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  1. For low tier games and for ships I wouldn’t want to waiste a t5 for.
  2. We need premium T9 cruiser

    I still believe she would make a better T7 BB. She doesn’t have the DPM to compete with cruisers. She would make an excellent tier mate to Scharnhorst. Scharn has superior armor while Alaska has better guns. Give Alaska British/US concealment and it could make an interesting matchup. Plus at tier 7 she would still meet T9s while not having to face T10s.
  3. Missouri, Just Curious

    Last November I finally got Missouri having never converted any ship xp to fxp. I estimate I had earn maybe 850-900k total at the time I bought her. Was playing since the game went live. That was with a free account with maybe only a month of premium time. I probably spent 100-150k total during that time on upgrades/getting through grinds faster. That includedalso getting 2 75k fxp drops from super containers and 2 50k drops after the content of supers was nerfed. Most of that was earned last year. Since November I now have 550k. Over the past year, WG has been really good about increasing the ways to earn fxp, especially over the holidays. Many people talk about how easy it is to earn 8-12k fxp per match. That’s possible if you stack camo and signals, but those fxp earnings are for wins with good performance. I’d expect 2-5k for losses, where 5k would be a very good performance. Also, those numbers aren’t sustainable without spending a lot of money on camo and signals. You would need hundreds of camos and signals to earn enough fxp to get Mo or Mush; you can’t get enough from free giveaways for the number of games required to purchase these ships.
  4. After Roma, Massachusetts?

    Check the webpage my friend.
  5. De Grasse and Dunkerque Tech Tree

    They are removing some prem ships from the tech tree in either 7.1 or 7.2. Check the 7.0 release post on the webpage to see which ships remain. I think De Grass will stay, but can’t remember if Dunkirk will.
  6. I got “snowed in” yesterday morning and decided play a few rounds in the Missouri. It was shear hell facing so many Musashis and Yamatos. There was very little I could do when facing three ships that could pen from any angle bash me and I can’t answer back. Wargaming was probably right with the original 35s reload. I think things settled in the evening but I played tier 7s that evening so I was a little sheltered from T9s. She’s probably a little to strong for T9 with the 30s reload (especially with the reload booster module) but hell what can you do? 200k FXP and I’ll get my long awaited Japanese BB trainer. If you can’t be them join them ;)
  7. Chill out and don’t be an [edited] to this guy if you have problems with WG.
  8. delete

    Mine seems to be the same default distance as the previous version. Must be a resolution/ performance difference between our hardware. I do notice that on the container ship it’s zoom out more than in the prior version.
  9. The first time you could get Kongo and Myoko they had no skills. In subsequent release the captains got 6 skills or 10. The last event they all got 10. I wish they would combine the duplicates. What I would suggest is that they would figure out the total XP the commanders needed to earn to get to their current skill points total + that they’ve earn towards their next star, the add the two together to get one commander. This works for me because I don’t see myself working on my 6 pt CCs since I already have an identical 10 pt CC.
  10. New map "Sleeping Giant"

    So the strategy is basically the same as every map introduced over the past year: take two bases and defend against the other.
  11. what do you like about WoWs??

    I like sailing historic ships. I like when I first got started you couldn’t get immediately deleted as you can in WOT. Even when you killed fast in this game you can tell who was doing it and how you where killed and learned from the experience. In WOTs you can be driving along and get killed out of no where.
  12. USS Iowa vs IJN Yamato

    Well yes. We had better sensors and computers. Iowa had a better chance to get first hit than Yamato. When ships fought in WWII who ever got the first hits usually won. Why? Because they would usually damage the enemy’s fire control systems, sensors, and injure/kill their leadership. Once you lose those you’re done.
  13. He meant she is a captain trainer in game and not a real life training ship. Get some situational awareness.
  14. They added her this past Christmas.
  15. A friendly PSA

    True, but doing that consistently every game is a extremely difficult. Expect 50% of your games to be losses so you don’t earn anywhere close to that. Getting the flags to do that is also expensive.