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  1. How can a matchmaker determine if someone is AFK before they start playing the game?
  2. Give a man a bag of gold, and he'll complain it's too heavy.
  3. Atlanta has been in the tech tree from time to time, and rotates out to make it physically possible to store the other American cruisers that can be sold. It should always be available in the store.
  4. I have 1.2M free XP. Should I get a Conquerer?
  5. The Kitakami was removed because it famously killed 1.1 teammates for every 1 enemy it killed. It had a higher teamkill rate than kill rate, server wide.
  6. The problem with average damage is that it also dependent on factors. RNCLs have horrible long-term fire damage numbers compared to most of the other ships in their tier. An AA-focused DM will have lower damage farm than a radar focused DM. Carriers will be impossible to balance because AS trollolo lower damage than Strike.
  7. Assuming player win rate (which is a horrible determination of skill since it is dependent on class) you'd still get garbage matches. A randomly generated team would match a skill balanced team 40% of the time. Creating perfect parity with just whoever is in queue is almost impossible.
  8. Quality over Quantity
  9. Fighters may now be removed from a fight with enemy aircraft via an "Alt" attack -- when any carrier withdraws a squadron from action this way, it'll always lose one aircraft. (This rule applies to all carriers except Saipan, as it has only three fighters in a squadron.)
  10. HE rounds were super-effective in Ranked Season 7 when fired from the 12-gun battleships. It isn't a question of why you should be firing HE over AP, it's a question of whether it is worse the reduced damage upfront for additional suppression of AA emplacements and damage control. The idea of fire support, pun intended has always been present in the game in the form of CVs coordinating with cruisers to apply unmitigated flooding. I did the same thing with my GK because at certain ranges the AP starts dramatically failing.
  11. Artist's Rendition: Fire Chance
  12. Was this post necroed for a specific reason? Like, is this some sort of meta call out or something?
  13. I get that every time in my Black Swan
  14. Trying to shoot at smoke monsters.