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  1. Wraithunter

    Public Test - 0.9.2 - Part 1 - Bugs Report

    Yea the Container ship bugs out for me a lot too, has been happening since the Halloween event back in 2019 lol. It's been fixed/came back, probably would be fixed again.
  2. Wraithunter

    Public Test - 0.9.2 - Part 1 - Bugs Report

    Good evening Commanders! I just want to report that icons in the armory are not appearing! Even the icons for the currency (European tokens and that "20" I assume is something but not sure what though.) are not showing. This is also happening in the Research Brue, the ships Ohio and Colbert's price and names are displaying but the images are not. I've also noticed that for the European Navy tab that the bundle that we need to test costs 1k doubloons however, I didn't receive the 30k doubloons, I've only received the credits upon entering the game. I have also noticed the PTS account never updated, which probably explains not receiving the 30k for testing but still.
  3. Wraithunter

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    Ah I see thank you for the explanation then. It makes sense now lol, and granted seeing what it means I am not exactly like that when it comes to anime, or towards those who don't like anime. I mean I LOVE anime and such, but I don't get mad at others if they don't like it, I get more annoyed when someone who has never seen any anime and they call it crap, despite not even watching a single one lol. Or when they shame others who like anime etc, (and I don't mean when they are joking around like "you weeb") that's when I get a bit defensive lol. But other then that, yea lol. And I didn't know that about football fans either, nor that they get touchy when one calls them a Otaku lol. Thanks Sprucanman for the explanation, ye learn something new every day lol.
  4. Wraithunter

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    Well according to anime haters every anime is just considered "weebish." I've personally never heard of "otaku" before since again..everyone uses the word "weeb" when it comes to anime lol. But I am curious now, what is "Otaku" related to Anime?
  5. Wraithunter

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    Ah I see, I couldn't remember if they did or not hence why I said "did they do it with Kantai Collection?" thanks for the info though. I actually couldn't get on WOWS when Highschool Fleet was out at the time, I've heard of it but never got to see what that was all about lol.
  6. Wraithunter

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    Wow that is really amazing! it's good that ye are proud of the work because that is really well made Commander Tank! o7 ^^
  7. Wraithunter

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    Yay! I always enjoy seeing an ARP here and there in Co-op/Random battles, but seeing that I am finally able to participate in this is nice! I have always enjoyed the ARP's lol. I also have to say I really like all the anime crossovers WG is doing with WOWS, like ARP, Azur Lane, and did they do Kantai Collection? If not, then well I guess something for the future. But still, very enjoyable and really different haha. Call me a weeb but I like these crossovers o7.
  8. Wraithunter

    Reaserch bug maybe?

    Oh I know, I wouldn't normally "speed-grind" for ships, and being that I play a lot on PTS with Tier VIII-X ships like the Yamato, I am fairly used to tier X's etc. I just found it strange like I said, because it told me one thing but then said something else was a tad confusing. Trust me..especially on PTS, I have always noticed how some would complain about tier IX-X's in battle, especially when it came to Destroyers lol. Of course not all the time but still. But ye I always try to max out my ships asap to get the best performance in battle. And really for me, I rather have the slow-grind, I find it more rewarding when I get the next tier or in this case eventually my favorite tier X Battleship the Yamato haha rather then just speed-grind ye know?
  9. Wraithunter

    Reaserch bug maybe?

    Ohhh...I see lol. Well that's embarrassing xD. Thanks Lert, I was really confused wondering "why is it different?" But was hesitant in posting about it lol.
  10. Hello Commanders! So I have been slowly getting into the Japanese Battleship line, however I noticed something strange with the required XP in the tree itself compared clicking on the ship itself and then researching it. To put it like this. I have over 91k Free XP, the next Japanese Battleship Nagato says in the tech tree it requires 78k XP to research, however when I go to research, it tells me a different research price of 91k XP. Now if It was 78k XP required to unlock the ship and if I would use my free XP to do so, I would still have a lot of Free XP left over, yet in "Research ship" it tells me its going to use all of it. Just a bit confusing. Or am I not seeing something straight? lol
  11. Ah true, though, can we take the time to appreciate the other things in this recent patch? I mean, like the new Perm camo, the NY Port, the new premium Gorgonzola aka Gorizia (couldn't help it hehe). Snowflakes for resources, containers etc? Edit: I mean I do understand the frustrations, I did wish it was explained a bit better, however this patch isn't just about the PR either.
  12. True, I do like a challenge myself, but watching Jingles' recent video today about this event and how he breaks it down a bit, its just oof..I can't even see true hard-cores being able to get stage 5-7 directives done. And if so congratulations but god dam..not for me lol. x.x (Though If someone does do it, let me know, haha)
  13. Well granted, the game itself is based around Arcade rather then historical, kind of like World of Tanks, I see were ye are coming from, ye don't want too much arcade, ye still want historical preferences but still. Gajin from [edited] has their ships more historical (if you don't count glitchy mess like shooting through islands sometimes..or "ghost shells." Though..that game mode is a mess in it's self anyways..) I mean, WOWS wasn't really created to be 100% historical either, there are ship skins like space, Halloween etc that are more arcade then anything.
  14. Hmm that was pretty confusing at first to be honest, I don't expect myself to obtain the PR but I do appreciate the other ships as a gift, especially the Italian cruiser. However I do have a question, I already have the tier VI battleship Izmal, what happens when I complete the mission that gives you an Izmal? Is it like premium ships in turn if you have it already it gives you gold except in these terms credits? Just makes me curious. And do I have to have free space for these ships or does it just auto-opens a port slot when I complete the mission?
  15. Wraithunter

    New patch bugs

    Same, except mine just freezes altogether.