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  1. A continuation of the BB talk. Incentivizing BBs to push makes the gameplay better all around.
  2. Some fixes to make both Battleship and overall gameplay more engaging.
  3. NoZoupForYou

    A call for civility...

    Am I naive? Maybe... but let’s go a few weeks being a tad friendlier. Then we can all go back to being jerks to each other...
  4. The legacy launcher is going away. The Wargaming Launcher will be the only launcher. Learn about it here.
  5. Plus thoughts of EU DDs overall...
  6. She's a great DD hunter and has a pretty impressive offensive array of weapons at her disposal. She's the type of ship that actually helps the team.
  7. Sad news, but safety first.
  8. Liking this DD. It's got a lot of tricks up its sleeve that helps survival and makes itself useful. Not an easy feat in today's WOWS.
  9. As a veteran who has known others that have committed suicide, I ask that you please support this worthy cause.
  10. Finally a German heavy cruiser (in addition to Odin), and she's fun. Lot's of fun.
  11. NoZoupForYou

    Yashima Preview

    TL:DW No compelling reason to play over the Yamato.
  12. Player outreach, events, Anchors Away and physical historical ships we care about. WG St. Pete needs to use WGNA as the model, but sadly, I don't think that will happen.
  13. Put together a quick guide which covers almost every stop. Tips on what to do and how expensive it might be if you stay over night.
  14. Posting this here so I can give as many people a chance to see and enter as possible. I humbly thank you, the Warships community for helping me cross the 25,000 subscriber milestone. As thanks, I’m giving away 30 ships. Details on how to enter in the video.