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  1. After giving it a shot getting a new clan off the ground, I am out looking for something more established. West Coast + work means clan battle participation can be hard, but I'd like to get in with a crew that has enough teams running to sub in and out and also participates in events. Prefer discord for chat. https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1013639257,TheKillstar/?
  2. TheKillstar

    [WEDIE] Needs A Couple of Players to Make a Run!

    Keep that bump going!
  3. TheKillstar

    LFC - abandoning my clan

    If you're still looking WEDIE is actively recruiting for a CB team. We've got some members with Hurricane experience but wanted a more chill experience. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/201415-wedie-is-a-couple-of-cruiser-players-away-join-now/
  4. TheKillstar

    looking for a clan at least squal

    WEDIE is actively recruiting for clan battles. Feel free to hit us up! https://discord.gg/SyYx5mk
  5. TheKillstar

    [WEDIE] Needs A Couple of Players to Make a Run!

    Bump for any cruiser players out there looking for clan battles. We just need to buff our roster and WEDIE is up and rolling!
  6. TheKillstar

    [WEDIE] Needs A Couple of Players to Make a Run!

    Bump for Clan Battle announcement.
  7. TheKillstar

    [WEDIE] Needs A Couple of Players to Make a Run!

    Hit us up if you want some low pressure Clan Battle fun! We are pushing to get a team for the next round of CB.
  8. TheKillstar

    [WEDIE] Needs A Couple of Players to Make a Run!

    Bumped for Clan Brawls!
  9. Hello Everyone, We Die A lot[WEDIE] is looking for new members. [WEDIE] is a casual group of players looking to play Clan Battles, Clan Brawls, and other game modes in World of Warships. [WEDIE] is made up of both new and old players to the game some of which have experience in Clan Battles in Hurricane League. [WEDIE] is a laid back group that is trying to avoid the stress and elitism that comes with being a “Hard Core” player. But Enough about us…. What about you? What is [WEDIE] looking for in new members? [WEDIE] is looking for players who are active on World of Warships but who also understand that real life comes first. People who want to have fun playing the game and don’t mind if we lose some matches. [WEDIE] accepts players at all stages of the game from beginners to Veterans and our members are more than happy to play with everyone. [WEDIE] doesn’t require you own a T10 ship for clan battles and are willing to sub out players to let everyone get a chance to play. The members of [WEDIE] hope to see you in game and feel free to come chat with us in our discord channel listed below! Recruiting Staff : TheKillstar, Ghuletor, SpadesDMF(In-Game : SpadesLCA), Dualhammers, and Pez(In-Game : Pezcore) [WEDIE] does have some requirments : - PUB RULES - NO RELIGION/NO POLITICS - Don’t be a [edited], no racism, sexism, (fill in the blank)-phobia - 50% winrate without stat padding(negotiable without padding) - Comfort in a Clan Battle relevant ship(including rentals) - Discord for Voice Coms - https://discord.gg/SyYx5mk - English preferred - 18+ (Mature Language and Topics) Here's a little highlight of some Clan Brawl Shenanigans
  10. TheKillstar

    Seeking new clan

    One of our (WEDIE)'s rules is literally "No politics, no religion" Hit up our discord if you want to just chill.