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  1. There isn't a server up right now. The public test is only available for certain time periods so pay attention to the news portal.
  2. Premium shop issues?

    Same here. Bought the weekend pass via Paypal and still haven't gotten anything.
  3. Alsace is hard to pronounce...

    I always pronounce it ALL-SASS.
  4. Arizona Thoughts?

    Arizona is fairly accurate and it has very tight shell groupings 80-85% of the time. Plus it can bounce pretty much everything that it will face except for 15 inches and higher. The cons is that it's slow and vulnerable to air attacks. Definitely a great support BB.
  5. A Battle to Remember

    This was a hell of a battle but also a fun one (and shows how powerful the Giulio Cesare is). Think in all my 2 and a half years of WoWs this was the most ships sunk for me. Edit: Wish I had replays enabled to save this.
  6. Roma and Christmas boxes
  7. So PA DD's are coming

    PA DDs will be released on Nov. 29th.
  8. Booted again!

    The only time I'm ever booted is if there is an interruption to my wifi connection its never an issue with the game itself. Diagnose your issues and solve them
  9. Premium Ship Review: USS Kidd

    The hometown hero has arrived!!! Also I love this gif.
  10. I was able to get my 1600 base xp from playing the Giulio Cesare
  11. You had a little less than a month to complete the entire mission.....
  12. My guess is about $40 just for the ship and the bundles being a little bit more.
  13. Edit: Double post sorry
  14. Don't get me wrong, I personally would like to see Fletcher torps on the Kidd (since it is a Fletcher) but I bet that is WG's point of view on why the Kidd has Benson torps, the addition of the heal, and why it was in development hell in the first place.