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  1. Chop it up to poor user experience design rather than purposefully misleading :(
  2. B17 friendly fire incident during WW2. Bombardier dropped bombs on another B17 below it and knocked out its stabilizer. Crew of 11 all died. Are you telling me that this is not the bombardier's fault, simply because he didn't intend to do it? Negligence by ignorance or incompetence is still negligence.
  3. People are punished for real-world friendly fire and collateral damage incidents, so I'm not sure how that helps your case. People get kicked out or sent to jail for these types of things, and it's even worse because people don't respawn in real life.
  4. You want someone's full time job to be watching games for purposeful TKing? Why? Just because a TK incident is accidental doesn't change the fact that it's actively hurting the team, and you shouldn't be doing it. Look, listen, think, before firing. The idea that the TKer is a victim here simply because he didn't mean to do it is a disservice to any player who has been forced to dodge friendly and enemy fire at the same time.
  5. It is still your fault if you crash into a parked car when you don't mean to. Just because you didn't mean to do it doesn't mean you aren't responsible.
  6. Azur Lane?!

    Really hard to do a collab with a company that doesn't want to do a collab with you.
  7. Midway OP or cheating player?

    If you think Midway is OP vs battleships, all the armored aircraft carriers are unkillable by British cruisers currently. The British AP will ricochet off the deck 100% of the time, and assuming the carrier is running, will saturate the stern and then be unable to damage the carrier at all because there is no super structure to hit, no way to set fires, and no way for torpedoes to catch up to the carrier. Such is the technology of late-war armor designed to shrug of 1000lb bombs that armor piercing rounds take flight or squash after striking the deck.
  8. Midway OP or cheating player?

    Yes, Midway is an armored deck carrier.
  9. When you've played enough games, you start playing the enemy's ship for them. Ultimate mind games.
  10. Isoroku

  11. RNG based distance compression ????

    The distance compression is approximately 3x. Ships you are engaging at 12km, if everything were scaled properly, would actually be only about 4km away. Imagine trying to shoot a DD at 30km. That's how big a DD would look if you were engaging it 10km away IRL.
  12. Balance purposes. At one point Midway also had jet fighters and bombers.
  13. The AA at least simulates proximity fusing.
  14. When someone posts a topic that the best performing cruiser at Tier 8 be moved to Tier 7 because it is underpowered, what do you think the measured response should be?
  15. From what I can tell, while USN 8" could be made AAC using MT fuses set to a certain time, they were never dedicated to doing so, whereas other calibers received the VT fuses required to properly combat aircraft. I'm not even sure the calculations were even available in the auto loading spec to make it a proper DP gun for use against aircraft, even if the rounds were, simply because of the low maximum elevation, and, by that time, lack of necessity for large caliber fire vs high volume of small caliber fire.