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  1. Torpedo Acceleration Calculations and Asashio

    I am not sure if I am correct here as well. First, we need to get our units right. The speed of the torpedoes is in knots while the distance is in km. 1 knot = 1.85 km/hr I would formulate the following: 67 knots * 1.85 km/hr = 123.95 km/hr torpedo speed 15km / 123.95 km/hr * 60 min/hour = 7.26 minute travel time Compensate for game compression factor of 5: 7.26 min/5 = 1.45m or 87.12 seconds to target Using the same process for the 72kt torpedoes yields an 81 second travel time to target. Summary: 87.12 seconds to a 15km target with 67kt torpedoes 81 seconds to a 15km target with 72kt torpedoes Could anyone check my numbers and approach?
  2. Punishment vs Praise

    This already exists in the game and is not very effective at driving behavior. The XP and financial rewards models are biased towards the proper behavior. Dealing damage, tanking damage, spotting enemies, capping, resetting caps... All of the XP rewards and silver rewards are based on promoting the right behavior. Does this stop BBs from camping at max range? No. Does this stop DDs from going on crazy CV hunting campaigns? No. Consider how stupid the average person is and remember that half are dumber than that. Smarter people are driven by rewards while the dumber only take notice after being punished. Both rewards and punishment are necessary.
  3. ok WG...

    If you are under the 24h (not sure the duration) ban, you will not receive a response to a trouble ticket before the ban is elapsed. Also, the temporary chat bans are for other players "voting" that somebody misbehaved in chat, not for an offense that a WG employee noticed. Note: some players who do not like how a player is playing will "vote them down" thus giving a chat ban.
  4. Angling or Kiting

    Agreed, it's semantics. Kiting to affect the space a team owns, the position of the enemy, or to set a trap is a strategy. While the tactic of "kiting" is simply a reaction to the fact that fires hurt and AP stings. There is a difference between manipulating the enemy and running away while calling it "kiting".
  5. Angling or Kiting

    @Kuckoo Thank you for adding this. You've gotten to the background of my question. What I've noticed in games is the following: Two, somewhat equal forces (4v4 for example) begin engaging and an irregular battle line is formed. Inevitably a ship on one side comes under fire and immediately turns to kite away. In the turn they take additional damage and commence their kiting maneuver. As this ship sails away, their shot effectiveness diminishes leaving the remaining 3 ships to fend off the 4. Effectively, the ship decided to sacrifice his/her 3 teammates in favor of their escape. IMHO, this ship should have considered either going dark for a couple salvos or adjusting their angle. If you ask in chat: "Hey, Graf Spee, why are you kiting away" you'll get some foolish answer like "Kiting away is better". IMHO Kiting is a strategy while angling is a tactic, however, I have not been able to formulate a direct argument for other players in a game..... I also did not want to assume or misunderstand some mechanic that meant that a kiting ship was somehow more effective.
  6. Angling or Kiting

    Captains, I have been thinking about the logic of kiting and the game mechanics. I can't seem to settle my mind if kiting itself is effective or if it is simply angling. Consider this scenario: Two identical ships with symmetric guns (ex: Bayern) are engaged in battle. Both captains have the same skill (driving/aiming etc.). The only difference is that one is kiting while the other is advancing. If both ships are properly angling for incoming and outgoing shots, who wins? Is there an inherent advantage to a kiting ship or is it simply angling? Thank you for an explanation of your opinion. Happy hunting, Lou
  7. Do we need faster games?

    One way things could speed up is with more accurate guns, across the board. With almost every high tier BB functioning as a long range shotgun, a broadsiding noob can still survive based on RNGesus. Punishing people for doing stupid things will result in quicker kills and a faster overall endgame. Thoughts?
  8. Wall humping

    I have recently noticed a serious increase in some very unsportsmanlike behavior, wall humping. Call it what you want, wall riding, skidding, drifting, it makes the wall rider very hard to hit while exploiting the edge of the map. This is pretty crummy behavior and is on the increase. A suggestion that stops this action immediately: Any ship in contact with a wall cannot fire any weapons. Make this change and wall humping stops the day the patch rolls out. Just for consideration.
  9. I've had 3 clan members, including myself, burdened with major ping spikes tonight. <edit> Nope, everyone seems to be having the issue. DDOS attack? <Note, this is not the FPS problem, it is a new one>
  10. I would not hold your breath for a detail explanation, however, here is the truth: Gameplay For the same reason radar and hydro work through islands... For the same reason ammunition is unlimited... For the same reason ships accelerate and decelerate at rates far beyond what real physics allows... Not trying to troll, just providing the simple truth of it.
  11. Lo Yang or Harekaze?

    I'll second this. For comparison, I have both and play in the following way: Loyang: Control caps, protect fleet, kill enemy DDs. Use hydro module for super long hydro. Harekaze: Use torpedo reload and terrorize every enemy ships from stealth, spot for the team, cap when possible.
  12. My First 19-Pointer

    IMHO, you are missing out on a great tier 3 skill: Survivability Expert. I would drop IFHE and take Survivability Expert with another tier 1 skill. You would be amazed how much help 3,150 extra hp gives.
  13. I do not have the objective evidence to point to, however, I have been told repeatedly that Priority Target does not show torpedo locks, only main battery.... Not sure where I could confirm that. Edit: Confirmation -
  14. Consider the following: You are in a DM and are in a good bow tanking position using islands for protection. Surprisingly, an enemy cruiser is spotted at 8k off your bow sailing on a full speed broadside. Using the John Doe <cough> Segal <cough> Captain and Expert Loader, you are able to get reloaded with AP in approximately 1 second (not a typo). Provided the enemy cruiser driver is not an idiot, you will have 5-10 seconds to get citadel shots off before the cruiser is angled enough that the shells bounce. My preference gives me up to 3 salvos in this timeframe versus the 1-2 without Expert Loader. I have made several critical kills in Clan Battles using this exact technique. I realize I am splitting hairs and saving a handful of seconds, but this is an edge that can win games. IMHO, Priority Target is a crutch for a player that lacks situational awareness while Expert Loader is valuable to a seasoned player looking for every edge. Happy hunting and good luck with your skill choices.