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  1. I think long time players will be disappointed with the inability to alpha strike... also, trying to take out an enemy CV guarantees a loss of planes.
  2. I say keep, but thats me. Here is a quick preview of each showing drop patterns and strong points.
  3. Sending positive vibes this Monday. Also a chance to win a P.E.F.
  4. Not guaranteed a win, but a lot of laughs...
  5. She can cap (5.6 concealment), she can smoke, she can AA, she can torp... she just doesn't excel at anything. She's a swiss Army knife you can build and play however you want. her only big letdown are her guns. Two in the Front and Two in the rear. Oh... she can also heal as well.
  6. There are multiple issues. Dull low tier Carrier play, bugs, Tier Skip... you name it. I am making the case to further delay, to get it right.
  7. It;s not a Zao, or like any other IJN cruiser. She's like Stalingrad, but I don;t think she is a replacement for Stalingrad, especially in Comp. Great concealment and armor. Good HE, mediocre AP makes this ship an interesting pick. If you need Stalingrad, get her first, then use Steel or FXP or whatever you may need to get this ship.
  8. It should be everyone's goal to be a better player. But being a better player means being a better person in-game.
  9. Go ahead and grind the missions, but I wouldn't buy it. I really consider this the worst premium BB in the game.
  10. Today is a look back at the highs and lows of 2018 and some of the premiums. Also a chance to win a Massachusetts. What was the best of 2018 for you? What do you want to see in 2019?
  11. NoZoupForYou

    CV rework playtest thoughts from a CV Noob

    Lol... yeah... do that was literally my first game testing them. That click was more an exploratory “Let’s see what happens”. God I wish I didn’t delete my other rounds... 😂😂😂
  12. I suck at CVs and rarely play them. So with that, I’m giving a no [edited] look and assessment of the rework. I am both optimistic but highly cautious and a little worried. This was my first round ever. Needless to say I sucked trying to figure out the mechanics. The better games I had apparently didn’t record.
  13. Challenge accepted for next year 😂
  14. Lol. Yeah... his and then Khreegor gagging get me every time...
  15. Naw.. don’t think that would help either. But how fun would this be of it was sung well. Sounding horrid was the only way to go 😂