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  1. Compassghost

    Bias again with Fake Russian BB's

    If we are basing a ship’s performance on the actual nation’s engineering capabilities, then American torpedoes would be wholly ineffective for most early-war destroyers.
  2. None of the other lines have refunds if you FXP to T10 from scratch to try it out. Spending 1M free XP on the final ship of the line has always been “you get what you pay for.”
  3. Compassghost

    [edited] you do to my NM???!!!???

    Nothing has changed with AP vs cruisers.
  4. Compassghost

    Updates folder empty?

    WGC learned to clean up after itself about 2 or 3 patches ago, it just uses that location to store active updates now.
  5. Compassghost

    Where did my aircraft carriers go?

    Assuming you sold the Langley the Bogue was sold and it’s XP moved to T4 as carriers are now only even tiers. You can buy back the T4 carrier but there is no T5 carrier to buy.
  6. Compassghost

    Destroyers to powerful

    If you are in an Admiral Hipper you should be using sonar to spot the destroyers and torpedoes early.
  7. Compassghost

    how do i run wow without game center

    You can exit Game Center and it will turn off
  8. Compassghost

    What causes these strange losing streaks?

    Bad luck. Take a break when you lose 2 or 3 games, then come back. Dealing with a bunch of small 2-3L streaks is better than dealing with giant packets of 5L streaks mentally and assures that if it's a player base issue, you'll remove yourself from that issue for a short period of time.
  9. Compassghost

    Stop the Cheating!

    OK, I finished watching the video. This GK is very lucky because normally dispersion is not so great. However, that being said, the JB's turrets are remarkably weak to continued attacks. Given how much damage you took from the front, you were bound to start losing them. Typically with a JB, you want to minimize actual direct confrontations with battleships where they get to fire at a core target consisting of most of your turret.
  10. Compassghost

    Stop the Cheating!

    I am watching the replay.
  11. Compassghost

    Reduction of Flood mechanics

    A battleship with 2 floods now will take more damage than a battleship with 1 flood, per second. The new floods may not last as long, but it’s a huge chunk of HP withering away now, and with two it becomes 1%/sec. Two uncontrolled floods is 40% HP in 40 seconds.
  12. I guess I don’t need to imagine what Chaotic Evil looks like anymore.
  13. Compassghost

    No Fun

    What are we defining as non-professional players?
  14. How would you propose MM balance the carriers if this player were one of the four carriers in queue?
  15. Compassghost

    Service cost stealing my lunch money ?

    If you didn’t spend 45K credits on premium consumables that would be an additional 450K credits every 10 games in profit.