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  1. SavageTactical

    Izumo - Worth the Grind?

    In my opinion she was never a bad ship; people just disliked her because she was ugly and wasn’t Yamato. When I grinded her, so to speak, I only upgraded her hull and kept the stock range and engine. It was before her concealment, deck armor, and penetration buffs. I though she was balanced before, but feel this sigma increase is too much.
  2. SavageTactical

    Fixing the Shimakaze "Legendary Upgrade"

    I can handle it’s shortcomes for the net 10% reload increase.
  3. SavageTactical

    Battleships shells vs destroyers

    You had to see me run straight at this New Mexico yesterday like a mad man. I knew he couldn’t kill me in one shot so point blanked him for my 7th kill of the game in my shinonome.
  4. SavageTactical

    Human Commander vs High Point Captain

    I’m sure that works real well when you get that one game where nobody on the opposite team focuses you down and you’re either killed outright or limping along the rest of the game at 1/4 health. Because there is nothing more influential in the game than a gunboat DD that won’t shoot because the next good salvo will take him out.
  5. SavageTactical

    Human Commander vs High Point Captain

    That’s Busch League stuff. Unless you have a distinct advantage in firepower or health, knife fights are often stupid to get into early match because you usually end up crippled health-wise no matter what. Even if you win your chances of getting torpedoed or finished off by the other DD’s support means you wind up getting killed as well. Knife fighting early in the match is only really viable in the lower tiers where battleships and cruisers are not as effective against DDs.
  6. SavageTactical

    Tier 9 BB for Arms Race Ranked

    It’s not her upper belt, it’s the forward transverse bulkhead of the citadel. Despite being thicker It is not strong enough to stop Musashi shells except at extreme ranges. However, at those ranges the shells will be coming in more vertical so it’s a mute point in the game.
  7. Most of these Buffs are not necessary or miss the mark in my opinion.
  8. SavageTactical

    Missing the Kronshtadt

    I’ve only played her a few matches and like her. She’s probably worth spending $20-$30 bucks in my opinion.
  9. SavageTactical

    Mighty Prinz Ships

    The port slots are arguably more valuable than the ships themselves.
  10. SavageTactical

    LittleWhiteMouse’s accuracy testing link

    Thanks Mouse, you’re a peach.
  11. Guys, a few months back @LittleWhiteMouse posted how she conducts her accuracy testing. I can’t find the post and was hopping someone could help me out with a link. I’d like to do my own testing next month and would like to follow her criteria.
  12. SavageTactical

    Need Advice on Next Tier 10 Bote

    I would highly recommend the Yamato. She’s a good ship with a unique overmatch mechanic that no other ship has in the game. If you don’t plan to buy the perminate camo for her, FXPing Musashi would be a good choice. I also really like GK. Just recently got her, but played her a lot last April in her “All Destroyer” guise. GK is tuff and has decent guns. However, she’s not for everyone.
  13. SavageTactical

    Azuma Preview - Stalingrad Lite

    I bet she will be for coal, maybe FXP. I think she is intended to be the “poor-man’s Stalingrad,” so they will sell her for a non-steel resource. It’s a shame in my opinion, I would have like to have seen her as T9 to square off against Alaska. The ships were very similar in size, armor, and armament so I think they should be at the same tier. In my opinion, Azuma has had her stats artificially increased so she can be put at T10 for clan wars.
  14. Though this would be of interest to those curious on how the automatic 8" guns work.