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  1. Yellow flag with a wolf or dog on it

    Corgi fleet? From serving as a corgi fleet member. IIRC
  2. I'm not 100% on the mechanics, but I believe detonations still use caliber to determine whether splash damage penetrates armor. A torpedo, having 500mm+ of caliber, will therefore penetrate any magazine on any ship for a detonation roll if it strikes within the blast radius of the magazine.
  3. This is the Yamato detonating while sinking. A magazine can't really be flooded above sea-level without pumps, so all of the magazine above water level is still susceptible to a flash fire.
  4. Uptiering Observations

    The strongest weapon a T6 BB can employ against a T8 BB in 90% of situations is a healthy dose of fire chance.
  5. Digital Submission - Unleash the Quacken
  6. Aim Bots

    Ship engine velocity and rudder direction are sent to the server and the position is reported back. The game does not report position, and if it did, we'd have heard stories about ships strafing or going through islands by this point. In the old days when the servers were super-laggy, and even now, you will see rubber-banding of ships when latency is severe, and ship vibration when latency is moderate.
  7. Aim Bots


    Well, since divisions break matchmaking, it is likely a fail Division got uptiered.
  9. Tier 5 Carriers Prove Game is Rigged

    WOWS' financial model is designed to draw money over time through progression, not instantly through gratification. If there were an instant-buy button that gave you 2X turret power, then seeding for losses would make financial sense to make it feel like buying that type of power would have made you won. There's no real power spike like that in this game unless you want to consider buying premium ships a power spike, which they are for the most part not. People who free XP to a Tier 10 get the associated spike of having a top tier ship, which is still absolutely worthless if they don't know what they're doing. The gratification in this game doesn't come from owning the top tier ship, but from winning in it.
  10. Tier 5 Carriers Prove Game is Rigged

    A fully stacked team can be created without any sort of influence from performance-based matchmaking. It's not like you can fairly balance a 70% WR Midway against a 30% WR Midway with or without the use of an algorithm.
  11. Tier 5 Carriers Prove Game is Rigged

    It takes a lot more than luck to break 60% WR in a Bogue.
  12. Tier 5 Carriers Prove Game is Rigged

    These people seems to have gotten around that issue... especially that Murphy VonMauler guy, with a whopping 2650-game sample size, clocking in at in insane 2033 wins alone.
  13. Convinced the Game is Rigged

    Having win rates on both teams average out to 50% is also a horrible metric because it assumes a player's win rate is consistent across all classes and tiers, which we know it isn't.
  14. Convinced the Game is Rigged

    No, I would expect most people do not manage consistent win rates. When you flip a coin, do you expect to get heads/tails/heads/tails/heads/tails and then freak out when the coin goes tails/tails/tails/tails and blame the coin for being rigged?