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  1. Compassghost

    Modifying the Kitakaze and Harugumo

    They are really fragile for their size. Pens and torpedo magnets. I think they are fine.
  2. Compassghost

    WOWS Destroyers are OBNOXIOUSLY overpowered

    I mean, I am EMT certified, and I don’t complain about the shock paddles in first person shooters reviving people with multiple sucking chest wounds... I’m willing to suspend my disbelief for enjoyment of the game.
  3. Compassghost

    Worcester Citadel

    The wooster’s citadel at medium to close range is covered by water, making it very difficult to hit. I only use HE on broadside Woosters at less than 8km in my Yamato due to the hit chance on a citadel being about 25% even if it does hit the ship. I’d rather have 8-9K consistent damage and broken guns than high chance of overpens.
  4. Compassghost

    Why do people do this?

    Some people just play because they want to. You can’t shame them into learning the mechanics.
  5. SC contents are generated when issued, not when opened
  6. Compassghost

    Do you think that matchmaking is rigged?

    Divisioned is not fair because I usually division with people who are not heavy, ergo by default, I get a +2 non potato count on my team for MM to ruin
  7. Compassghost

    Real WG Doubloons

    Challenge coins.
  8. Compassghost

    Yamato Overpen Problem

    Republique shells hit him right before my hits.
  9. Compassghost

    Yamato Overpen Problem

    What angle was the Yamato? Most of my Yamato hits are pens or bounces. I’ll rarely overpen the Yamato
  10. Compassghost

    Yamato Overpen Problem

    Not enough sacrifices to the dice roll gods.
  11. Compassghost

    Not properly keeping track of my time played

    Your NA account was created September 2016.
  12. Compassghost

    Concealment Modifiers-Dynamic Game Play

    40K doubloons for 12%? That’s clearly not Pay 2 Win... $160! Just a small investment.
  13. Compassghost

    Saw that the Conq is getting a citadel.

    It definitely seemed possible to citadel the Conqueror before. Am I playing a different game?
  14. More people want to be the big bad battleship as well, typically. Emphasis on bad.
  15. Compassghost

    Soviet Bias (compendium of pic evidence)

    I wanted a picture of the Khab :|