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    I just submitted another post under the Game Issues category. Hopefully this will work. Thank you HamptonRoads.
  2. What follows is the text from a support ticket that I created this morning. I placed a ticket under, "Restore Permium Ships" as I couldn't determine where else to post it. The response, expectedly unhelpful. Does anyone have any idea how I can recover from this? I have lost 6 years of work on WOWs because I did not understand how the Research/Resetting of lines worked. Now I'm out five full lines of ships. Any assistance greatly appreciated. I apologize for any confusion as I do not know where best to report his problem. I do not need to restore any premium vessels at this time. However, today I reset five lines of ships on my WOWs account as part of the Research Bureau option. I DID NOT REALIZE that I would not recover Free XP so I could do research to rebuild my lines. So it appears what has happened is that I have destroyed 6 years of grinding and researching my lines including over 50 ships GONE that I now have no hope of ever being able to replace without spending years of time. I did not fully understand the conditions of resetting the lines. I would ask that the ships that were in my port as of 12:01am EST on 1/14/2022 be restored and any line resets that were done be cancelled. If you are unable to do this and I have lost all of my ships and years of work then I guess I am done playing WOWs. Thank you, _SERAPHIM Jason Foss

    TEST Apocalypse Series

    OK I restarted the game and it went away. Never mind and thank you!
  4. So I have won battles in: Messer, Carnal, Atomic Rage, Sea Devil, Lancet, Mizu Jet (3), and Stealthedo. The Mizu Jet Combat Mission box remains on my wall even though I have won 3 battles with this ship AND one in Atomic Rage. You can see the Atomic Rage box is checked as well yet the mission remains? What gives? What do I need to do? I really want to finish this Mission!