive in a straight line, you have to be damn near psychic to land anything, especially with all of the anti torp and dd countermeasures available. WG really does cater to the lowest common denominator in that regard.
  13. WG can you be consistent?

    Aaaaaahhrrrgg! There be whales here!
  14. It's hard to tell interweeb sarcasm these days. Crippling a class of ships and making it easier to kill them specifically is perhaps the most fail way of controlling its representation.
  15. Heres a fun one-- why would the rep of hawaii care? Clue: its almost never for the children. ♫ dat phat gambling tax ♫