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  1. Wraithunter

    Will there be A PT 0.8.0 Part 2?

    Well yea I figured as much, but still my original point was that it wasn't really that much of a grind since we got tons from just doing 3 battles. And yea, hell no I wouldn't want to grind 400k XP on PTS just for the Yamato lol. (Trust me there was plenty of other game PTS' that I tested on which literally forced you to grind for EVERYTHING). So I know the feeling Elo lol. But I understand too, and I do agree...signal flags as a reward is ok, but it would be better as a reward on Live such as the upgraded Signal Flags or unique Camo, or even a low-tier/mid-tier ship or something. At least something that would be an interesting reward. I mean I was doing that "In the Name of his Highness" on PTS, mostly because you got some nice rewards from it, now with the new year special mission, you get unique Camo and some other stuff. Those are actually good rewards, But yea.
  2. Wraithunter

    Will there be A PT 0.8.0 Part 2?

    Even for the next time when PTS comes back up for another major patch, it would be nice to go back to the old way of getting Tier X's in the Arsenal. That's the only issue I really had (beside the CV's uhh) with this update. I mean, idk how everyone else feels about it, but I really liked getting the Tier X's through the Arsenal with the Coal and Steel that we would get per battle. Like getting more Coal and Steel in Victories and less in Defeats while in Co-Op and Random Battle, instead of just outright buying them for 20,000,000 Credits. Granted I thought this time it would of been the same, but it seems they changed it to only obtain through resource boxes. Which is ok, but still like the older way lol. On the old PTS it was just a nice goal, even while testing, something to do. Now that I think of it actually, they probably gave Coal and Steel per battle on PTS, was because we were testing the Arsenal when it was coming out on Live. But still I did like that old method. Plus made you want to work on PTS, instead of straight out giving you Tier IX's or X's, it made you work for them! Especially since it didn't take long to get them anyways. Now also not saying they should be the prices like on Live (300k coal for Tier X Premium god..), I mean for PTS like it was during that testing period, like idk, 5000-10000 Coal was it for Tier IX-X's? besides that, getting the collections, and different reward camos was nice to have while testing specific things you know? It was just nice while testing French Battleships that one patch and having those 2 unique Camos for the Alsace while sailing into battle. Just me though. Would be nice to have the old way again, instead of it being like World of Tanks PTS lol. Plus I know there will be Russian Battleships, since they hinted at it at one point. As well as more CV's for the other Nations. Just an idea lol.
  3. Wraithunter


    Ah I was a bit confused myself, I haven't been crashing and such, however it kept saying it wasn't connecting to the server, Aye, gotta wait for tomorrow then. o7