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  1. Asking for Advice After a 10 Loss Night

    Fletcher - know where the radar ships are located or be cautious until you do. Try to stay outside of their range, but if you have to don’t do anything that will tip them off you are there. For example, if you are capping or are the only ship able to spot them that’s enough for the smart ones light you up. Stay away from corners so if you get surprised by something on the other side you are within detection range. When capping stay on the edge of the circle and position yourself so that you are pointed directly at your spawn. This allows you to quickly dart out of spotting range and it is easier to dodge torps than being broadside. Don’t pop smoke unless you are trying to escape. Be mindful of friendly cruisers and battleships behind you. You may not be spotted but they probably are and might catch a torpedo meant for them. Don’t engage DDs within 5 km unless you know they’ve launched torps.
  2. Jean Bart - a little too strong

    In my opinion, to avoid power creep they should make her stats resemble Richelieu and move her to T8. Her gimmick would be to trade her speedboost for the reload booster, and have better AA instead of secondary range.
  3. Jean Bart the Dissapointment.

    Unless she’s made in duetschland, secondary builds are not really better than a survivability build. Don’t get me wrong, they’re fun and do hurt DDs and non-healable cruisers but not that combat effective above T8.
  4. Tour of Duty - Mogami

    Kind of glad they choose Mogami, haven’t sailed her in a long time so it’s perfect excuse to take her out.
  5. Stalengrad

    Everything I’ve seen on her is that she will really be strong. She should just be a slightly tougher Kronshtadt with improved economic and xp earning ability. That way she won’t be overpowered but still attractive to earn. Essentially I’m saying to make her the new Missouri.
  6. Yes we would still want her, but you would piss a lot of people off who don’t play clan battles. Personally it sounds like a horrible idea.
  7. T9 KGM FXP Ship?

    Personally, I think the H44 should have been the T10. Yeah the GKF is a fun ship, but we already have a 12 gun T10 and the H44 was the way they were going. I think she would be balance out by having 4x2 gun layout and a slower reload. She would have been different and unique and not just a Germanize Montana.
  8. It's player(s) complaint week!

    Every week is complaint week.
  9. Both of those ships should have never been added to the game.
  10. How to pronounce Worcester

    Hey, if you illiterate Yankees want to ignore the “r” and “c” in the name go ahead it’s a free country. Just stop trying to bring the rest of us down to your level.
  11. Wargaming, please help the Eagles.

    I’ll tell who gives a [censored]. I give a [censored] about your excellent use of puns.
  12. Wargaming, please help the Eagles.

    People are getting too wrapped around the axle with loyalty to either the Eagles or Sharks. In a less than a month it won’t matter what side you where on. The only thing that will matter is that you have the your preferred Worcester camo (both are ugly in my opinion) or the number of crates you collect. So lighten up, play for the Sharks until you max out your loyalty then switch to the Eagles. Easy as that.
  13. German 105mm HE getting the 1/4 rule

    Everybody is complaining about German secondaries not having 1/4 penetration, but everything I’ve read until this thread has said they do have that.
  14. Dear god I'm getting the Conqueror!

    I’ve heard from good players that the 457 have arguably some of the best AP in the game (penetration & damage wise) despite lacking the ability to overmatch 32mm bows. However, losing 4 guns does hurt her DPM and hit percentage per salvo. That’s why the 419s are superior.