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  1. The problem with Ocean is it supports only really one type of play, and it is long-range drawn out round slinging and torpedoes. This is the type of battle that's almost never fun to watch, just like it's almost never fun to play at T10. Close-quarters fighting will be limited to only destroyers skirmishing for a capture point, if any, and the remaining time will be the classic bow-on sling a few rounds meta.
  2. Well there is your problem

    We saw a player like this a year ago. Video of him yoloing the cap, 60 games, average < 1K damage. Took a lot of effort to get him banned for a few weeks.
  3. (Historical Thread: These tracers are designed to change the user display by presenting shell projectiles with augmented reality-style tracers, utilizing the standard UI green as a theme. These tracers have similar visibility to rainbow tracers, but because they are thinner, will disappear over range. Tracers that are sufficiently close in the field of view will be highlighted with HUD-themed tracers, while those that exceed the standard tracer draw distance will no longer appear. There are two standard types: Linear and Ticks. Linear is a singular tracer along the path of the projectile. Ticks have individual gaps in between the tracers. AA Linear: https://www.mediafire.com/?hjhg8kz57b3jax9 Ticks: https://www.mediafire.com/?go611bmn8d3pitf AA: http://www.mediafire.com/file/hycdm889h6k7d3j/AEGIS_AA.zip Installation Method: Rename file to Trail_smoke.dds and place in Warships/res_mods/version_number/particles/trails/Trail_smoke.dds
  4. I love AFKs rigging matches

    How can a matchmaker determine if someone is AFK before they start playing the game?
  5. Give a man a bag of gold, and he'll complain it's too heavy.
  6. Atlanta has been in the tech tree from time to time, and rotates out to make it physically possible to store the other American cruisers that can be sold. It should always be available in the store.
  7. I have 1.2M free XP. Should I get a Conquerer?
  8. The Kitakami was removed because it famously killed 1.1 teammates for every 1 enemy it killed. It had a higher teamkill rate than kill rate, server wide.
  9. Matchmaking

    The problem with average damage is that it also dependent on factors. RNCLs have horrible long-term fire damage numbers compared to most of the other ships in their tier. An AA-focused DM will have lower damage farm than a radar focused DM. Carriers will be impossible to balance because AS trollolo lower damage than Strike.
  10. Matchmaking

    Assuming player win rate (which is a horrible determination of skill since it is dependent on class) you'd still get garbage matches. A randomly generated team would match a skill balanced team 40% of the time. Creating perfect parity with just whoever is in queue is almost impossible.
  11. Nelson has only 4 Repairs

    Quality over Quantity
  12. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/update-notes-063/ Fighters may now be removed from a fight with enemy aircraft via an "Alt" attack -- when any carrier withdraws a squadron from action this way, it'll always lose one aircraft. (This rule applies to all carriers except Saipan, as it has only three fighters in a squadron.)