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  1. Wraithunter

    PTS 0.10.8

    Hello all, I noticed a bug in the port where the one creature, "Lobster-Eyed" has a camera bug. I guess because the model is SO big that the camera has some issues when trying to scroll to the sides of it or look behind it. In the image that is the side of the Lobster-Eyed lol. It's just a camera bug, but figured to post it since it's a bug lol.
  2. For whatever reason I can't multi-quote, not sure what's that about, but yea this is probably the strangest one yet. I'll do what ye and Commander AJTP89 suggested. If it doesn't fix it and become worse then I'll go straight to Player Support. I just hope it gets fixed either through PS or through WGCheck, I can't be joining battles and having this happen and getting penalties.
  3. Hello Commander AJTP89, thanks for the help! I appreciate it! 1. Well the camera is completely frozen, the controls were weird because they worked at the beginning of the battle, like if I moved my ship, it would move but the camera would stay in place. After a few seconds though the controls freeze up too, after moving a few meters, I couldn't move forward, backwards etc. But again the game itself was not frozen. 2. I will run the WGcheck to see if it fixes the issue, normally with issues it does it's job and fixes it so I'm hoping it will fix this. This bug is the first time, I never had problems playing in the Hill, I would have to test and see if it is just the ship or not, but ye, since Closed Beta I haven't had any issues like this before, this is a first. 3. Fun fact, I didn't even know WOWS can have mods, so yea, I don't have any mods installed, just the vanilla game. 4. I have the game in windowed-mode, I have tried alt-tabbing as well as using esc + alt to see if that fixed it but it didn't, when I re-opened the game, it still was frozen and the battle still kept going. 5. I'll keep a close eye on this, if it happens again I'll go straight to support, and again it's not a regular thing, last night was the first time I had the camera/controls freeze like this. And granted I know random things happen they all do, but it was unexpected, again like nothing happened before this so it's not like one thing caused this to happen. I'll keep it updated, again if it happens again, I'll report straight to Player Support, if not then it was just a random bug I suppose. Again thanks for the tips and help Commander AJTP89, I do appreciate it, I've been playing this game for years now since Closed Beta and haven't really run into any big issues like this before, so it just surprised me when it happened.
  4. Hm I see, I'll try that thank you Commander Navalpride33! Again I appreciate the help! I'll try that next time, I encountered another bug so I'm not going to touch WOWS for tonight, but when I login next time I'll do this and see if it fixes it.
  5. Sigh...hello Commanders, it's me again bug whisperer Wraithunter, so I started a battle in the tier V ship the Hill and when the game loaded, the camera got "stuck." This happened exactly on 7/18/21 at 11:33 PM CST. I have some fun screenshots to show and normally with certain bugs for me, is funny, but this wasn't funny, it was very frustrating! I also just got my penalty lifted from these bugs and now It's applied again because the game counted me as "leaving" despite being stuck. As you can see in the first screenshot, I do my normal rounds of wishing everyone good luck and have fun but then notice that the camera is literally stuck as well as the timer, the "waiting for players" etc and you can see my confusion in chat. --------------- In the second screenshot, the game is loading before the camera freezes, the UI loads up, this is normal, however as stated in Screenshot 1 and 3 the camera freezes and everything says "waiting for players" as well as the huge numbers stuck at 00:19 on the screen. As you can even see in the 3rd screenshot the enemies are being killed and the battle has started, so the game itself isn't frozen, it's the camera. --------------- In the third screenshot, even though I didn't state it originally in chat, but I apparently can move my ship however for a short time before the controls got locked too. The only thing I could do was type in chat, but the camera and UI are frozen, I can't move the camera nor the guns. As you can also notice the icons of the ally ships are weird looking and are in the same spot throughout the entire battle. So basically the camera froze and I have no idea why. Please anyone can explain why this has happened? Because all I did was click "Battle" everything loads like normal and then this happens, I apologize for my behavior in chat but I was kind of mad and frankly if it happened to anyone else, I would expect the same reaction. Nothing annoys me more then wasting resources, time, as well as being useless on your team due to client/game issues that happen randomly. Mind you I've been playing WOWS for hours now with no issues. I hope this bug gets fixed..
  6. Heya guys and gals, thanks for the information, I'll run the check and see if that fixes it, It seems it's here and there when it pops up. Thank you all for the help and thank god in a way, that I am not the only one experiencing this. But boy I have another fun bug I'm going to post which is actually worse then this lol. But again, thanks for the information and the help I appreciate it! Keep sailing those seas Commanders! o7
  7. Hello Commanders! Commander Wraithunter returning after a year of absence! So I've gotten back into WOWS again, and been having some fun, however this recent battle has left me in a salty mood. So I was on the loading screen waiting for the game to load, which in of it's self took about 5 minutes. I finally get into the match, I slowed down to a stop to check something and all of a sudden I had the game immediately freeze and basically crash. I never have had this happen before and frankly I'm a bit annoyed because I just wasted resources (ie camo, signals etc....) as well as now I'm going to be flagged for "leaving the battle." I apologize for being a salty sea Captain, but it just annoys the crap out of me when this stuff happens especially when I'm trying to finish missions before they reset or end. When it froze, a critical error pops up on my screen, but it doesn't even tell me what the error is, the link didn't even work and I had to force-terminate the game because clicking "restart" did nothing. I'm just reporting this because I never had the game hard crash like this before and maybe someone knows why it did this. Mind you it's been working fine all day without any issues even throughout the entire week, I have no idea if it's the map that caused it or what. But ye..
  8. Wraithunter

