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  1. If I had a guanlet, I’d slap you in the face and challenge you to duel.
  2. Looks awesome. Personally, I don’t want co-op to be challenging (that’s what pvp is for) I want it to be a shooting gallery. Taking the current AI and adding more with mixed MM be sweet.
  3. Got my Clear skies in a Texas against 2 Hoshos. Those guys attacked me at least 4-5 times and attacked teammates within my AA envolope several times.
  4. I like Pensacola, hated Yorck. Couldn’t do any damage in Yorck. Catch a cruiser broadsides with a P-Cola and you citadel them. I couldn’t really connect with the Yorck’s AP. Granted it’s been well over a year since I played Yorck so she might have changed since then.
  5. I like Spee, but she’s a hard ship to do well in. No love for Indianapolis? She’s on sale right now. I hear she’s like a premium Pensacola - granted P-cola’s a love it or hate ship. Atago probably is your best bet for CAs. You can use any of your Jap captains on her. She’s an unique Japanese ship with her fast turret traverse, forward torpedo angles, and repair. Definitely better than her Japanese counterparts at those tiers. I would second the Scharnhorst recomendation. As good as Atago is, she’s still a cruiser and susceptible to getting wrecked by BB guns. Scharn would survive a hit that would kill any cruiser. Plus her guns are a medium caliber and I’m told very cruiser like.
  6. Very true. I won’t feed the addiction and avoid getting frustrated this week. It’s pretty tuff sledding out there right now with everybody racing to get kills on the limited number of BBs.
  7. Thanks man. Not looking for sympathy or complaining, just making water cooler talk.
  8. That’s similar to how I got my first clear skies. I was in Texas vs 2 Hoshos. They kept attacking me, and I shot a bunch of them down. Won the match in the last 30 seconds when one of the Hoshos came out of the island he moved behind and pointed right at me just under 10 clicks away. Murdered him full health to zero with one salvo of cits and pens. Should have sent that one into somebody.
  9. Well wargaming has found out how to limit the number of BBs per game - just make a mission where you have to kill them with DDs! Usually saw 3 per team ( at most 4 a few time) instead of the usual 5-7 last night. Good luck boys, I’ll just enjoy the holidays instead.
  10. I would kill if they gave her Mahan torp options. Especially when you see her 5.5 torps and Mahan’s 9.2 torps are both labeled my 15 mod 0!
  11. I don’t think it was purchasable, at least I know I didn’t pay for mine. I got mine from a mission on either memorial or Veterans Day a couple of years ago. Really wish war gaming would make it possible to fly more than one flag (2 in the case of the Japanese). I hate having so many but not wanting to fly them because they give no rewards.
  12. Pan Asian is a answer for a question nobody asked. RN DDs would have been preferred.
  13. I find them to be more reliable to earn credits and xp than randos because you have a better chance to win. Also, the second week Halloween event was really profitable, much more than the first week.
  14. Once took 3 torps with my Fletcher. Was pretty close to my max health of 20250, survived with ~150-300 health. Was expecting to die so I zoomed in and was focusing on shooting the guy who launched them. Figured I’d only took 1 until the guy started complaining in chat.
  15. I don’t know man, tried it a few matches during the free module switch a few weeks ago and didn’t have much luck.