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  1. Meh... I was merely referring back to the days when shimmy was a little more fun to play. I think everyone knows the entire line was neutered. If you play BBs aggressively this ship won’t be any different to you then any other DD in the game, minus the short torp detect the deep waters have.
  2. So this ship has us CCs split down the middle. Some love her, some hate her. I fall in the former. We all agree she needs some tweaking and I’m sure she’ll get it. Very much still a work in progress. Here are my thoughts. The skinny: Make torps base 16KM and knock off some HP damage. Maybe make guns better a tad. The concealment is great. She can cap and scout. Players that scout and cap will still do it in this ship.
  3. Lyon osindeed a blast. Lyon and Alsace are fun. Richelieu and France arent bad but just meh.
  4. Nothing wrong with that at all. They aren’t for every play style either...
  5. France is fun... don’t get me wrong... but just what you said... the T10 should feel like the T10. It for sure does in the IJN, DEBB and RN lines. Even in the USN, while the Monty is just a MO with another gun, it feels like a big upgrade. This is not the case with the difference between Alsace and France. In fact, my rounds in Alsace when put in T10 rounds were on par with France.
  6. I’ll take that one step further and state that EVERY t10 CA is indeed the best of their respective CA line by a lot. Really no competition.
  7. Really, the problem with the T10 is that the only thing it feels like it brings to the table is a larger hit pool. Yeah, it’s got bigger shells... but the gun arrangement doesn’t help as half the time you’re only slinging 4 shells. Honestly, since they are both paper... they should have reversed the ships. Given Alsace t10 slot with more HP and made the France a slightly bigger Richelieu with a different gun layout.
  8. I love this ship and just want to keep playing it. It’s so much fun. While it does suffer from French accuracy, having 12 guns helps one to not notice it as much.
  9. An unfortunate fat fingered typo on my iPhone... good camo. Lol.
  10. Bottom line... do the missions instead, for now. I got lucky and got three of the ship missions. 99% of everyone else only got Bretegne. You get good camo, and I wound up with 5000 doubloons, but in reality that was likely breaking even. The actual missions give plenty of crates, granted they won’t be as good
  11. Yeah... I think you will!
  12. I don’t disagree with the Alsace France analysis. I think overall Alsace offers more...
  13. They are kind of similar. I’m sure you will
  14. That I can not answer. I do t know how willing players will be to ditch Yammies brute strength and hit pool or Monty’s guns barrage.