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  1. Yeah, it's something different and unique with the 18" guns.
  2. Grinding through the CO was a hate to love relationship for me. Ended up liking her at the end. It seemed pretty tuff angled. I rebought her a few months ago and I was taking damage like crazy. Saw some poor bastard the other day and he was taking penetrations consistently and not bouncing anything. Is it just me or has the new ships added in the past year do more damage to her or has the player base evolved to exploit its weaknesses? I figure she could probably use a 5k bump in health and maybe have T8 bow armor to make her unique.
  3. Congratulations, and thank your friend!
  4. Some is getting emotional. If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen.
  5. Please explain to me why a Russian company would be collecting donations for US disaster relief?
  6. Actually, the jeep carriers like Bogue usually carried a mix of FM-2s and TBFs, very close to the stock setup. The TBFs would carry bombs when engaging ground targets.
  7. There are plenty of jeep carriers that could fill the role of T5 premium, but they need to put manual drops back in.
  8. Guys, I just restarted several of my Jap DD captains and stuck on which skill I should use choose first at Tier 3 for the typical IJN torp boat - Torpedo Armament Expertise or Superintendent. I just wanted to know other people's opinions on which one they would pick first.
  9. Nothing in this game is worth the money they're asking.
  10. They are mostly made-up ships with made-up stats, and in my experience they are much stronger than their counter parts from T6 and up. I just finished a game where I had to run from a Tashkent in a Bismark the entire game because he was constantly laying fire down on me and I couldn't hit him enough with my guns to do any damage. Also, Despite what they say about their fire chance in the port I always get set on fire by their DDs and cruisers more often than by other nations; the only time I had 4 fires on my ship was from a Russian CA. It is the most infuriating thing in this game that these made up ships are more powerful than their real world counterparts. I think I'll go read about the Russian economy to cool me down. Hope those mother [edited]enjoy their bread lines.
  11. By fake ships he means half of the ships in the Russian lines. He also means how their stats are completely blown out of proportion. Most Russian ships were designed by other European nations, like the Italians. I may be mistaken, but the Italian navy didn't fair too well in WWII so these Russian ships shouldn't be any better than their counter parts. In my opinion the Russian ships should all be nerf, but their cost and XP requirements should be substantial lowered so they are easier to get. This would give players an easier way to get to the upper tiers, not waist their time grinding the line, and mimic Russian design philosophy.
  12. Cyclones don't bother me as much as radar, RDF, or Russian super ships. Everyone is on equal footing with a cyclone. Those others heavily tilt the odds to one side.
  13. Well, if you really studied the History and not just wrote papers you'd realize that the Germans were exterminating the Eastern Europeans the same as they were doing to the Jews. That rebuilding of Eastern Europe you speak of would have been upon the bones of its inhabitants.
  14. ​Yes, Alabama is iconic. She is one of the last surviving battleships in the world and has had thousands toured her since the 60s. Whenever you watch a film which features a World War II capital ship, chances are it was filmed on Alabama. Since 1964 she has been our window to the past, that alone makes her iconic.
  15. ​Have you ever heard of helping a brother out? It takes the same amount of time to post a [edited]response as answering his question. I personally find these [edited]responses more annoying than people asking dumb questions.