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  1. Compassghost

    nerf salem that i paid for really WG

    Which nerf was OP complaining about?
  2. Compassghost

    nerf salem that i paid for really WG

    This thread is about “nerfs” to Salem and Alaska, neither of which actually have been changed. It’s like me saying that the Shimakaze long range torpedo was nerfed from 24km to 20km, even though it’s always been 20km. Not sure if OP is misremembering or trolling about ship base performance.
  3. Compassghost

    Bourgogne HE spam?

    They won’t pen your Stalin or Petro from most angles unless they use HE. Too much armor to penetrate.
  4. Compassghost

    nerf salem that i paid for really WG

    Salem has always had 8.5km radar. The only time it had a different radar range was 7.5km in supertest apparently. Alaska has also always had 20s reload. You can get faster reload with reload module.
  5. Compassghost

    Rockets Are Useless Now

    I believe a whole squadron has roughly about 1000 HP. Asashio can do 5% per activation. So it would take about 20 seconds to do 300 damage assuming perfect O usage.
  6. Compassghost

    Rockets Are Useless Now

    Asashio has 10 AA DPS and a max range of 2.5km.
  7. Compassghost

    They really screwed up CV's

    As far as attacking invisible targets go, isn’t that par for the course? Sometimes we have to do that as surface vessels. Sometimes it’s a smoke monster, sometimes it’s a clutch shot.
  8. Compassghost

    They really screwed up CV's

    Question. Are carriers even supposed to be engaging destroyers? Are destroyers considered large surface ships? Shouldn't they be engaging the enemy aircraft carrier if they want to maximize their impact by neutering enemy air strike capability?
  9. Is a single game a sufficient amount of play to determine the power level of a ship? Asking for a friend.
  10. Compassghost

    Buy modules to test ships? wth?

    I wouldn't call these test ships more than event ships.
  11. Based on playing with Yoshino teammates for the past year and a half, this statement does not appear accurate. The only difference is now they don't get to blame people for not noticing their torpedoes from behind them.
  12. Compassghost

    Super BBs - Buying Equipment

    For ship rentals like this one, if you buy the equipment and the ship is later removed (like clan rental boats), the equipment you purchased is dismounted for free. Up to you whether you want to kit it out, but it gets returned to you as a whole unit afterwards.
  13. Compassghost

    Broken MM

  14. Compassghost

    Griefing with the new friendly fire system

    Sounds like a fine recipe for purposely blocking Shimakaze torpedoes to get extra money.
  15. Compassghost

    How Does 2 Hakuryu Torps Do 76k Damage To Kremlin?

    Achievements are not awarded in Brawls. The same applies to First Blood.