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  1. Found something you may be interested in!:cap_look:



    review/ first look



    you posted a few warship navy gunner videos a while back and this game seems to be based on a ship building concept. Looks restricted to just BBs atm but maybe it'll change in the near future.:fish_aqua:


    anyways, hope you enjoy!:cap_like:

  2. Players who are not interested in moving up to support the team will not move up because they can’t see enemies. We see this all the time with North and BBs, and cyclones with generally every ship class. People are 20km out from fighting regardless of motivations to get closer.
  3. This actually encourages more camping. Ships will squeeze right up to islands knowing that no one can hit them without direct LOS. A DM strapped to an island can rest easy knowing that no DD is going to push out to spot it because it won’t receive supporting fire, and any cruiser caught trying to flank it is wide open.
  4. I halfheartedly guessed this shot using my own team’s Henri as a speed gauge and imagining where I would be if I were an enemy ship. Welp. As to why I was firing, this was to determine the location of the enemy battleship, which I pinged before return fire revealed him.
  5. Compassghost

    Yamato Accuracy changed since last patch?

    I played the Yamato last night in 3 games in clan matches and had no issues with dispersion. All games were in the 100K+ range with consistent citadel performance.
  6. nice warship gunner avatar.


  7. Compassghost

    Priorities, WG?

    I’m not sure I would trust 3D modelers and graphics artists to help with engine and UX optimization. I’d rather have them making stuff they know how to do than sit around doing nothing
  8. Compassghost

    Bias again with Fake Russian BB's

    If we are basing a ship’s performance on the actual nation’s engineering capabilities, then American torpedoes would be wholly ineffective for most early-war destroyers.
  9. None of the other lines have refunds if you FXP to T10 from scratch to try it out. Spending 1M free XP on the final ship of the line has always been “you get what you pay for.”
  10. Compassghost

    [edited] you do to my NM???!!!???

    Nothing has changed with AP vs cruisers.
  11. Compassghost

    Updates folder empty?

    WGC learned to clean up after itself about 2 or 3 patches ago, it just uses that location to store active updates now.
  12. Compassghost

    Where did my aircraft carriers go?

    Assuming you sold the Langley the Bogue was sold and it’s XP moved to T4 as carriers are now only even tiers. You can buy back the T4 carrier but there is no T5 carrier to buy.
  13. Compassghost

    Destroyers to powerful

    If you are in an Admiral Hipper you should be using sonar to spot the destroyers and torpedoes early.
  14. Compassghost

    how do i run wow without game center

    You can exit Game Center and it will turn off