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  1. Podcast Listener QnA

    My question: Wargaming has clearly positioned tier 10 as the pinnacle of competitive play. We are on our 3rd Clan battles season at tier 10 and recently had ranked season at tier 10. The meta for Clan Battles is now fairly well established with certain ship compositions being "good" and "bad". Now for the question: Is a persistent focus on tier 10 gameplay the best experience for players? Is the tier 10 competitive meta the best experience that World of Warships has to offer? I ask this because there are great ships and terrific dynamics at other tiers. Perhaps an audience who has had a year's worth of filet mignon might want a change of pace and would love a greasy cheeseburger. I love the show, keep up the good work, and happy hunting.
  2. Couple of questions

    I would recommend caution when looking at high tier ships and making plans while you're still learning the game. There are a long list of reasons why a Black in the right hands could make a lot of cash and an equally long list of why a player will fail heavily in a Black. My suggestion: Focus on learning multiple ship nations/types and broaden your experience. Additionally, tier 9-10 gameplay is quite different from 7 and below. Currently your only tier 8 ship is the Bismark. I would work on rounding out your skills and get used to high tier gameplay before looking at a Salem or Black. Happy hunting.
  3. How bad can team be

    There is a significant difference between camping and defending. Setting up for cross shots and making sure you can fire on spotted ships while DDs are probing for contact is a defensive tactic and very effective in standard battles. I do not consider ships sitting behind islands on the 1 line to be effective at all, this I would call camping. There is a major difference between BBs playing "sniper" from the 1 line and ships disbursing to protect the flanks while not exposing or overextending themselves. One is camping while the other is defending. Just because your team is not moving full speed at the enemy, it does not mean that they are "camping". If you disagree with the simple premise that defending is more effective than pushing, please voice the reason/rationale. It helps to understand different perspectives.
  4. How bad can team be

    The problem you are encountering is based on the "standard battle" mode. IMHO standard battles are the worst, far worse than epicenter. Here is why: Pushing on an enemy position is harder than defending against a push. Please argue if you disagree with this point. Therefore, playing completely defensive in a standard battle is a rather smart thing to do. Simply wait for the first enemy cruiser or DD to overextend and then nuke it. Wait for the next to overextend and nuke that one too. Before you know it, you have a 4 ship lead and full control on the map. It stinks, but this is probably what you experienced.
  5. I do not want to come off too strong, but this is pretty poor advice for somebody looking to improve. If any player enters a game and plays the same way regardless of situation, they will not only lack success, but they will frustrate their teams greatly. Every player should play their ship differently based on many external factors. Map selection, team composition, enemy composition, game mode... My advice: Each game is different. Each game is a test of how you can adapt to the given situation. "How you play" is rarely just up to the individual player (of any ship). The better players need to assess the situation and adapt to the circumstances. Be defensive when the situation calls for it... Be aggressive when the situation calls for it... Do not go into a game with a "I'll play the same way" mindset, use the loading time and early game as a moment to assess the situation before making your first move. Happy hunting!
  6. Well are you tired of F key Spam?

    Honestly, if people using the chat is bothersome, perhaps you should only play in Co-Op against bots. Why play a team focused game if you do not want team communication?
  7. The system might be looking at percentage of damage done. 2700 to a BB is almost nothing with a potion recoverable (heal) while 2700 to a DD is over 10% of their entire health pool.
  8. Unhealthy Environment

    I'll share a , perhaps, unpopular position.... I do not see a problem. If you are playing in a 1-2 DD per side match with a lot of radar and you are the smart DD who avoids getting nuked in early game, you then become the little god named Jobu. Quickly you'll find that your power and influence is great and everyone on your team is giving you pleasant wishes and wanting your help. Play smart and be the DD that beats the radar, it is good practice for Clan Battles.
  9. Clearing Up Steel

    Shouldn't the 4th rank out net 2,500 steel and not 5,000? I'm not sure if this is a mistake or my misunderstanding of the system. As always, thanks @LittleWhiteMouse for your thorough information.
  10. Where have all the DDs gone???

    You do realize that there are a lot of players who play every ship type/class/nation and that any perceived lower population of DD players is simply people wanting to try out the new ship lines. I'll provide some math to illustrate: If a normal Wednesday evening queue looks like this: BB-9, CA/CL-7, DD-8, CV-1 then each game will have around 4 DDs. Release a new line of cruisers and the queue suddenly looks like this: BB-22, CA/CL-31, DD-11, CV-1 then each game will only have a couple of DDs. This is not because the DD population shrank, it is because a lot of people want to try out the new cruiser line. The same thing happened with the British BBs.
  11. Warships today?

    New clan for WoWs?
  12. Warships today?

    Stats can be a good indication of progress/improvement, however they are not necessarily good for suggesting what improvement is needed. Might I suggest working with your clanmates and debrief after matches to understand what went right and what went wrong.
  13. How Do I Defend My Teammates?

    @SkywhaleExpress speaks the truth. While it is broken that a CV can immediately attack and sink a BB or CA/CL right off the start, you need to be watching for these types of situations. Only a CV can protect their fleet from an early CV strike. Perhaps work on establishing vision before immediately engaging in aerial combat. If you can locate ships and enemy strike groups, you will have a better opportunity to react to the biggest threat. The first thing spotted does not need to be your target of choice.
  14. While I have not died in such fashion, I have delivered the final blow as such.... Asashio getting torpedoed in smoke by a Scharnhorst... Honestly can't think of anything more humiliating.
  15. Island camping BB.

    Asahio in play?