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  1. Fletcher Frustrations

    I tried to look at your stats for a sign of what might be happening and it looks like you have them hidden (or it is the site that is down). The Fletcher is a great DD, a real powerhouse at that tier. You may be having issues with your approach to the matches if you find yourself struggling. Consider the strengths of the Fletcher: it is a cap controller with great guns up close and very good detection. If you are focusing on getting damage alone, you may be approaching the match incorrectly. As an example, if a player consistently yolo rushes an enemy BB in a Fletcher, that player might get 60-70k damage and a kill before they die yet consistently lose matches. I would consider this a misplay. Would you be able to expand on your normal tactical approach to a match?
  2. I see no value in sacrificing firepower for a possible threat that might emerge (CV sniping). The opportunity cost of throwing away a BB is awful in my estimation. IMHO it is another excuse for people to play poorly.
  3. Bismarck is a ranked beast

    How have you been playing her? I've found german BBs to be rather handicapped in ranked and haven't seen them as a threat. The bow tanking ability of USN BBs and accuracy of the Amagi are the BB threats I worry about (driving a DD). Are you positioning for secondaries and letting them work or turning a flank?
  4. ranked battles fail

    Mathematically this is true. At some point, top players begin ranking out which slightly lowers the skill barrier for those left. Given enough time, the entire server would rank out... however, ranked is time limited. The limited time is the critical element and is what is almost always left out of discussions like this. Based on some quick probability calculations, assuming a 50% win rate with a 1in7 chance of saving a star on a loss, over a sample size of 50 "seasons" from rank 12 to 1: Average number of games to rank out: 370 There is a big IF there as well: assuming a 50% win rate... A 50% win rate in ranked is not the same as a 50% win rate in randoms. I honestly think the most disappointed players are those who look at their stats and see a 52% win rate and think "if I can just grind games, I'll rank out". The level of skilled play is much higher in the top two leagues of ranked when compared to a typical random match. Note, even players with a 55-60% overall win rate may find some disappointment if their win rate is highly shaped by 3 person division matches. Simply put: Mistakes in ranked are punished, whether it be ship choice, being too passive, being too aggressive, or simply firing when you should have held the shot. Skill is required to earn stars and the time limit of ranked is what reduces "dumb luck".
  5. ranked battles fail

    @Ima_Bullseye, perhaps a little perspective would be helpful. View ranked as a training ground. You will get good personal experience as well as game XP. Let's be honest, many random matches are a hot mess that lack any coordination. Ranked, with smaller teams, provides an environment for a player to really improve their own skill which is portable to randoms, clan wars, or another season of ranked. I would not look at ranking out as something you can get by simply showing up. There are no participation trophies or easy modes. Think of ranked as a competitive battleground that gives you the opportunity to improve your own skill. If improvement is your reward, then play ranked. If you want participation trophies, play the scenarios. Scenarios are a great way to enjoy the mechanics of the game while having a lot of forgiveness for mistakes. Happy hunting.
  6. Which box type are best for acquiring ships?
  7. End of Clan Wars?

    Captains, A simple question: Did Clan Wars end last night (Sunday)? I have found conflicting information, the information in game showed "1 day remaining" while the original announcement was that Clan Wars would continue until patch 0.6.15 which is Thursday. Please refrain from the "use search, dummy" feedback. I have already searched and could not find the information, thus the question. Thank you and happy hunting! Lou
  8. @megadeux would you mind citing the source, I am interested in learning more. DD play is critical, however, I have not seen the analysis you are referring to. Thanks!
  9. I realize that the suggestion is rather dictatorial, however, no other ship type has the ability to influence in the way a CV does. A CV should be very influential and historically was, however a 3rd class Petty Officer was never given a CV to captain.
  10. Allow me to present an alternative view: The issue is not the CV itself, it is the mismatch of CV player skill. There is a great counter to a CV today... another CV. The problem I see is that there is no rating/ELO/stat requirement for players to run a CV in randoms. If you have a 45% WR CV on your team in a tier VIII match opposing a 55% CV WR... you are going to have a seriously hard time carrying. CVs are so powerful (as they should be) there should be a minimum requirement to play them in a random or competitive setting. If a player is a "I'm just playing for fun" or "I don't care if I win or lose" and they have a low WR% then they should be kept in Co-Op or Scenario since they cannot effectively counter in a random match.
  11. Point and shoot. Shooting into smoke/shooting in a cyclone/shooting at likely ship positions is all point and shoot. Alternatively, you could be getting spillover is you are near a friendly and they are getting shot at.
  12. Each of the PA ships plays differently. Some play more like US while others are more like Russians. Even then, the tierX might play more like a Z52. Since there is no consistency with a PA, you will need to alter your game style for each subsequent tier. On the direct post of the OP: I delighted in finding PA destroyers alone and unsupported in caps this weekend. In particular, my Kidd consumed their souls and then healed back any damage done. Happy hunting.
  13. It is a poor craftsman who blames his tools I had no idea there even was a paint program on iPhone. I want an iPhone strats app!
  14. @_V12 +1 for Photoshop skills, -2 for MSPaint skills