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  1. I think the ideal loadout would be 1CV 2BB 2CA 2DD. When no CVs present, bump either class up to three. Easy fix: Every class is capped at 3. Minus CVs of course.
  2. I think you all are really over thinking the concept or even humor in my video. No... 5 of anything is bad. Though I do contest 5 BBs would be a helluva lot more palatable than 5 DDs.
  3. Exactly.
  4. Yeah... 5 v 5 DDs in ranked? Thanks but no. Cap it at three per side.
  5. I can't wait. I wanted this ship for ranked. Here was my look at it, if you can fathom my mispronunciation. Yeah. Gallant. Gallantry. I'm an idiot.
  6. Yep... situational awareness as always :)
  7. Yes... for some reasons BBs are the culprits on this. Even AP will wreck a DD...
  8. Hey guys, I need some help here for a new video. If you have a replay of ranked game play where anything that could go wrong went wrong, and everyone made the mistakes that we all lament, send it to me and I might use it. Send it to and give me some details of what to look for, all the key moments. Thanks for your help
  9. File that under situational awareness, but yeah, it happens a lot. I'd be a liar if I said I never got complacent. I've eaten a torp when I knew better. Though the game was won and I was being overly aggressive chasing down a remaining DD. It's when one team has an advantage and all they have to do is play D, but someone gets it in their head to charge. That's what kills me.
  10. Sounds like a challenge to me :p
  11. But this is the truth for any game though... and WoWS has a lot more players playing than all but the top of the AAA games (i.e overwatch). By and large, WoWS has outperformed even Battlefield One's PC performance lately. ALL games suffer these issues.
  12. To be fair, I've seen some players do real well in Dunk. I've also seen some charge forward and suicide.
  13. Today's video features an awesome win by Warship Podcaster Kelorn. I cover the top 5 mistakes I see in ranked. Using ships wrong, poor situational awareness, not focus firing, lack of communication, and not using camouflage and flags seem to be the biggest issues. Actually, they are every season. I also provided an easy fix to help with communication and to make Ranked more enjoyable.
  14. Mesrith summed the incentive piece up nicely.
  15. The flip side to this is we don't know where clans are in the process. They might be close to completion. Then again, they might be far away. Some form of news might go a long way to placate the community. For the record, I think the game still is good. I just would like more variety.