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  1. Often times we neglect how overwhelming and challenging this game can be for a new player. Especially for one who really hasn't played PC games before.
  2. NoZoupForYou

    USS Ohio first look

    First look at Ohio. Forgot to cover it, but appears to have Mass secondaries. Pardon my spelling mistake on the thumbnail. Long work day. Yeah, that was it.
  3. Love this DD. 65 second reload.... just tons of fun.
  4. I don;t think new players are going to spend $60 for a T7 New Orleans. Plus, the game is 4+ years old. I know some people have issues with this, but at this point, I think the affects will be minimal and few will notice, if any.
  5. Miss battling with you.

  6. We all play for many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is the ships. They instill, state and national pride. And many have relatives who fought on them. This is what WoWS is about.
  7. NoZoupForYou

    An untapped financial resource Wargaming SHOULD capitalize on

    This sounds familiar :)
  8. Complete statement from WG in the video. Congrats. You guys were loud and won.
  9. After ragging on the line and saying I was disinterested, the ship decided to perform in spite of me. Guess I learned to bite my tongue. Still concerned about the line, but Le Fantasque is workable and the torps aren't too bad for a gun boat.
  10. The biggest draw out of these are the camouflages, but they are a hard draw and you’d almost be better off plunking down 6k doubloons for the one you want if you need it that much.
  11. The AA changes are a welcome relief but CVs are still too strong against DDs imho. Also, for those struggling with The AA changes at t10, Audacious feels virtually unaffected.
  12. Build on these, don’t just shelve them after a month...
  13. Typical mid tier USN gun boat. you've played it before. Nothing unique.
  14. Tough video to make, but there are serious player concerns that need addressing. It;s important for the player base and the longevity of the game. I've never seen WG so out of sync with what the player base wants and needs as we are right now. A multitude of T9 and 10 ships on the way and there are bugs and UI issues that have plagued the game for years and still aren't fixed. I love the game, despite the issues, but I fear for it.
  15. A follow up on previous BB split and Tier Neglect discussions. Also, good signs from the USS Mass Anchors Away event.