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  1. _Madcows_

    How would you "counter play" me?

    As mentioned many times, absolutely zero suggestions to counterplay a cv, but an absolute truck load of smoke, mirrors. Fascinating but also disappointing as I think most here would love to find that magical bullet.
  2. _Madcows_

    How would you "counter play" me?

    I'm a decent player, and against all ship types except a CV no matter if a person is a unicum I can give that person I good run for their money or at least negate them enough my team can do the rest. However even some 48% wr scrub in a CV can ruin any chance I have pretty much more often than not despite anything I do. The difference is 3 ship types have counterplay I 'control', the CV however has all the control or enough that it doesn't matter in the majority. The for-CV arguments here seem incredibly weak, and not even a peep from some of the most notorious forum members who always come out of the woodwork. Ranked is actually nice for once knowing there is 100% chance of zero CVS!
  3. Reduce her fire resistance to a lower tier level so she becomes a ronson and can burn through those damage cons quickly.... Pun intended.
  4. After trying to power grind my neptune and donskoi to make sure I had the minotaur and moskva prior to next patch (so I could try for the upgrade via mission not the effing new 'grind-a-thon thingy,' ), I will say that the level of play has been trash at least for the last 2 months, but noticeably more so whilst been forced to grind essentially 'support class,' ships. Couple of examples (not exceptions) at tier 9 and 10 including; - DDs going full [edited] into caps in front of whole red teams, AA left on....... and not even trying to stop this even when you asking them to press 'P' - Teams with 1 or no dds, heavy BB compositions & BBs asking CA/Ls to spot for them rather than taking the opportunity to actually have the occasional brawl in a cap (with no fear of torps...). Often as not BBs going full lemming train to a cap... and then stopping outside it and trading shots without any attempt to push with obvious overwhelming odds in their favour. (then i get reported for not pushing and spotting in the donkey...... Started checking last week the players stats who do this, and more often than not i'm finding sub 700 game players in tier 9 or 10 ships (prem or tech tree), and this extremely often than not with most of those 700ish games been all prem ships equal or much lower tier. Obviously converting EXP to skip grinds, but at the same time skipping all the knowledge and skill gained by doing such a grind! Issues with this I feel is (as mentioned multiple times previously) is the huge amount of non-skilled people going way to high in tier and this then resulting in a much more marked impact on the match, likelihood of snowballing & massive win/losses in the first 5-10 minutes. This is not fun no matter whether your winning or losing. I do feel to a degree people are getting better at the game (as often mentioned here on the forums as an explanation of teams getting steamrolled and mistakes been punished severely), but this given the nature of RNG (and more positioning) is not alone in the steamrolling meta at present, and rather this is also amplified by the presence of numpties/potatoes what ever you want to call them as well. As to suggestions as to how this can be fixed, I do feel there needs to be some form of restriction of high tier equivalent premiums/ 'special,' ships first. Whatever happened to the idea of limiting it to tier 8. At least then if you were a complete nub in a prem you were the food in a tier 9 and 10 match anyway (or most likely). Second I feel a tier 10 (possibly even tier 9) at least needs some form of base battle requirement in each respective tier prior before it can be opened up. Having this linked to tier groups would stop people spamming low tier ships first or buying the one prem 8 and abusing it to then go straight to tier 9-10, and hey WG even might mean is someone is desperate to still do this they need to buy prems for all tier 5 to 8..... $$$ and everyones happy, WG gets cash, and tiers 9 to 10 don't get such 1/2 experienced players. Anyhow just my 2 cents worth. (Caveat to above I don't even particularly like tier 9-10, preferring tier 8 usually as at least there you get over 5 tiers worth of variety of ships, and probably end up too aggressive too soon for the tier 10 mlarky).
  5. All this PR talk.... Do people realize that in medical speak it means the equivalent of a digital rectal exam....
  6. Tier 8 was the most balanced tier for ranked, and the fact it has moved on has more to do with the fact that CW doesn't seem to interest people as much so ranked got hijacked to a higher tier as a result. Issue apart from the balance of all ships been more equal at tier 8 is that it also still has a semblance to ships that actually existed (more so) than the tiers above. To many ships 9+ can do everything, while this aspect is less common below. Just my thoughts and hoping they eventually move ranked back to tier 8 where it belongs (imho)
  7. _Madcows_

    Bugger the CVs Im outta here!

    Happens more often than you think at off peak times.... so fun and engaging mechanics have a time frame... both times it happened were also top tier 8 CVs vs tier 6-7 food. Needless to say both games were garbage for anybody not in a CV.
  8. _Madcows_

    And the sky shall turn blood red....

