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  1. _Madcows_

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Bit on the brief side.... A whole weekend to come up with a very lawyer speak response IMHO.
  2. Early morning sucks with ranked been off. Was 24/7 before which meant while the que may be longer it was still partly viable. Now it is bronze on Saturday, silver Sunday if you want to power grind and rinse and repeat...
  3. _Madcows_

    LWM Needs Help: Crowd-Sourced Missouri Data

    Here LWM, tried to not run any fancy flags and this is with the basic original free camo. All on premium account. Hope this is useful, does seem to me to be less than when this ship first came out imho (credit earnings), though late night teams makes for awkward battles truth be told. Random battle - win Random Battle 2 – Loss Random Battle 3 - win Random Battle 4 - win Random Battle 5 -loss Random Battle 6 - loss
  4. Sorry was this an offer?
  5. Was this a response to me or a meaningless 'statement.' Sorry but my cognitive capacity is continuing to degrade for some reason. P. S if offering to buy me a cv am happy to take the inevitable karma hit to test out your statement 😁 Have barely touched CVs since rework so by that reason I should completely potato and prove you right...
  6. For which the trade is those planes can go anywhere, anytime, as often as you like. Which guns/torps can do this? Your damaging my brain with these contortions.
  7. Also agree, I swear part of my brain dies every time I see more CV crying... Though on a side note lately I have even started complimenting CV drivers who are not mentally challenged in game now!
  8. Fires are such a non threat now days... Surely this shows how much coddling CVs got if this is what you jump to now that the CV crying has fallen on deaf ears! Only takes 1 beer to get over this rubbish now I find... Question should it need beer or bacon to go 😴😴😴
  9. _Madcows_

    Destroyers Buffs?

    Heaven forbid a CV need to go 'silent' and manually steer a ship of all things in a ship game...
  10. Nerfed from an over powered or over influential state is not a nerf(s) to cry about.
  11. So CV rework was how long ago and this change happened only in the last month...
  12. _Madcows_

    Which Premium ships need to be buffed...

    Fen yang, the ship I bet most people still don't know actually is in game (which is its only advantage at times as people still poop themselves thinking your an akizuki). Ps though to be fair it is helped by been very much an anti new German dd line destroyer..... Which I'm sure WG is fine with as they are not planes or CVs...
  13. How many years has it been since torp soup was an issue... Remind me
  14. _Madcows_

    My Job prevents half of game modes.

    I joined from closed beta bud, and have far too many unique ships to want to leave em behind and join Sea. Also SEA has some dubious history going back to WOT days that pushed allot of people to join NA in the first place. Transferring accounts was something I considered, but since ranked was 24/7 last time this was offered I declined that... Though now I kind of regret it.
  15. _Madcows_

    Why not just delete Rocket planes?

    Heaven forbid a CV should have to work with others to fight an opponent... WG must be drunk or neglecting their favorite...