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  1. Hmmmm. I should have known not saying Potato would be hard to avoid on Thanksgiving.
  2. Yeah... same thing happened first time I saw the Matrix. Or even Speed for that matter.
  3. That must make it all the more special! Enjoy!
  4. Yes, that is definitely a Bill and Ted reference. I am serious though. For those of us in the USA, this upcoming week represents a very important holiday (for most) in which we spend time with friends and family and reflect on the ways in how we are fortunate. With that being said, it is my hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday. I hope you stay safe and do indeed reflect on the positive aspects of the past year. Not only that, may that extend to World of Warships. Even if you can’t find anything positive about the game, as I know there are some out there who always seem unable to do so, there is always the aspect that you can even play. There are many individuals who would probably kill to even have a computer or an internet connection. And yes, for one day, be excellent to each other. Try to remove the word “potato” from your vocabulary for just one day, and instead of taking the low road, take the high road. For my part, I am indeed truly thankful. I am thankful for the individuals in this game I have come across, and my interactions with them. As a CC, it has never been about views, or follows or the things many others are concerned with. It’s about being a positive influence in the community. I hope this Thanksgiving week you all may find things to be thankful for. Not only in this game, but in your lives. Take care, stay safe.
  5. Sigh. Don’t know why I’m responding, but here goes. About a year back I did a video about the state of the game. And no, YT video views are a horrendous way to judge game success. As a whole, this is an older crowd and I suspect many skip YT drama altogether. I Stated then that the game was strong. We’re I to make the video today, I’d State the same. 10K plus on the weekend in NA. Look at any other game out two years ago and they’re lucky to have those numbers today. Save for anomalies like Overwatch and PUBG. WoWS is fine. It may have slightly platuead, but the numbers are steady and there is a steady player base. I am sure it will remain. Tanks just won a Golden joystick for is longevity. Is the game in a perfect spot? There is room for improvement. Is the game doing perfectly fine? Yes. You don’t need to hear that from a YT video, or a CC though. Honestly, our opinions are like as.... well. You know the saying.
  6. FWIW, I actually enjoyed the Amagi grind a lot.
  7. You know... I knew what you where going to say about the ZZ before I even read it. My wife and her family are going to be pissed at me. I like her better. She can take a little more of a beating. The torps though. So slow...
  8. That was you??? Sooooo sorry. Lol. Too funny though.
  9. I'd say out of all of them, the T-61 interests me the most. If we go back to T6 ranked battles it will be something fierce with its hydro, 60 second torps and long guns.
  10. Previews, previews, previews. Some quick pros and cons of each ship. Also, enter to win one of five swag packs that include the USS Texas, tanks, a plane, three pins, a challenge coin and a T-Shirt from the Let's Battle USS Lexington event. Best of luck.
  11. I think we’ve all been there. That’s also why I said when the game stops being fun, step away for a bit. Fractured but Whole is currently my fall back. It makes me laugh and is a nice break of pace when I have no desire to grind.
  12. Zath... it was great seeing you and SeaRaptor. I’m glad we got to hang out! This truly was a magical event.
  13. Lol... so funny story. Sub was wearing a Kutuzov hat he had and lost at some point. This one was a back up. He said the Kutuzov hat was too OP anyways.
  14. One thing to look at... many of these polls and stats tend to lump smart phone games in there. Think Candy Crush. Not saying this one did, but it tends to skew the results.