    Twitch Drops 0.9.9 - Gothic Bismarck Special

    That's weird, it seems random then? My account is linked, I'm still going to watch it, but once the game is done downloading the update I can check to see if I got the mission in-game. I didn't get a "Twitch drop crate" yet. Edit: I got the mission! It is indeed random, but I suggest keep watching the streams and you will get it eventually, if not, Wargaming suggested to un-link your account to Twitch and re-link it, if that doesn't work try Player Support.
  9. Wraithunter

    Twitch Drops 0.9.9 - Gothic Bismarck Special

    Ah so the Bismarck is getting a beautiful new camo? I shall sail her with pride! I do have a question though, does streams like atm ([PT] Transmissão Brasileira Desafio Warships Streamer com o CM Maredraco) stream that is on right now count towards this reward? The drops are enabled. Like I am NA but watching a Brazilian stream on the official WOWS Twitch, still going to watch it for new stuff in the future of WOWS but still wanted to ask.
  10. Wraithunter

    Life Size Arpeggio of Blue Steel Kongou

    WOW! That's really impressive and amazing @TheTankBall! It was very fascinating watching you explain the building process in the video, it was really enjoyable to watch ^-^. I actually never seen the anime she comes from though, I've more seen animes like Azur Lane, but I might check this anime out now haha. It's even more crazy that how big she is, when I first saw your picture from the other thread I actually didn't realize how big it was lol and now seeing the picture of her in the street its' just like wow, at least she is on wheels so it's easy to move lol. Very creative my friend! Very creative indeed! I might just continue following your channel because I quite like videos to where people build really awesome things, even if it's something I don't really know, I still find it very impressive and fascinating to watch. I know I said it many times already but I'll say it again! Very impressive Commander TankBall! As an anime fan myself it is magnificent! o7 I apologize I didn't see this thread, I was off of the PC for a long time due to IRL stuff, so I wasn't on for the past month lol. But this was a nice surprise coming back to! Thank you for sharing this with everyone as well as I! I was very curious how you built her when you first posted the picture, especially since I hardly see stuff like this anymore, so it was really special for me at least lol.
  11. Wraithunter

    New patch bugs

    Same, except mine just freezes altogether.
  12. Wraithunter

    WG You killed the server NA

    Yea are the NA servers down altogether? Just keeps telling me that "you have been disconnected from the server." Or tells me "your email/password is wrong, yet on the launcher I am login?
  13. *When you notice the current content count says "69," not only on my main, but also my second account..thanks forums, I appreciate it lol.*

  14. Granted, I have played Co-op for the longest time on WOWS since Beta lol. So I do miss playing my Arkansa Beta at tier IV as well. But for those low-tier premium ships like that tier II Premium Japanese battleship (name escapes me right now...lol) that actually would be a cool reward for someone just starting out, I mean its tier II, but for someone having tier II-IV ships, it might be helpful. I mean, I know they have that for the recruiting station, but still. Even if they did low-tier operations, it would be cool if they did historical match ups, even with bots, Japanese vs US etc. Just me though.