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  1. you guys got a unit running here too?  lol  mwo

    1. Ihasa


      Well hiya bishop!


      Yup Yup. this is where most of the MercStar senior corp went to during the big collapse of 2016 (RIP community warfare). A lot have moved on again as the warships version of community warfare turned out to be nothing more than a ladder. There's still some around though, and a few CI folk here as well. We've also got about 10 mwo expats that were not in MercStar MWO with us here in warships. You of course are welcome to join us, even if only just for divisions or whatnot. We're not the behemoth powerhouse we were in MWO, but we've got a big lot of talented guys, about 30 active players out of 70 members between three fleets. Here's our discord https://discord.me/mercstar. I'm usually on most of the weekend and thur/fri nights. Feel free to stop by and say hi!