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  1. First game in the Mass.

    My first day of playing her. Not as good as the players above but you may notice I caused flooding
  2. IFHE on Perth?

    I think I know what captain skill is next for me = thanks!
  3. IFHE on Perth?

    How many captains run IFHE on the Perth?
  4. New Love for Yugumo

    Somewhere on this forum some players were advocating for dropping smoke and going with the Torpedo Reload Module instead. Admittedly letting go of the safety blanket that is smoke was tough for me but the arguments against it with all these radar ships in the game made some sense. So I gave it a go and am having a blast. You really have to watch your distance to radar cruisers but its awesome. I'm not sure what the shimmy is like but being able to cut loose that many torps in a matter of seconds is addictive. I also just got the torpedo rearmament reload captain skill (tier 3) and thats nice too. Thinking about whether I want to add torpedo acceleration. It would reduce the 12km range down quite a bit. Any thoughts on what torp combo and captain skills are best for the Yugumo? The below game is the most damage I have been able to do so far. Still lost. Most of that damage was against BBs who really had it in for me when I was spotted
  5. What a Gallant can do.

    Not quite as good as the OP but not a bad game if I say so myself. I only have a 6 point capt so far. Love those single fire torps
  6. Perth appreciation thread.

    I just got her tonight and love her. Sure shes not a Belfast but you can do well in this ship. Lets face it the range is not good but her guns have a dcent trajectory; at max range I can actually hit stuff unlike the Atlanta. My only wish was that her cool down time for smoke was less. After getting a 19 point captain in the Belfast, that takes a bit of getting used to. I love that she has decent torps which gives you that last stand capability against bigger ships and that she has a fairly low detect ability when firing in smoke (4.? and 2 km assured detectbility. Thats better than the Belfast.)
  7. Is it true that the new line of RN DDs is not going to have single fire torp capability? If so I think WG are making a mistake, this is one of the unique features of RN ships that I really like. It allows one to engage multiple targets and to really hammer BB captains who are asleep at the wheel. I really hope WG reverse their stance on this
  8. Gallant love megathread.

    I played her and didnt like her. Then I tried again several months later and now I love her. Not sure why. I think my overall DDs skills went up but I also seemed to crack how to use the single fire torps to great effect. They are fun to use. I do think its a mistake that WG is not making the new RN DD line have the single fire torps. It really is a unique feature and one that would make me research that line.
  9. OK now that the US cruisers are out things have gotten even tougher for DDs. Bloody hell there are an awful lot of ships out there with radar and with super long ranges too! This is killing the game for me as a DD player. Its gotten way out of hand. I hear the premium RU cruiser has a radar range of 11.7km. WTH? My torps are only 10km Give DDs some sort of countermeasure to radar?
  10. I'm a little salty tonight so here are my top complaints about IJN DDs and DDs in general. Its a bit of a rant. 1. Isnt it kinda crazy that the Kagero (9.4km guns, 10km torps) can get matched against ships with radar that have a longer range then her main guns and torps? Missouri radar - 10.5km, Indy 10.5 and so on and so forth. I feel like the mechanics of the game now are really against 'old school' DDs. Power creep of cruisers and BBs at higher tiers. Maybe that's fair I don't know but I find it very hard to have a significant impact on games the higher I go in DDs. Especially in IJN ones. To actually get decent torp hits is so much harder: hydro, spotter planes, radar - all working against DDs torps. 2. Whats with these super maneuverable BBs at high tiers and super powerful secondaries? Trying to torp an Izumi, Montana or an Iowa is really tough. Some of the BBs seem tovbe as just maneuverability as cruisers. Yes the BBs capts are probably that good but thats not all of it. It feels like BBs really have an edge at higher tiers. This may be what WG wants but as a DD player its dam frustrating. Better to play at lower tiers really. 3. The Kagero. What a pain that ship was. The only thing I liked was her concealment but god help you if you get spotted and your guns are pointed the other way. Why are those turrets so dam slow to turn even with the upgrades? 4. I just got the Yugumo and she is definitely better than the kagero, longer guns, better torp and HP etc but compared to the Fletcher at the same tier, i really find her to be a lackluster ship. OK but not great. I feel like that line of IJN DDs has been neglected by WG. Everything else seems to have improved but not those?? 5. Curious to hear peoples thoughts on the state of IJN DDs in the game
  11. oddly enough the ATL is the one ship I do well in
  12. That is low hp damage alright. Typically I'm up in the 400 to 500 average range whether AP or HE. Before I got IFHE I would say about half that damage came from fires especially on BBs but post IFHE my HE damage took a hit. Yes IFHE is supposed to give you more damage and penetration but against BBs losing fire damage really hurt. Conversely it seemed to help a lot against CAs and DDs. The Belfast is an excellent DD hunter and many of my kills come from popping radar after being detected Damage now seems to be back up from fires now that I got DE back with my 19pt captain. In the future I might do away with IFHE and just go all fire crazy. See what happens. Not completely sold on IFHE
  13. IFHE on Belfast

    even with IFHE there's no way I'm getting 5k hits on anything but a low tier cruiser or DD. If I come up against a tier IX or X BB I'm getting 1 to 2k per salvo with no fires (not running DE). Not sure if the game mechanics have changed in the last year but I'm not seeing the damage people are talking about here. Most of my damage used to come from fires but now thats seems to be cut in half. I'm probably going to get rid of IFHE for some other skills BTW setting 21 fires in a Belfast without DE seems impossible. At my best it was either 10 or 11 fires and I've played close to 300 games in this ship
  14. How to Atago

    that was awesome to watch
  15. I've played almost a thousand games in the this ship and she is one of my favorites. Very difficult to play but also very rewarding when you can make her perform; certainly elps having a 19 point captain. I've also played the Belfast a lot so have some ideas on what they could do. My top three changes in order of preference: 1. Lower detectability to 8.7km. With full concealment my detectability is down to 9.4km. With a similar build in the Belfast I can get it down to 8.7km (maybe 8.8km). Make it the same as the Belfast. That .5km makes a difference and allows you to detect who is spotting you with radar (8.5km range) almost instantaneously. Alternatively increase radar range to 9.5km 2. Increase the gun range by 1 or 2km. It has a terrible range and is almost impossible to hit anything > 12km. If you ever come up against an Atlanta, just keep your distance. In the 8 to 9 km range shes deadly though 3. Increase torp range. At 4.5km they are pretty much useless unless you charge someone in a last ditch effort. I would say 6km would be more reasonable. 10km would be insane but hey some ships have it. If they were to give smoke give her something that lasts like 30 seconds. Enough for you to turn tail and escape rather than sit in and spam HE. Survivability in the Atlanta is really tough. I can generally survive the whole game in other premiums (Atago, Belfas) but rarely in the ATL and I conisder myself to be a pretty good player