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  1. We are currently recruiting players 18 and older for our warships division. We are primarily a casual gaming clan but we do get involved in Clan Battles. We don't care about stats or what ships you have in port. Our average age of our members is around 40 and we have several current and former members of the military in our clan. If you would like to know more about us please go to http://armoredknights.us where you will also find our Discord info too. Good luck in your search.
  2. Nope, I was told that she was very balanced and fair by my friend Nikolai. Please Dr. Venture lets not panic here.
  3. ""A chip off the old block." -- König Albert." All I needed to read... thank you dear.
  4. I have had more then one game where a sunk team mate was very upset over something and was reporting accurate locations and vectors. I will report that as it is against the TOS.
  5. Racial and Flagrant Slurs - yes Death Threats and Requests for Suicide - yes Reporting Your Teammates Position in General Chat - screen shot and sent to wg Requesting for Someone to be Reported Through General Chat - no Taunting An Opposing Player Through General Chat -usually no. A Teammate Trying to Tell You What To Do -no Trying To Start a Political Debate in General Chat - usually no unless it had elemnent of the 1st statement then yes. Someone Using Swear Words in Chat -no Making Ship Puns -no
  6. 4k 3840x2160

    yeah I have a 40 inch 4k Samsung and the only two elements I would change are the chat box and the mini map... mind you an unreadable chat box can be a good thing give how some players are annoying
  7. A friendly PSA

    It is honestly a shame that there is no way to gift FXP to a friend or a clanmate. I know you can buy them Dubloons to convert xp but I do wish I could gift my FXP to a friend.
  8. 4K blues

    Same, beautiful game with TINY ui
  9. I use two m.2 drives. Samsung 960 pros. (I hate having to wait) (edit) P.S. Can we get a 4k user interface??? ( I have old eyes)
  10. Thank you for the thread, I will take her out with the memorial flag tonight.
  11. Lets talk something you never wanted to see at the time. nothing like looking at a wall of guns to make your day.
  12. One other minor thing to remember is that you have to assume your teammates are blind. Be really careful about your wall of skill.
  13. Premium CV poll

    this, but right now for me (and my French fried cv skills) the GZ is the cv that needs the most attention.
  14. From the wiki "Very good at making credits. A good match with all credit modifiers and premium time can bring earnings of a million or credits more" under pros. under performance on the same wiki page "Missouri’s other significant difference from Iowa is her status as a premium ship. This means she earns extremely large amounts of credits — 1 million credits per match with a premium account is easily achievable in an average-to-good battle, with 1.5 to 2 million credits being possible if all modifiers are stacked in a really good battle — and experience, as well as being able to train American ship captains. The only downside to Missouri is her 750,000 Free experience cost, which equates to 30,000 doubloons to convert, making her extremely expensive. Whether she is worth this cost is up to individual captains, but few players who have invested in her regret the decision. " from LWM review "Earns 50% more credits than a tier 8 Premium, 100% more than a tech-tree ship." (she does not make any promise of how much you will make) In the review she states "If you have her, earning a couple million credits in the span of an hour's worth of casual game play is laughably simple." (note she never said in ONE battle but over the course of an hour, and it was NOT a promise.) Sorry both are very honest and clear. Please do not refer to those two creditable sources as liars.