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  1. Draws will still occur if the points are completely equal. Its exceedingly rare.
  2. The last player on both teams rammed each other while your team had the points lead. It's not rocket science if you understand how the objectives work and win conditions operate.
  3. BornToQuill


    All of the 380mm German guns share the same ballistic properties, to include penetration and impact angle. While the secondaries of the Siegfried do indeed suck (which is a valid complaint, they're technically worse then Agirs now). The Siegfried technically has the better primary armament due to its above average "Battlecruiser" Sigma (The Agir also benifits in the same fashion). While not sporting a penetration advantage or disadvantage, it's undoubtedly more accurate and consistent.
  4. BornToQuill

    Torpedo Bug still not fixed

    Only a matter of time before the mods discard the links to *HE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED*. Anyway, I tried it myself. Aiming/looking close to your ship and dumping torps makes them go off in a ridiculous direction. As far as I can tell, they no longer curve after being launched. But they can take a ridiculous initial vector that is 10-15 degrees away from where you're aiming. It should mainly affect you if you're dumping torps at close range (well inside any DDs surface concealment range) or attempting to hit a target at range while it's maneuvering relatively actively.
  5. Boom, they got another one. By the way, you should always be wary of ANY free to play game that has a multitude of different currencies.
  6. BornToQuill

    Can not connect to server.

    Negative. I'm on the West coast and its still down for me. This is a really odd update, as it usually downloads the new update and wg just has to restart their severs with the other update already loaded. Usually its takes 2-3 hours but this one sure is weird. I have a sneaky suspicion there's a "fix" in here for all of the server disconnect and crashing issues that seem to be affecting everyone over the last week or so. They should at least extend the deadline of ranked as recompense I think.
  7. BornToQuill

    Indianapolis Need Buff

    Actually.............they just buffed it during the last patch. Moreover, you already have the radar range of a Des Moines, most likely the most disgusting gun range for a T7 cruiser, and a dispersion value that is ridiculous.