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  1. That's exactly what a hacker would say.
  2. Have you considered moving to a higher tier of PvE? The trouble with low tier is that anyone can play at that level with only a couple of hours of time invested. There are a class of people in the internets who get their jollies by screwing with people. If you work to play at tier 6-7 you are putting a skill/time investment barrier between you and the clowns who are irritating you. While there are still clowns at higher tiers, they are few and far between. Tier 1-4 matches, IMHO, are a hot mess.
  3. @jester107 I think there needs to be consideration for accidental torpedoing in the scenarios you are describing. I think you may be mistaking an accident as though it were intentional. I checked your stats in order to provide more appropriate feedback. My thoughts are this: You seem to be playing a lot of low tier PvE. In my experience, low tier PvE teammates are not the most skilled or knowledgable about the game. I would classify these folks as highly casual. I think it is more plausible that you getting torpedoed is an accident based on a low skill player not understanding their torpedo angles and lacking the situational awareness to know where your ship is. Perhaps these teammates deserve the benefit of the doubt. I also find it hard to imagine that WG would ever allow for "defending" against a teammate. Where would the line be drawn? Accidental torpedoes allowing for a TK? Accidental main battery fire as ships pass one another? What about ships that run into each other? There are too many scenarios where a player would "defend" themselves simply because they cannot control their emotional response to an accident. Happy hunting and good luck.
  4. Anyone started a "ban pool" yet?
  5. The key is that you are playing decent skill DD player versus decent skill BB player. The vast majority of BB players, even at tier X, do not WASD well. Try it, you will be surprised.
  6. Exactly the point with a BB pushing the cap. Once the BB is near the center of the cap, there is no place for the DD to hide (islands excluded). The result is reversed if it is a standard battle since a delay can equal a win.
  7. I have seen the same thing as well. IMHO there is a large population of players who do not understand how other ship types are played and, thus, do not know how to counter. For example, how many times have you seen people complain about Belfast... The ship has no torpedoes and relies on guns for it's damage. If the Belfast is alone in smoke, RUSH IT!!! Alternatively, torpedo the smoke since Belfast is not a nimble lady.
  8. Right, @Capt_Mexib, my testing was performed at higher tiers (7+). Additionally, the "run up and torp them" approach is one of the few techniques I have seen that works. It is a gamble, but more successful than dancing at the edge of detectability.
  9. I have practiced 1v1 DD versus BB for a single cap several times. The results are not what the average player would expect, BBs win most of the time. That's right, in a 1v1 fighting for 1 cap, the DD usually loses. The key factor is the BB knowing how to WASD all the time. I'm not talking about dodging torps, I'm talking about using WASD periodically to dodge torps that you have not detected yet.
  10. LOL, the @Kombat_W0MBAT is having none of this!
  11. Perhaps we need to buff BB players
  12. It all depends on how much information you are sharing. For example, my friend @Khafni is from the Indianapolis area. (as stated in his profile).
  13. @iofhua, it takes many matches to really learn WoWs. Each ship type and class play a little different from one another as do the different nations. My suggestion: do not buy or sell anything until you have several tier IV or V ships. Try BBs, try DDs, try cruisers, even try CVs. You will learn a lot by playing which will inform future purchases. As to your specific question: Sadface, the camo is for the specific ships only.
  14. I'm not sure I could answer anything other than "it depends". There are certain maps that are more favorable for certain ship types and even for certain specific ship classes. Come to think of it, there are some maps where I prefer a certain spawn point over the other....
  15. Well done, @Jonesyrules15. It is certainly good to hear this perspective. All too often, I feel that there is an undercurrent of people who want to validate each other's stale gameplay opposed to asking the honest question of "How do I improve?". Good for you! I'd be happy to division with you any time and hope to see you on the green side. Should I see you on the red side, I will respectfully press 'F3' (that is a compliment). Happy hunting!