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    Bringing Kitakami back

    The Kitakami used to be the tier 8 japanese premium cruiser back in beta before being replaced by the Atago. She wasnt a very good ship back in beta but boasted the fact she had 40 torpedo launchers on board. However WG replaced her for reasons probably including she was too much of a one trick pony and really couldnt hold her own. However what if WG wanted to bring her back somehow into the game? I would suggest a tier 6 version with a modified torpedo system. Kitakami had 5 quadruple launchers per side so we could imitate this by only allowing her to launcher 1 set of 4 at a time. However her torpedo reload would be 1/5 the usual reload time. This would allow her to have a lot of torps per minute but very few torpedoes per salvo in the water.