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  1. Riker_2

    Isn't the Amagi Supposed to be Accurate?

    Yes still not much help and i also notes that the shells don`t sim to hit as hard as the US shells at least to the US tier 7 Battleship
  2. Riker_2

    Isn't the Amagi Supposed to be Accurate?

    You get one round of good shot group then the next is all over the place luck to get one hit had cruisers at 9 k and only get two hits shots went ever where. Thinking about sale it
  3. How do you play it when everybody is 20 k or more away and you can`t chase them down that has happened to me 4 or 5 times or they sit way back and you cant get at them range is to short. If she had more speed like Fuso you can make it work.
  4. Riker_2


    I have played the North Carolina before but quit it because i was have a hard time hitting other ships started playing Colorado again and am starting to get better at second time around thinking of giving North Caroline a second look.Are the guns the same on both ships if they are do the act the same.
  5. Riker_2

    Shell arcs

    Are the shells on the Iowa less float then on the North Carolina i am trying to figure out if i want to go back to North Carolina to get the Iowa are the Guns on the Iowa better or the same.
  6. Riker_2

    Ok, Ok - I like the Richelieu

    I am also finding that shells go all over the place sometimes i will get a good shot and do good damage then the next time it is all over the place and lucky to get one hit. I am playing the stock hull does it get better with the upgrade hull.
  7. Riker_2

    Is the KGV worth it? Is it a keeper?

    I am at tier 7 need two million more credit for tier 8 Battleship i have been watching Whiskey gaming lounge videos and he says the tier 8 is so so how does it do when it is up tiered do you use AP or HE most of the time is it wroth getting or try and free XP Passed it.
  8. Riker_2

    Is the KGV worth it? Is it a keeper?

    Does the British Battleships get better after King George V is it wroth going up the line King George V Kills me with the Turret turns have to turn the whole ship.
  9. Riker_2


    Thank you will a person miss the range that New Orleans has at 16.2 to Baltimore 15.8
  10. Riker_2


    I am close to getting the Baltimore is it a upgrade over the New Orleans i got mad and so the New Orleans about month ago and have got it back and playing it. I do OK in it i have been reading on the forums that some don`t think Baltimore is that much of a upgrade i looked at it in the tech tree the only think i can see i don`t like is less range.
  11. Riker_2

    What is the best way to play Hipper?

    I like the Hipper but can somebody tell me why my shells break on a angled Charles Martel at 12k away firing AP and
  12. Riker_2

    Advice on playing Hipper in tier 9 and 10 matches

    IS the C hull on the Hipper wroth the money to get it
  13. Riker_2


    Noster has a video of him playing it on you tube if you want to watch it.
  14. Riker_2

    Wow! Hipper is love, Hipper is life!

    have the Hipper played about 25 games in it what does the last hull begin to the ship is it wroth the money to have it. Also what is it with then guns i had yam at 14k and it was broad side and all my shells went over or under and i was aiming at the water line.
  15. Riker_2


    On the Yorck i am using He at 14 K to 15 K it just seems that i can`t hit a broad side ship with more then 2 to 3 shells the rest fall short or wide