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  1. _Big_Lou_

    last ship in game...always

    You might want to post the specs for your gaming laptop. Unfortunately, there are numerous companies that sell "gaming" laptops the are far from an actual performance build. SSD is one biggie.
  2. _Big_Lou_

    Toxic Ranked

    Based on a quick look at your stats, you are surviving in 40% of the matches you play. This leads me to believe that you are not risking much when you play. As a point of reference, I am in the 5-1 bracket and have a 64.6% recent win rate and killing 1.3 ships per game with only 27% survival. Why? I play aggressive and work to sway the balance of the game by engaging and establishing killing shots. Your recent win rate is 40.5% with a 40.5% survival rate but only 0.7 kills per game. Try engaging more, take some risks. Don't yolo, but do not fear taking some damage. Get scrappy and see how it goes for you.
  3. _Big_Lou_

    Your Win Rate Sucks!

    Dude, seriously... You are taking a very shallow understanding of analytical and statistical approaches and making absolute statements like "Never". Analysis and statistical evaluations of complex systems happen all the time with extremely reliable results. Boiling everything down to confidence intervals and sample sized (p-values and other basic measures) shows a poor grasp of the fundamental principles of your argument. Perhaps spending a little time googling multivariate analysis will help you see the broader world for what it is. Baseball is the single most statistics saturated sport, of course statistics are valid in a team scenario. It is obvious to anyone that takes a brief look. Anyone who is arguing the value of win rates or damage done, is simply trying to make themselves feel better with how they play. Effectively, these players are looking at themselves in a mirror and repeating "you are pretty, you are confident, you can do this, you matter...."
  4. _Big_Lou_

    How To Play with Cruisers?

    Hi @rayleo02 here are a few tips for you: 1) Do not rush progress though the different tiers. Learn competence with BBs, CA/CLs, DDs, and CVs in low tiers. Try to learn the different game mechanics, ship tactics and marksmanship when the stakes are lower. 2) Based on a look at your stats: Try to focus on extending the life of your ships. I imagine your normal gameplay sees you pushing the enemy and dying early in a match. If you like the idea of "tanking, giving overwhelming firepower, crushing cruisers with a single salvo..." you will be far more successful if you are alive. 3) Watch youtube videos on the basics of the game, namely marksmanship. Learn how to shoot at range and where to aim.
  5. _Big_Lou_

    Ship kills - NOT a minimal reward

    I know a given random team is going to win when you see focus fire called and there are multiple ships focusing on the same target. Seeing many people working to sink a ship is exactly how to win matches. If you're getting tunnel vision and only grinding damage on one ship, you aren't playing to win. I cannot tell you how good it feels to land 4-5 torpedos on a big tier X BB and see it have the last 4-5k damage taken off for a quick kill. Sure, I did most of the damage, but I am the most happy that the ship is off the board. Honestly, any time I see somebody whining about "you stole my kill" my mind translates it to "this is my first game and I do not know how to play"... It also always results in a report->plays poorly
  6. IMHO, the Konig presents a nice option for a trainer. The guns are very accurate for the tier and the ship is quite robust in terms of survivability.
  7. _Big_Lou_

    Best destroyer hunters in Tiers II-IV?

    If you're really interested in seal clubbing' DDs, a Clemson with radio location and concealment will be devastating.
  8. Had a very similar discussion with @MEANN earlier today. Here is his thread: When one of my clan members asks for tips to improve, I always start with basic marksmanship and then positioning. Knowing how to read a map, understand the differences in friendly and enemy ship compositions and finding a good positional approach is HUGE! Hiding behind an island may feel safe, but you are aren't doing anything to sway the match and are simply losing slowly. Good luck.
  9. Ever watched 7U soccer? Herdball? I think that's what you're suggesting. Consider this critique: Following people and "grouping up" forms clusters of ships. Clusters of ships are not as effective as a smaller number of ships properly positioned. Think of this scenario: 5 of the same ships. 3 v 2. The 3 group up together and the 2 move out on opposite flanks. Eventually the two on the flanks will have the 3 ships in a horrible cross fire leading to massive broadside damage and citadel devastation. I would rather be a mobile 2 than a herded 3. Grouping up to overlap AA sounds good, but leads to static play. Instead of having ships out doing damage, you have soldiers huddled together in a trench afraid to move. On a side note: I love it when the enemy team groups up, especially when I'm in a DD. It is far easier to score big torpedo hits if there is a group of ships versus a lone or paired ship. IMHO the losses in randoms result from poor positioning/navigation opposed to lack of teamwork. The DD and cruiser that rush a cap, get spotted, and nuked in the first 3 minutes are why teams lose. The BB that sits 15k off the back of a cap is why teams lose. Cruisers that are hiding behind islands unable to fire on a single target are why teams lose. If you want better play in randoms, people need to ask these questions: What does the team comp/enemy comp look like? Where do I expect the enemy team to set up? Where do I expect my team to set up? What are my ship's strengths? Given answers to the above answers: What position would effectuate the greatest map control or damage done by my vessel? The answer to this question is most certainly not "herded up 5 other ships". Happy hunting.
  10. _Big_Lou_

    Yukikaze torpedoes

    No, the fractional increase in speed is not worth the decrease in range. In terms of percentage, you are giving up 20% range for only a 7% increase in speed.
  11. _Big_Lou_

    Stop Punishing Tier VIII

    What do you mean by weighing? Statistics should be done objectively using established sample size / confidence measures. I'm not following you. An emotional argument (T8 getting tired of this...) from statistics that are weighted?
  12. @UssIowaSailor I'm curious how you've formed your opinion. By your profile, you've posted in forums 1,500 times but only played the game 10 times. Is this a posting account and you use another account to play the game or are you addressing this as more of an outsider looking in? Thanks!
  13. _Big_Lou_

    Another CV trend that is becoming very concerning.

    It is a problem I've seen and commented on as well. The population of players that think BBs are "snipers" and lag at the edges of the map, providing no support, and lasting to the end but losing a lot of matches have a new favorite ship, the CV.
  14. _Big_Lou_

    This "Karma" thing is so frustrating

    I do not mean this as a troll question: Why do you care what your Karma number is?
  15. _Big_Lou_

    Is Stalingrad the most Overpowered ship?

    My Stalingrad experience is that it can shred certain ships and be shredded by others. For instance, a high DPM ship, properly angled, can HE brutalize a Stalingrad, while a poorly angled ship, even BBs can get nuked. Is a ship OP if it punishes broadsides while being highly susceptible to HE spam? Strengths balanced by weaknesses seems like a good balancing principle. Thoughts?