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  1. One other minor thing to remember is that you have to assume your teammates are blind. Be really careful about your wall of skill.
  2. this, but right now for me (and my French fried cv skills) the GZ is the cv that needs the most attention.
  3. From the wiki "Very good at making credits. A good match with all credit modifiers and premium time can bring earnings of a million or credits more" under pros. under performance on the same wiki page "Missouri’s other significant difference from Iowa is her status as a premium ship. This means she earns extremely large amounts of credits — 1 million credits per match with a premium account is easily achievable in an average-to-good battle, with 1.5 to 2 million credits being possible if all modifiers are stacked in a really good battle — and experience, as well as being able to train American ship captains. The only downside to Missouri is her 750,000 Free experience cost, which equates to 30,000 doubloons to convert, making her extremely expensive. Whether she is worth this cost is up to individual captains, but few players who have invested in her regret the decision. " from LWM review "Earns 50% more credits than a tier 8 Premium, 100% more than a tech-tree ship." (she does not make any promise of how much you will make) In the review she states "If you have her, earning a couple million credits in the span of an hour's worth of casual game play is laughably simple." (note she never said in ONE battle but over the course of an hour, and it was NOT a promise.) Sorry both are very honest and clear. Please do not refer to those two creditable sources as liars.
  4. The Salem Witch yes.
  5. U.S.S. Spokane (CL-120) laughs at Seattle. Down sides to Cruiser Seatle: a. Crew will not be able to hit anything due to either being high or too emo to care. b. the repair cost will be double due to the raising of the minimum wage of the dock hands. c. To get access to the impressive DFAA mentioned above you would first have to grind out years of medicore offense and defense output, from the tier 4 chuck knox levels on up. d. You would have GREAT euro beats I agree, but sadly you can only turn left. And while yes my beloved U.S.S. San Francisco would not be allowed to use the same captain right now from one patch to the next, we can say that we were led by a Montana. To the OP, /salute! Great imagination to come up with this.
  6. I know, I know, but still....that would be a real stew not just a soup. hell 6 shima with reload would be sick in that fight.
  7. Dreams of a clan battle with 1 GK (hydro) and 6 kitakami (s) with reload boosters...and that one map with a and b in the same place....
  8. yes, yes, yes!!!!!!!!!!! I want one.
  9. very cool and they are in the event containers
  10. It is fun looking even if very pricey.
  11. Played a match against Pope_Shizzle, we both in G.K. and while we traded a few salvos, he was sadly let down by a lack of cruiser and dd screening on the push. /Salute
  12. Bought it as well, no real debate. what is this lunch you speak of? for me it was laughing 4 times as the line of people at the over priced latte drive through.
  13. could... not... stop....fingers...(CLICK)
  14. I am tempted. I have the "candy cane" camo on my Cleveland and I love the comments when a new player see it. I can only imagine the reaction next spring when I pull nikki out for a division random looking like this.
  15. I have to concur on the timing for the West Coast. Getting home, Dinner, Kids homework. etc. Good thing this is a game and not a job.