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  1. You know what bites? Having your gauss rifle detonate from a critical hit and taking out half your mech.
  2. 105 times, but average damage taken on most of my survivals typically broke 100%
  3. I played almost 300 games in Arizona this season of Ranked with no detonation flag and did not detonate once.
  4. If you believe you can hit it, you will hit it.
  5. I devastated a Kebab in a Minotaur.
  6. Your Mileage May Vary
  7. The Perth serves nothing more as a target when smoked, simply because it doesn't move faster than 6 knots and can be predicted with blind fire.
  8. Clicking on my screen would just show me blindly shooting into smoke clouds :/
  9. Science.
  10. I've been called suspicious for my smoke monster sniping. /shrug
  11. Super League is Tier 8.
  12. You can't get duplicates from the same box, so you'd have 2 + 58 duplicates, which means if you 100% the event, you 100% the collection.
  13. Yeah, just 2000 XP, or about 2 to 3 matches, and you get your daily box.
  14. I just went through 56 boxes after buying the Gallant. Zero ships. Much lower odds than Christmas.
  15. Last time I got 40K doubloons for science. This time I just want a MUTSU.