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  1. NoZoupForYou

    Vladivostok vs. Lenin

    A look at the two, why I feel Vladivostok is better overall and a chance to win a Lenin .
  2. Or maybe it’s not so crazy... but I posit that giving DDs the option to use fighter consumable would level the playing field a fair amount against CVs. It also gives DDs even more utility through fleet protection.
  3. Ones basically a Cleveland and the other has fast short range torps. If you’re a weeb and must have them, the play style is familiar. If you aren’t, there are better T8 options.
  4. You can do fine in her, and she's not bad. But honestly, the Vladivostok is better in my opinion. There are other more dynamic T8 BBs you can spend your cash on.
  5. 11+ km secondaries and speed boost have taken this ship from being a run of the mill boring addition to something that's a lot of fun to play.
  6. 15 km torps at T7... but with the sub 60 knot speed and 2.5 km detection, ships have a full 16 seconds to react.
  7. Really fun run and gun ship with offensive and defensive capabilities.
  8. She’s fun. Quirky. Take a fearless DD main but I learned to enjoy her and her 16 short-ish ranges torps.
  9. I like her, a lot. She brings a lot to the table including 20KM torps... if she remains unchanged.
  10. The site says you have to click a button on May 1st... which is not here yet and I went back in the news feed to May 1st last year and nothing. So how are we to get these and participate since it's not available to everyone yet?  

  11. Opened 15. Many duplicates. 100% 10 pt CPT draw rate.
  12. A lot of times we tend to focus on the things not going right with warships. Despite this, there are plenty of players that are doing good, to little or no fanfare. This is for them. If you know someone who deserves a shout out, give them one.
  13. First, I don't think CVs should be in ranked right now. That's a recipe for disaster. I lay out 5 tweaks I think can help CVs. CV related - Less Concealment, Less AA Squadron related - Even less DD spotting, Limited flight time, Cyclical attacks (to eliminate F key, DB, F Key, DB.) These would go a long way in making it so CVs are vulnerable, which they need to be, while making it more comfortable for DDs.
  14. After months of controversy with the CV rework, WG finally gave us something everyone enjoys. But its not permanent. Now is the time to give us more game modes and variety.
  15. If you don't get one in a crate I give a few words of caution. I'd suggest Kaga if you truly must have one, solely for its hanger size which may help in the T10 rounds you'll get thrown in to.