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  1. Compassghost

    camera bug?

    This is usually a bug with a mod or with file integrity that doesn't load a resource properly. 1. Disable all mods temporarily. 2. Do a repair on the main game. 3. Play game and make sure it doesn't doesn't happen again. 4. Slowly re-enable mods in groups and re-test.
  2. Compassghost

    Blatant Range Mod Cheating??? [Solved]

    A ship that is running away can hit targets further than their maximum engagement range because of the significant travel time of projectiles. This applies to both torpedoes and gunfire. For example, the Paolo Emilio has 6km torpedoes. I am still able to strike this ship more than 6km away because it is approaching me. I can hit ships with these torpedoes up to 8km away assuming they are driving straight towards me.
  3. Compassghost

    ships ramming

    Bot navigation is terrible. You are likely getting rammed by bots. Best bet is to turn away from bots and kite them.
  4. Compassghost

    Stop this ridiculous pay-2-win!

    None, it's so people can view the replay minimap without having to download the replay or sit through the replay viewer.
  5. Compassghost

    Stop this ridiculous pay-2-win!

  6. Please do not expect Paolo Emilio torpedo Yolo performance out of the tech line ships. Their torpedoes have lower Alpha than Paolo Emilio. You can emulate the YOLO but most battleships will survive full spreads. Might get a cruiser though.
  7. Compassghost

    Current Meta: Unplayable?

    Should an individual player have actually have enough capability to carry 11 people? Like, are we asking for the skill ceiling to be high enough that a single S-tier player can 1v12 the enemy team?
  8. Compassghost

    2 Vs 2 CVs

    It's not 2 CVs vs a BB and a DD. It's a truncated team score screen, hence why there's two dead ships but neither CV has a ship kill. It is misleading.
  9. Compassghost

    How Many Hotel-Yankees do you have right now?

    I use them all the time in Paolo Emilio. It turns the ship into a 40K damage torpedo.
  10. Compassghost

    Ranked Que's and Players with 400 PR in Gold

    He has been several times, don't see why it would stop him this time.
  11. Compassghost

    Ranked Que's and Players with 400 PR in Gold

    This is a legitimate player. He communicates, but focuses on quantity of matches over quality and will queue in a new ship immediately on sinking, which usually occurs in the first five minutes. It reflects in the stat page. His survival rate with all ships is actually lower than my survival rate with Paolo Emilio alone, and I'm actively tanking my survival rate on purpose.
  12. Compassghost

    Ranked Que's and Players with 400 PR in Gold

    The player in question has plenty of time to make up for capability, so even with a 41% WR, he has won more than 4100 ranked games. If all you need is 5 wins in a row to get out of silver rank outs, then do 200 games and pray for 5.
  13. Compassghost

    2 Vs 2 CVs

    I don't quite understand the purpose of the other ships on each team being cropped out of the screenshot, considering none of those CVs sank anybody, and there are two dead ships.
  14. Compassghost

    WG Official Position on Anchor Divs

    I'd rather do my T9 + T10 than do all T9s because I don't like being top-tier in my T9s, and would rather face T10s for more XP and credits.
  15. Different destroyers fulfill different roles. Those expected to be DD gunfighters are typically given Repair Party or Smoke, with only a few DDs being the exception. Marceau has saturation and speed as an alternative, Grozovoi has utility at the cost of any major benefits, Druid doesn't have access to HE. If the goal was to have every DD be the same, then we failed with Shimakaze vs Gearing. As it stands, most T10s are unique enough that even ships with overlapping capabilities like Halland, Smaland, and Ragnar play very differently despite being similar archetypes.