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  1. Possible Solution to Radar

    Wait, have we moved on to the 'Because Arcade!' phase of the argument? Which is funny, because line-of-sight (ie; realism) works for everything else.
  2. Possible Solution to Radar

    Actually, I lean more on reload booster because of radar. Can't get close enough for a quality shot? Screw it. Saturate and hope for the best.
  3. Possible Solution to Radar

    Radar isn't going anywhere, nor will it change significantly. It's an established money maker and shortening its burn time will barely make any impact on gameplay. That said, don't be a dope and defend it. It's the pinnacle of lazy gameplay; quite literally a button that abdicates player skill revealing all combatants regardless of line of sight. No matter how much you [edited] about a wall of skill, a single course change, spotter plane, hydro and/or captain skill can virtually negate all the hard work that went into setting up a firing solution without being detected. I can memorize every ship with radar and know their ranges, but that isn't going to help me with that American cruiser sitting out of sight behind some island waiting to pop radar without any fear of reprisal. Radar is completely broken in its current form and the WG change is a pat on the head at best.
  4. Radar spam is getting ridiculous

    Radar is not overused. You should be able to stay out of the 8km range bubbles of those four or more cruisers with a combined total of eight (or more, plus sonar, airplanes, etc) charges now saturating the upper tiers while not accomplish anything useful unless you want to risk deletion. l2p. Radar is fine. That's what I was told, so it must be true.
  5. Ar€ you $aying th€ir action$ ar€ motivat€d by ₽rofit? That's WG in a nutshell. The same people that will sell broken german carriers, tanks that require premium ammo to actually perform to spec, downgrade premiums once they were forced to offer them for free, change the deal/specs on other premiums... Used car salesman fits pretty well.
  6. Radar spam is getting ridiculous

    Now I would call that a real attempt at balance, but lolwutWG.
  7. A List of Radar Boats.

    The more I play, the more hilarious it is, frankly. The que is over 150 for T8 cruisers and there is usually 4 clevelands per match on either side. CVs are almost completely ineffectual. Entire bomber wings evaporate the moment they come within range of anything. I guess carriers have been officially "fixed". As in neutered. DDs are playing ultra conservative and those five destroyers per match from yesterday are gone. If radar doesn't get them, sonar is the middle finger to their drops. And so much fire... You're missing something here. Cruiser split dropped today. Cleveland is now T8 with Pensacola slapped down to T6.
  8. RADAR is line of sight only...

    Because lines need to be drawn and there needs to be a middle ground. Nobody is demanding it be uber realistic, but you can't "see" through smoke or islands either. This argument is akin to "well idk why people think the game is supposed to be realistic, I should be able to see through islands too!" You can't play dissent off at that extreme end of the spectrum, so stop it. Smoke, i'm good with. It's radar. Blanket removal of land masses for the sake of a gimmick is kinda broken.
  9. A List of Radar Boats.

    Yeah, just don't even bother to DD or CV for the next week or so Oh, wait. You were serious? Okay, here. And Clevelands.
  10. I don't carry smoke anymore.

    And the very best part of today... EVERYBODY gets radar. The stack of cued Clevelands is miles long. Unintended consquences, lol.
  11. I don't carry smoke anymore.

    Just so something useful comes out of this thread besides my b*tching and moaning, here's a link to radar ships via wiki.wargamining. Presumably, it will updated as needed.
  12. RADAR is line of sight only...

    By this logic, my torpedoes should go through islands too. it just breaks immersion, not ruins the game, amirite? It's horrible and WG is lazy. Stop making excuses for them. They'll womp up another unnecessary, unasked for line of ships, but somehow won't fix a mechanism nearly everybody agrees is poorly thought out. But carriers will be fixed soon™ too, so whatever.
  13. Most MMORPGS scaling a full world don't even run that much, btw.
  14. Can I interest you in 4 more port slots to add to your collection of empty slips?