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  1. There are many missing ships in the game, but USS Washington is the most glaring hole based on its actual accomplishment. Understanding Massachusetts is still around and hold a special place in the hearts of many... she didn’t sink another Battleship.
  2. Stalingrad Preview... yeah, it’s powerful. Very powerful.
  3. Part semi-rant by a raving lunatic, part urging for BBs and DDs to understand each classes current situation. Happy Thursday. We almost made it.
  4. The One Mod Everyone Should be Using

    From a personal "when to push" perspective, for sure... but it does help tell you if you are kind of in that danger zone... it's a tool. One more tool for the arsenal.
  5. Score Countdown... so much vital info... do yourself a favor and try it out.
  6. I mean... it is called “Hawaiian Style”. They are still a state, right? And yes... Yamato guns against T7 anything are delightfully fun.
  7. Yup, I feel you. As always, no wrong answer but just go with the ship you feel you’ll have the most fun in!
  8. Yup... what I suggested. Get Musashi first then on to Kron. Players should be grinding out for each one of these if they can.
  9. Musashi has the highest win rate, highest avg damage and highest k/d out of any BB on the NA servers at T9 right now. I think the players choosing to play her are doing fine.
  10. I don’t disagree. I think there is plenty of time for both. I’d get Musashi then move right on to Kron.
  11. Completely understandable. While they can earn good credits and higher than usual at that, I think MO creedit earning was a mistake. We will never see that level ever again.
  12. Yep. For the masses, and average player, Musashi is a much easier ship to handle. Kron is good, and unique, but you can get in trouble with her quick. I suspect the trend of T9 FXP ships will continue indefinitely. Don’t know if two at a time will last, but choices are nice.
  13. I take a look at both Kronshtadt and Musashi and explain why I recommend to use your hard earned FXP on Musashi (first). You should try to get both of you can though.
  14. Keeping in mind we have to wait until 0.7.6 for the full trees, its always good to plan ahead. I cover the two lines, Heavy and Light and help you decide which one is right for you.