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  1. Posting this here so I can give as many people a chance to see and enter as possible. I humbly thank you, the Warships community for helping me cross the 25,000 subscriber milestone. As thanks, I’m giving away 30 ships. Details on how to enter in the video.
  2. Things are out of balance. One need only to have watched KOTS to see the impact of Russian ships.
  3. NoZoupForYou

    Submarine Torpedo Guide

    Just a quick guide while we wait for the next round of testing. This covers dumb fire, single lock and double lock homing.
  4. Bothan spies have informed me that there is indeed a code in the Birthday Port, hidden away. Many Bothans died to bring us this information. Mon Mothm- er, Zoup, out.
  5. She can do great in the right hands but the lack of torps will hurt casual players. Great AA, but where are CVs? Maybe she’ll shine more when Subs are added.
  6. Tanky with strong guns. She's a different type of DD.
  7. NoZoupForYou

    Best Legendary Commander in the Game

    Ovie is pretty good, but he lacks the early game boosts Phillipe can get.
  8. The Honor goes to Phillipe. Problem is if you miss missions he’s ridiculously expensive but he’s just so strong.
  9. NoZoupForYou

    Submarines - Make or Break for WoWS future

    I’m sure ever CC will be providing constant feedback. Just as we did for CVs. And here we are.
  10. NoZoupForYou

    Submarines - Make or Break for WoWS future

    If it takes two years to get them right, so be it. And if all DDs dont have depth charges that should... what’s the point. As pointed out, it merely turns Subs into ships that are sometimes under water.
  11. This is a huge pivot point that will either secure the game’s future, or tank it. They have to get this right. Even if it takes several years. I don’t care. After the CV debacle, they can’t afford anything but success with subs.
  12. NoZoupForYou

    Best Ships for Ranked Season 13

    So do you slap on RPF and play it as a straight up DD hunter? That is an interesting option.
  13. NoZoupForYou

    Best Ships for Ranked Season 13

    Don't have quite the time that other people have... sorry... adult lifing and all. Doesn't take a rocket scientist (or someone who has ranked out) to understand what works and what doesn't. You can easily pick a good ship that carries you to rank 5 or beyond and simply run out of time to rank out based on your life and schedule. Which is pretty much why rank means nothing. Players can rank out with a 50% w/l if they have the time to do it.
  14. Hey all... I walked through each of the nations and kind of gave my thoughts on what the best ships are, also throwing in what I've seen out there. Honestly, I think its a good season for DDs. Kitikaze especially, with some Benhams mixed in. Missouri will be strong on account of its radar, as will Alaska and Donskoi. Those will be better choices than Buffalo and Seattle. I also think this is a good season for DDs in that with the 6v6, radar will be pretty limited. So with that... what is everyone playing and why? I've been running Benham so far. Torp soup.
  15. Just a highlight of some of the other CCs out there that might be under your radar. Some you’ve heard of, some maybe not, but they all bring something unique and at the very least are worth a look.