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  1. How to Aim - Help an Ensign

    Probably too basic for the forums, but help a new player if you need to.
  2. Win some Free stuff...

    Easy enough, leave a comment on the video for a chance. Cheers! https://youtu.be/cQJMeGd3I0c
  3. With the looming shut down of the Emeryville CA office, I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of the employees for their hard work and wish them luck in their future endevours.
  4. You bring up an excellent point! This has been an issue for a long time... we needs class specific XP rewards among other things. DDs are rewarded so much more for capping when its easier for them to cap. BBs need to be rewarded for tanking... etc.
  5. Hey! That's cool! And I respect that. I'll never pounce on someone for disagreeing with me (so long as its respectful, which yours totally was). We need disagreement. We need discussion. We need ideas. And most improtantly, we need WG to take notice of them, sort through the good and the bad, and make some meaningful changes to bring some variety. FWIW, standard CAN be fun. It really can, but its MM dependant and team dependant. Just as every mode I suppose.
  6. Potentially... yes. But I think crafty CA players can alter their play-style enough to make it work. They will rely much more on DD smoke and BB protection. And yes, in a random setting asking for both of those things can be a prayer unanswered. BUT... a three man div could be highly effective.
  7. Bastion was great because it punished ineffective teams severely, for better or for worse. Some of the quickest rounds I've ever played were in bastion.
  8. It's been three years and we still have three modes that players like, tolerate and hate. My first proposal is a fix for Standard. Eliminate the caps and shrink the borders every so often. Force players to engage. Is it perfect? No. Does it forget about CVs completely? What's a CV. Still, i think it at least forces actions and eliminates camping. The second is a new Hot Zone or King of the Hill mode. One cap zone, the length of the map in the middle. Points go to the team with the most ships in caps. It's simple, yet effective. The video explains them better. Let's get the discussion rolling on new maps. I want to hear your ideas. It's time to get some positive change rolling to freshen up the game.
  9. I agree with the sentiment so far. BBs are not CAs and vice versa. I have thought, though not publicly, that BBs should have HE removed completely. It was only used historically for shore bombardment. Or, if a ship was caught off guard and thats all it had loaded, but that didn't go well for the IJN. Look at RN cruisers... AP only. Why not BBs? But I'm sure this is something that will be a huge debate with fierce opposition. As for DDs... no more than 3 or 4 and the same for BBs. We need to get CAs in the mix more.
  10. My views... BBs are in a good place, though its taken a bit to get here. WG did the French line right. HE slinging RN BBs has abated a bit and making life more pleasant. Older BBs are not aging well and 5 DD meta can be a bit obnoxious. Interested to hear your thoughts.
  11. It's a true testament to how much they love the game and their jobs to go all out for something that we will only see for a few weeks.
  12. The Cruiser Manifesto

    Oh please tell me this is true! :p
  13. The Cruiser Manifesto

    I’ve done one for Battleships and Destroyers in the same vein... but I get what your saying and it was intentional in a satyrical way :)
  14. The Cruiser Manifesto

    It’s time to hear the plea of the Cruiser Captain. Sequel to the BB and DD Manifestos.