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  1. FWIW, My point was not that PvP is the "be all end all". I was simply pointing out that it is an incredibly easy mode (based on the ease of winning) to play the game which does not prepare people to play the other modes. @Taramada, your game stats support this statement. It is an easy mode, simple fact. Easy does not mean it is not fun. To clarify the statement: Co-Op does not prepare people to play the PvP modes. The same can be said for normal randoms and how they do not prepare players for ranked or Clan Battles. I have several captains in my clan who do not like ranked while performing very well and having fun with Clan Battles. One mode is not superior to another, it is simply where each individuals have the most fun. Some people enjoy the simple joy of sinking ships, great for Co-Op... Some enjoy casual PvP, great for randoms... Others prefer competitive challenges, either as an individual or team, great for ranked and Clan Battles. How you get the most joy from the game is your business. It is about having fun however it suits you. However... If someone is reading this post as a new player who is interested in playing PvP modes, they will be find the advice serves them poorly. A new player will quickly find that even the notion of sailing around in PvP modes and showing broadside will harm their ability to compete. Some tactics and approaches work for Co-Op but would be disastrous for the other game modes.
  2. A couple of thoughts: Co-Op is not a mode that prepares players for real PvP battles. While the bots in Co-Op have been improving, it is still easy mode. My point: The ship tactics that work in Co-Op do not work in PvP. As far as the idea of "never show broadside", it is more of a rule of thumb. Rules of thumb are good for players who do not understand the nuance of when, how, and why to engage a full salvo. People say "never show broadside" because that is the right message for 75% of the player population. The remaining 25% of the population can have conversations, as you are, about when it is appropriate and how to successfully utilize all guns. Happy hunting!
  3. _Big_Lou_

    Is Captain Skill meta inherently flawed?

    So you prefer a game where all ships are the same?
  4. _Big_Lou_

    Is Captain Skill meta inherently flawed?

    @neptunes_wrath well done with the liberal use of the Holy Grail references!
  5. _Big_Lou_

    Is Captain Skill meta inherently flawed?

    I do not understand the idea of "fairness" or the conspiracy theories of Wargaming screwing people to make money. This is a game of competence, skill, knowledge, intelligence, and perseverance. None of the preceding characteristics are "fairly" distributed to people. Some players will always be better than others. Experienced players will almost always defeat inexperienced players. What is the goal here? Get everyone closer to a 50% win rate or simply make the game very easy? What is your goal, @Radical_20
  6. _Big_Lou_

    Premium Ship Review #112 - Le Terrible

    Good summary, when does the full report come out? Great stuff as always.
  7. _Big_Lou_

    Looking for a T8 Premium BB

    Good info! Since you appear to have a significant sense for history and want a fun ship, your best bet is the Tirpitz. You will find that the ship is tough enough to survive some brawling and a ton of fun when going head to head with a late game BB. The delight of a torpedo strike from a BB is wonderful. Best of luck with your choice and happy hunting.
  8. _Big_Lou_

    Looking for a T8 Premium BB

    Hi @Tanuvein a question to help with any suggestions. Are you looking for the BB with the most historic gravitas, one that is fun to play, or one that allows you to be the most competitive as a player? Thanks and happy hunting.
  9. _Big_Lou_

    Tier X meta is very disappointing

    I would invite some discussion, please share with me where my thinking is incorrect? It was my hope in writing this that it would prompt discussion with points/counterpoints. You're right, I have a low solo win percentage over around 100 games at tier X. I always prefer to play with my clanmates and enjoy their special mix of disfunction and hilarity. If we want to cut my stats up, I've also ranked out in around 200 games the last two seasons which were both at tier X and, obviously solo. Cut my stats however you like, but please provide some rationale where I'm wrong.
  10. _Big_Lou_

    Mentor program - did anything come of it?

    Honestly, this is the purpose of a good clan. My classmates have taught me more than watching all the youtube videos on WoWs. If you can't get this type of improvement from your clan, I would suggest searching for a new one that provides that type of tutelage. There are so many clans to choose from, I'm sure there is a good fit for everyone.
  11. _Big_Lou_

    Tier X meta is very disappointing

    Thank you for the comment, @yacskn . I'd like to explore this a bit more: I'm beginning to wonder if we have two different species of potatoes. High tier potatoes and mid to low tier potatoes. Perhaps this is where my measure of fun contrasts the two. A potato that generally rushes in mid tier games can have an impact on the overall outcome of play. They could sink an important DD, or get off a critical salvo on an influential cruiser. These potatoes can be fun to play with. Alternatively, if this mid tier potato did the same thing in a high tier match, they would likely get nuked before they were able to have the same impact. Thus the rise of the high tier potato. Camp all game, hide behind islands firing from near max range. DDs that sail among the fleet or are on useless flanking missions. Maybe this is the tilt I'm noticing from tier VII (you could rush a cap in a Bismarck or Massachusetts) versus the camp master potato in their 38% win rate Yamato. I'd happily support the rushing BB since everything near their cap will be spotted (almost) but would not lift a finger to help Captain campy pants if their getting HE spammed to death.
  12. _Big_Lou_

    Tier X meta is very disappointing

    I've been thinking/wondering if a change to the economics would clean up tier X. I would think the players with the flanking Shima or the camping Yammy that do nothing all game would be burned out of the tier if they kept losing money. I'm not a long time player, was tier X better with earlier versions of the economic system?
  13. Allow me to clear the deck before getting into the meat of this: I know how to play and win at tier X. Feel free to check my stats and you'll see that I have an over 58% win rate at tier X. I'm stating this because it it very easy to dismiss forum posts as individuals being uninformed/unskilled and misunderstanding gameplay. I hate playing tier X. I find the tier X meta to be very boring, lackluster, disappointing, and a real chore to play. I don't think the result of my thinking has anything to do with one particular ship, game mechanic, or gimmick. I really believe that tier X is fundamentally flawed. The combination of long range BB artillery, long range DD torpedoes, long range/long lasting radar, and all combinations there of lead to a campy, boring meta. IMHO it is the combination of so many factors within the "system" of tier X that makes it awful to play and a real disappointment after a long grind through lower tiers. IMHO tier VIII is the peak of fun/challenge/skill. With tier IX only being slightly below tier VIII. In terms of fun, I would easily place tier X below VII, VI, and even V. My hypothesis is that the disappointing meta of tier X is caused by the system wide interactions of various ship mechanics, specs, and gimmicks. Thus, tier X is fundamentally flawed as a system. Alternatively, I have wondered if the crummy meta is actually caused by a high population of poor players who continue to play tier X despite their serious lack of skill, thus, leading games to the hot mess I perceive them to be. One thought that backs up this alternate hypothesis is that Clan Battles at tier X are very enjoyable (each team has competent members). Any thoughts? Am I off base?
  14. _Big_Lou_

    T5 Ranked Recommendations

    The GC is easily a top 5 most fun ship in the entire game. If you have the means, get one.