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  1. Truth...
  2. I need to try that! We shall see if I deserve the Lagavulin after tomorrow. Waiting on some news...
  3. I think you are right. i would like to see a brief discount on redeistributing CPT skills for those who would like to move towards more defensive skills...
  4. Yeah... Monty is not a good ship to use as an example against RN BBs... Land three rounds and you are almost guaranteed a fire... it is also highly stealthy. My biggest qualm against the conqueror is oddly enough not the HE, but the fact that even when it's broadside it's damn near impossible to citadel and can simply heal back most of what you've chipped away.
  5. So.... I don't recall ever saying HE was OP. I said it was an integral part of the game and a necessity for DDs and CAs. It is not for BBs, which is why I suggested a tweak to fire % chance. That was merely a suggestion.
  6. That's what I'm leaning towards next. Players will need to pay more attention to fire mitigation. I'll focus on that come next week.
  7. I could get on board with this..
  8. Indeed. Look at a Kutuzov running IFHE... And maybe that's what needs a buff as opposed to nerfing an integral and neccesary part of the game.
  9. This brings up another topic. We have tools in place to mitigate the effects of HE. Moving forward, BB CPTs will have to choose CPT Skills harder. Do I want to take the defensive/repair route, or go offensive knowing I might burn more?
  10. Today we talk about a topic on the minds of everyone right now, especially after the introduction of the RN BB line. Is there too much HE? Before that, be sure to get entered for a Belfast here: So about that HE... World of Warships awoke a sleeping dragon. BBs using HE is not a new concept, and all BBs have a very high chance of starting fires. I think the RN BBs just brought it to our attention because now everyone is using it. Is this good? Is it bad? Personally I think the HE fire % chance on all BBs should be lowered. Let's discuss.
  11. That was the fun of the KII. Oooh. New IJN BB. Let me get close... what??? A spread of torps???
  12. Fair enough. I think a little liscense needs to be taken with some ships.
  13. I don't think there is anything wrong with Mutsu at all. She's fun. KII is fun as well. That short lived brawl was hilarious... I think she will be successful. Really I think the Germannline started a bad trend in BBs and the RN line hast ratcheted up even more.
  14. I think with the buff she's a contender. I doubt anyone in competitive will choose Amagi over her.
  15. You do understand Operation Dessert Storm was to liberate Kuwait, right? I think you are confusing it with Iraqi Freedom, which as a veteran, would wholeheartedly support WG in fundraising for a memorial for that as well. So basically, your facts are wrong on the first and you are needlessly politicizing the second.