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  1. SavageTactical

    A 40 Knot Iowa?

    Just when I thought this game couldn’t get any more absurd...
  2. SavageTactical

    Will there be an Italian Non Doubloon Ship?

    Probably after the follow on fantasy Russian line after their battleships.
  3. SavageTactical

    Crowd scour: The search for gun ammo costs.

    US 406mm SHS are $250 each. At least they were prior to 8.0.
  4. SavageTactical

    Got a WG Survey

    Service member? FSB gathering intel on you.
  5. SavageTactical

    Worcester sixth slot question

    The AA mod should be the best for the ship, but that depends on how often you see CVs. I stopped playing a few weeks ago so I can’t really comment on current carrier population. As for the other two mods, Worcester’s shell ballistics are too bad to really be effective against anything other than stationary targets. Like others have said, the DPM mod is not much of a buff since she already has excellent DPM. I went with DPM because hitting anything at the extended range is more luck than skill. The DPM mod would improve the ship’s firepower at all ranges while the range mod only can do it at the additional range, but only if you are lucky.
  6. SavageTactical

    X Salem or IX Jean Bart

    Salem will earn as well as a T10 with permanent camo, but will have a cheaper service.
  7. SavageTactical

    What is that? What the heck is that?!

    Without tanker support they really can’t carry that many weapons. Their range would be too limited. Maybe 2 anti-ship missiles/bombs without tanker support; 4 with a tanker. It would still take a flight of four probably, especially since one jet would probably maintenance cancel. Against a new ship with modern Naval SAMs you’d want to attack with several squadron and missiles only - any plane trying to get close enough to drop bombs would be killed well before it got into drop envelope.
  8. SavageTactical

    Jean Bart or Salem - Undecided

    In my opinion, for randoms there is little difference between DM and Salem. Yeah Salem has a shorter range radar, but in all honesty DM’s radar is too short-ranged itself to safely illuminate the caps at game start so for me it’s not that much more effective. DM is better for clan battles. In competitive being able to have hydro, radar, and the legendary mod is too much to pass up. Salem does come with a free T10 prem camo and has a base repair cost that’s half of a regular T10. Something to consider if you don’t have DM’s perm camo. For the average player, JB is the superior ship. Unless you are truly talented in cruisers or just horrendous in BBs you will do better in JB. She nearly has cruiser ROF with BB alpha and protection.
  9. SavageTactical

    Massachussetts in my port?

    Congrats man, hope you enjoy her.
  10. SavageTactical

    What ships will you be driving in a sea of Alaskas.

    Any 16” armed Battleship will overmatch them at any angle. I’d say Montana or GK for their number of guns. Nothing says pain like taking one or two citadels with 2-5 pens/over-pens sprinkled in the mix.
  11. SavageTactical

    Des Moines legendary Module

    This guy hits the nail right on the head. I play the same way in randoms. US radar is so short that you’ll most likely get killed early game if you move in to light up the caps. I’ve had more success staying at range send HE at battleships early game, then moving in once the BB threat is lowered to engage cruisers and destroyers. Like he said, clan is a different bag of hammers where the Leg mod really shines.
  12. SavageTactical

    Bounty hunt is back!

    I really hate these things. Have seen several times where the turkeys/pirates/whatever seem to purposely throw their ships away. One time it was a close game and the dude deliberately suicided costing us the win. That really burned me up.
  13. SavageTactical

    Y'all might be happy to know

    With [edited] like you out there they probably deserved it.
  14. SavageTactical

    Poll Surrounding Several Items of the Game

    Bacon is obsolete now that What-a-burger Jalapeño cheddar cheese biscuits exist.
  15. SavageTactical

    Poll Surrounding Several Items of the Game

    @The_Painted_Target This is a well designed poll.