    Seems to look like a place of punishment for sinful CV love to me!
  9. Are CVs part of the team?
  10. All these challenges are equal in CO-op/pve games literally. The aspect pvp seems minor in this.... just making an observation.(not criticizing to be clear 😃)
  11. _Madcows_

    How to play AA Destroyers?

    Hey there couple points, AA/tracer fire doesn't localise in smoke, so long as you don't fire your main battery your good to leave AA on. If you do fire in smoke make sure you move and also this unpredictably and not when the CV is gunning for you. Aligning with the edge of smoke can make you hard to hit by planes as they typically target close to the centre of smoke due to the way smoke deploys initially (if they are blind firing and you haven't fired yourself). DD AA maybe not heavy damage but its accuracy can help kill off low hp planes I find which other people have damaged but cannot kill entirely. Also your accuracy can make your flak fairly good if your not the target of the planes and this makes people more predictable when going for their attack run. (less chance to dodge flak bursts). Use your AA and priority sector even if you have spare smoke especially if it seems the CV is fixated on someone else, save the smoke for when you really need it (am surprised by how often this has saved me later in the game by having that spare smoke available). Caveat to this is the start of the game where CVs do the obligatory flyby and take 1/2 your HP with one pass, or there are multiple other ships which can shoot you even though the CV is distracted. In these cases even though it maybe feels a waste of a smoke losing so much HP at the start is not worth it, keep your HP for later game, and also guard your AA mounts which will be smashed by the CV (effectively limiting your use for the rest of the game as unlike magic planes they don't regenerate). ….. and before some bright spark says that torps and shells are unlimited, well so are the bombs and rockets and torps of your planes, so tell me why the platforms of these are able to regenerate (imagine if the ships could do that even without the consumable..... AA will not save anything if the CV does annouying things like slingshotting, in this case were just food, ive learnt to accept this until WG finally realises it is harming their bottom line (not spent a cent since this crap started myself). Think about when to use your AA, not just 'if you are spotted or not.' Some of a DDs best AA is in the aura outside of the spotting distance for the DD, so maximising when you can use this is important. (this is my impression, people can correct me if this is wrong for some reason.) Example would be in my akizuki, sims etc. Your dual purpose mounts are the best AA, not the close in stuff, so try to use it if you can and stay safe... Use priority sector all the time, this makes the biggest difference to DDs as the swapping time is usable. Cruisers and BBs are just too slow in this regard and 1/2 the time I screw up the sector outside of the first wave in them (I often just reset to 100% both sides in these when im singled out and juggling everything else. Just remember to swap sides before the attack comes and compensate for the delay. Last but not least if you can communicate with a CA/L and they seem to realise that if they don't fire they can hide in smoke and be effective AA and safe then share your smoke. If you don't feel 99% confident this will happen though, and saving the teammate is not a priority for points etc then unfortunately you have to be very mercenary with your smokes, and the days of sharing ad lib are well and truly over unfortunately. Just my 2 cents worth.
  12. _Madcows_

    For All those "AA Spec works guys!!"

    Akizuki is my favourite dd, and this even before ifhe super pen. Most played ship as well. Saying this you can get high plane kill numbers but this is when you, a) don't get focussed. b) hide in smoke and let your AA work long enough. c) support others so your accuracy can finally flak/dpm to death, and again don't get focussed. Otherwise it's aa doesn't make up for its poor handling and fat size which make it actually a juicy target. I'm saying this so it's plane kills are NOT used as an example of good AA, as that is misleading imho.
  13. Don't know if this is just me, but anyone noticed the only part of the British tier 10 CV which a DD can damage with HE is the tiny superstructure. Rest of the ship been 21mm all round is impervious to most 127mm HE dmg. Had a game last night where after 64 rounds of HE of which most were hitting the saturated superstructure for 0 dmg in my shima I finally only managed to kill the remaining 287hp, by a lucky fire..... meanwhile that same cancer managed to take all but 2k HP from me from full HP. Even got desperate enough to spam all my tops at him thinking it was pointless. Admittedly and thankfully not all CVs have this (I checked after), but OMG can the armour on that CV be adjusted WG!
  14. AA increase would be good as it essentially is inferred by the name. Maybe the % of flak dmg and # of bursts?
  15. Possibly an alternative to points would be that the extent of damage done to a squadron would translate to a reload timer for putting them back up, regardless of whether or not they get shot down. ie if your planes come home, but they are essentially swiss cheese then you are delayed the next flight a commensurate period of time (ie to patch up the planes or the pilots who would be equally shot to bits/wounded etc etc