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  1. Seloth


    *Sends Happa some Vicks for that nasty cough*
  2. Seloth


    It is one of my go to DDs for a t8 honestly.
  3. Seloth

    Ohio and Siegfried.

    I was referring to the OP concern on accuracy. The Siegfried is much more accurate then the German BBs.
  4. Seloth

    Ohio and Siegfried.

    Siegfried guns are NOT bb guns. If you are worried about the dispersion you need to understand that you only get 6 rifles but they have cruiser level of dispersion not bb. You have a sigma of 2.05 and a dispersion of 176 meters. you might look at LWM's review of Siegfried: Premium Ship Review #150 - Siegfried & Agir - General Game Discussion - World of Warships official forum
  5. Seloth

    ST, changes to attack aircraft

    I am NOT a CV main. If anything I am considered a DD main in my clan. Frankly this change feels frankly stupid. It really feels like you all in the Dev land if you REALLY wanted to lower the skill gap as stated in the primary change from RTS to this "actiony" mode could have kept the rts mode, kept the pool of planes, kept the aa all as they were. Then you could have tested limiting each carrier to 4 total squadrons, Using "national flavor" of mix of the 4 squadrons were (fighter, tb, db (ap/he)), that would have removed the complaint of there are too many squadrons to juggle. Then you remove strafing and alt drop (or limit them) to lower the skill gap that you felt was so out of wack. Instead we your player base have been dealing with what sledgehammer attempts to find some way to balance the interaction for your new plane mode and surface ships. Your player base over this time has offered you many solutions base on PLAYING YOUR GAME that you seem to turn a deaf ear too. Why? The rockets are launched with a delay after the left mouse button is pressed. Seriously? so if someone playing a CV with any lag you just made it ever harder for them to hit something. OH that sounds like fun! The speed of the cross hair reducing is increased, and maneuvering of the plans as less effect on that. Why? how about you first fix what happens to the cross hair when you fly over an island? As I understand it that does all kinds of random things depending your squadron and nation. Markers showing the exact spot each rocket will hit. Are you serious? do main guns get this? do ship torps? tb and db drops? As a DD player the moment you paint dots on the water on and arround me I know the CV player has made his shot. if they are having lag then I know before they do what is going on. I have learn to deal with Radar, and your new airplane mode that allows reattacks, this final bit your testing is really unnecessary and just add more graphics for videos cards to handle that is un-needed. As someone said before you are not addressing the core issues. LISTEN to your player base, believe it or not we want this game to stay being fun and enjoyable. (this is my opinion, not that of my clan)
  6. Seloth

    Who have you seen in game

    @Soshi_Sone was California dreaming on our side and we pulled off a nice victory.
  7. Sorry Siegfreid is an amazing CRUISER. If you bow tank or drive it in the middle of the hailstorm in the first 5 minutes you deserve to die. Middle/end game is where the secondaries start to shine (for me)
  8. Seloth

    Who have you seen in game

    I saw a @Lert Sunday in a Siegfried. Very honorable opponent.
  9. WW II is one thing, the CV was around since 1922. but at tier 4 those ships were laid down and designed well before the CV was a thing. And tier 4 in this game is usually were you see double and at one point even triple CVs.
  10. I accept that CVs are apart of the game. The only change I would make is to limit them to one per game. And yes I would be willing to accept other classes being limited as well. I would also accept a longer queue time. I do not play lower tier ships any more due to a majority of the matches are double cv in an enviroment where the ships are from an era when the CV was 10-15 years from even being commissioned (Hosho in 1922).
  11. If you already have one of these UU from way back when, will they get changed to the new stats? I only as as they are listed in the NEW modules not the updated ones in the patch notes. Thank you in advance
  12. pretty sure you are thinking a hull versus b hull.
  13. Supposedly: Rockets are for cruisers bombs are for battleships Torpedeos are for destroyers.
  14. Seloth

    ST, soviet cruisers branch split

    Based on what I have seen today. If you buy the Odin at an accelerated rate, any directive you complete after that will also reward steel. (i hope i am getting that wrong)
  15. Seloth

    A Major Problem With Clan Battles

    Curling? The way CB is done ranking wise right now My clan is fine with. We are a top storm/bottom typhoon and understand exactly why this is the case. Clan Battles is wargaming's competitive (and king of the sea) for Clans to play. We were never promised participation trophies or a guarantee that we would max out steel. WG has given us the means to earn a ship load of steel and other things, but the Clans decide how they want to approach the opportunity.