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  1. Cruiser_Yahagi_Kai_Ni

    Birthday Gifts

    So got an important question, how do i actually use/redeem the 100% discount voucher? got an in game pop-up saying i "have recieved" it, got the prem time and everything but don't see in the in game premium shop or armoury where to use it? feel like i'm being dumb here
  2. Cruiser_Yahagi_Kai_Ni

    Carriers don't belong in the game

    Recently got back into the game and... holy hell do i feel bad for carrier players now. Limited selection, limited strike capacity and planes are made of fiber glass.. I'm normally in BB's and CA/CL and the lack of CV pressure on me feels ... wrong?. Even IJN ships that were the weaker AA line i've come out of matches now feeling like i was scouring Carrier planes from the sky like Montana used to, i tried playing Shokaku and Ryujo to see if i was just worrying over nothing and... wow you guys put up with a lot because of the crying of the rest of us. dive bombs and rockets do very little, torpedo runs against things feel like i'm hoping for flooding more than hits and squadrons before upgrades and skills get beat up in a single pass.