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  1. I haven't been playing World of Warships very long. I started late last summer then stopped until I came back late fall last year after finally quitting the train wreck that is World of Warcraft (but that's another story). I don't mind spending money on WoWS items because I enjoy the game. I bought 360 days of premium time when it was half off over Christmas because I thought it was a great deal. I've bought some premium ships only because I wanted them. The crates over Christmas/New Years were the first ones I bought but it wasn't with the expectation of getting a premium ship out of them. I'm happy getting coal, doubloons, camo, and all of the various signal flags because I can use them while I work my way up the various tech trees. I view getting a ship out of a crate (or a mission to get a ship out of a crate) as a bonus.
  2. Essayons89


    Yes! Shore bombardment!
  3. Essayons89


    How many have "pulled a Notser" and beached themselves during a game? I know I have. Nerf islands!
  4. Essayons89

    They are coming.

    Knock the dust off those AA guns!
  5. Essayons89

    Finished the French BB grind!

    Congrats! Started the French BB line this past week and have been enjoying it. I'm currently on the Bretagne.
  6. Essayons89

    It's good to be the BB!

    Very nice! I too love the BBs! I started working on the French BB line and I'm close to getting the tier 5 ship.
  7. Essayons89

    AdmiralThunder's Co-op Carnage 2 (Contest)

    Congrats to the winners!
  8. Essayons89

    They are coming.

    Let them come!
  9. Essayons89

    Do You Have a Nemesis Bot?

    The entire Skynet team in the rare game where all of the bots seem to target and focus my Alaska in the beginning of the match. I'm just minding my own business (honest!) then BLAM! Back to port.
  10. Essayons89

    Bot carriers when, please?

    Bring 'em on!
  11. Essayons89

    Soviet BB drop chances

    I bought 7 seven of the premium crates and got the T5 mission from one of them. I got the T6 and T7 missions from the free crates. I don't remember how many, think it might have been 15 or so. I don't have the T8 mission, just save up the xp for it when the ships are available in the tech tree.
  12. Essayons89

    My first 19 pt. skill captain ;D

  13. Very cool! I remember helping to escort many of the vehicles the 1st Infantry Division (Mech) had down to railhead so they could be loaded up onto flat cars to get them transported overseas for Desert Shield. Those were some long days.
  14. Essayons89

    New RU BB's

    Got the Tier V Pyotr Velikiy earlier and I'm only a couple thousand base xp from the Tier VI ship. I've only done one battle so far, not much to say, didn't sink any bots (helped tho') and only did around 43K first time out but I have to say I like the guns.
  15. Essayons89


    With wave motion gun and Black Tiger Squadron?