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  1. “Cocaine is a hell of a drug.” -Rick James
  2. Yamato is not that scary

    You have noticed that every round fired beyond close range plunges down in this game right? Also this thread is about Yamato, so yeah overmatch is considered a given in this conversation.
  3. Dev Blog - ST Kronshtadt changes

    This ship is just toxic.
  4. Selling ARP Ships

    Question is will the port slot disappear with the ship?
  5. Alabama or Prinz Eugen

    Big fan of Alabama, she’s really tuff when angled. I don’t have Eugen, but I do have Hipper. I like Hipper, she had good guns with fast turret traverse but I never did well in her. Haven’t played her in over a year.
  6. Hey what's a great way to make creidts?

    Play t7s and do operations. Watch Noster and Flamu tutorial videos to pick up on gameplay tips and strategy. Obviously the best way to get money in randoms is to do more damage (especially to ships with low health pools), get more kills, more ribbons, etc.
  7. Co-Op players chill

    I agree.
  8. Premium Ship Review: Varyag

    Free port slot is a free port slot. Not complaining when I get her.
  9. T8 Baltimore is not better that T9 Baltimore. T9 has more health and 1.2s faster ROF with MBM3. They both will see a lot of T10 matches. However, this is better than the first pass of rebalancing. This will make her the only cruiser at T8 with 27mm bow right? If that’s the case she can bow tank against any 15” gun BB. Switching subjects, does changing Pensacola’s guns to the 203/55s giver her back her 30s turret traverse? If you like her, that’s what really makes her playable. Also, they really need to adjust the US 6” shell drag. That poor drag was placed on them to balance out Cleveland with T6s; now that she is moving to 8 she needs better ballistics against her new opponents. Closing, this is a step in the right direction.
  10. Really good noobs?

    Denied. Enjoy hell you goose stepping bastard.
  11. Dev Blog - ST. Massachusetts changes

    Alabama has an additional 32mm torpedo belt that comes up over main belt that NC doesn’t have. This gives her around 342mm side armor (NC has ~305mm) and 2 autobounce checks (essentially, spaced armor). This effectively gives her a belt thickness equivalent to Bismarck (350mm). I have also noticed Bama will bounce quite a few shots when angled.
  12. Is the USS Texas worth it?

    For what it’s worth, when I play Texas I’m usually never bottom tier and when I am there’s usually just one or two tier sevens. She’s worth abusing the free trial of Amazon Prime and signing up for twitch to get her.
  13. Yamato is not that scary

    When your angled you can bounce his shells off your side, but if he lands plunging fire or connects with your bow...pen city.
  14. Why do only the pompous Limeys come to this forum? Go to the EU forum, and send us some of the cool Brits who can take a joke without getting their panties in a wad.
  15. What's next?

    I’m a little disappointed in the amount of elite xp generated, but I do have a couple of 19pt CCs who do wonders with the prem ships I have. The Halloween event last year was much more productive (and IMO, more fun). However, for those players who don’t have a 19pt CC with a few of great Prems I’m sure this is a god send.