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  1. Musashi? I mean, let's be honest there's few things more trolly than a Yamato facing a Colorado.
  2. I can't believe we got this much of a win. I'm afraid of the left hook they are hiding on us now.
  3. It's almost like they figure they can run the game on 1-2k people that endlessly shell out cash lol
  4. Mavairo

    How to make NTC balanced.

    how to make a combat bonus grind system balanced? Don't do it in the first place.
  5. You know, there's going to be no reason what so ever for me to return now. I don't WANT to regrind lines I've already played through. I'll pick a ship here and there I like from a line and replay it from time to time. But when a new line like say the Italian Battleships comes out, no one's going to be playing them. Because everyone is going to be regrinding their other lines, trying to unlock the gear for their Tier Xs. And anyone starting over, is going to be at a massive disadvantage. Unlike some people, I work for a living. I want to play new lines, and unlock ships and find favorites along the way. Maybe, just maybe Wargaming dug themselves a hole when they started selling T9s and T10s in the store. Maybe, just maybe when every event they run, as of late benefits T10s only, and when Ranked is T10 only, they over incentivized T10 as it is. They want us playing through the lower tiers again, yet do nothing to incentivize doing so. And they don't want to give us more ship lines. Just imagine playing your way through a brand new line, when everyone you play against is at least half way finished regrinding their old lines and the serious disadvantage you are going to be at. All because WG can't keep their * out of it, and wanted to sell 9s and 10s in the store. Let's say for giggles I came back to this game (I left because of how absurd the cv rework was) and I grind like a good lil boy. When I left I was trending toward a 55+ WR. I'm hardly a unicum.. but I know how to beat on bads, or did. Why give me yet more tools to do so with? For that matter, why would you ever buy a Premium again, for a country that doesn't have a line to grind through? Let's use Roma for a great example here. Or the Graf Zeppelin. Or any number of 1 ship in the line only ships. This is such a slap in the face, that I had to double check to make sure WG wasn't bought by Activision. Hey Wargaming, why don't you ask Cryptic what happened to their pvp community small as it was in STO when they introduced grind and pay to win to their game. It totally didn't result in a mass exodus to Guild Wars2, and Mechwarrior Online. (and here's another hint for you, STO at least has pve content and story missions. Guess what you don't have to fall back on)
  6. Just make CVs a map objective, and delete them from player control. Clearly it's impossible to balance them correctly. Either they are god tier, or completely useless with nothing between.
  7. https://www.facebook.com/aaron.keating.3/media_set?set=a.2324432504316079&type=3 Enjoy, yes there are a ton of pictures. (I'm so sorry if you have bad internet there's like 400 images here) This was a great trip. How did she stack up to the USS North Carolina (My first battleship from two years ago)? Imo the NC is a better exhibit as you get to explore more of the ship, but around the ship the Alabama has more to do including the USS Drum which is in immaculate shape. The aircraft pavillion, and tank exhibits are also worth checking out.
  8. Mavairo

    West Virginia update

    My experience in the ship is also a small sample pool. They are trash though, given that they are evidently unable to stop me. Looking at them, I see a free 10k damage, every salvo, regardless of how they angle, due to their superstructure, and even more deadly to them per trigger pull when they are broadside since everything mid ships forward is pure damage farm material. My Genny is decent, and I can make it work, but it's not got the sheer impact potential the 16" guns have. I also don't think battleships should be slinging HE 24/7 and that's all the sharnhorst is, is an HE thrower that imo doesn't even do that job as well as KGV.
  9. Mavairo

    West Virginia update

    Where as most of my 200k + games have come when I was an anchor point for my team, pushing 1-2 caps, and punishing enemy ships that over extend first, and then widdle my way backward.
  10. Mavairo

    West Virginia update

    If your team dies you probably aren't long for the world either anyway. If you've read the map wrong, your still being denied firepower applied to target in so long anyway you are still boned.
  11. Mavairo

    West Virginia update

    And how often do we really haul [edited]at T10? Not a whole lot. Most of the time you are traveling 20 knots or less anyway, assuming you move at all once you take a cap to defend. (and usually it's the more central cap so you can fire into yours, and the other caps)
  12. Mavairo

    West Virginia update

    Colorado is food for T7 German BB? LOL no, no it's not. Maybe if you are really really bad at the game it is, but I do not fear either T7 in my Colorado. Actually I don't fear ANY of them (I have 400 games in one, and a 55 WR in her.. I think I know a thing or two about her ability in this game) I don't even fear most of T8s for that matter. I can't even tell you how many of the German BBs that thought they could torp me got sent to the bottom without ever landing even one on me. German junk is just that. Junk. They can't hit the broadside of a barn standing in it. eat massive pen damage, nearly everywhere on their hull. They also don't turn as well as the Colorado. She has plenty of wiggle room to be added, to make her a fun T8. T7 she would be too much, given that WG would seek to balance her against her ...crippled sister. They could give her 32mm armor, a 2.0 (or even scarier a 2.1) sigma, faster reload, and a couple other gimmicks easy to make her fit at 8. At 7 she would need to be nerfed, just to exist. Why insult the ship by trying to "balance" it against the gimped compared to history Colorado. Hell as it is, I feel Colorado is nerfed and if I had the option to get my 2.0 sigma back, vs the 1.8 sigma and lose the hp gain I would. Those guns were sweet heart material. They made her more comfy, but lowered her skill ceiling with the recent changes.
  13. Mavairo

    West Virginia update

    By the end of the war, sure. But at the start? Not so much. Remember much of NC's duties were as an AA barge. That's not the same thing as belting out punishment to other battleships. I love my NC (she's my fave battleship of the entire bunch. Actually if you are ever in my home state of NC I recommend stopping by to see her, she's absolutely gorgeous), but she never won accolades for accuracy, nor pulled off the gunnery feats the WeeVee did. Also, since when has History ever stopped WG from changing gun accuracy, besides? It never has. Look at Big Mamie vs Lucky A, vs the Show Boat (NC). Crap man, USN ships are STILL missing armor that they actually had in the sake of "balance".
  14. Mavairo

    West Virginia update

    Actually there is a HUGE difference in the ships. The Crews. WeeVee won numerous gunnery medals before Pearl even happened. It was noted that even back then the crews fire discipline and ability to land shells stood out. That crew, got even better hardware to play with. How much does a crew matter? Well, look at the Iowa's reputations in WW2, especially the name sake of the class were notorious for not being able to even pull off effective shore bombardment because of just how green around the gills the crew was.
  15. Mavairo

    West Virginia update

    If they handle her right, she'll be just fine.