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  1. I feel you. the hide in back in bad, even worse is when it is called to a/b or b/c and as you steam for b and look at the mini map and 11 ships clustered behind the Islands behind A(or C).
  2. Back when they came out they were considered "bad" due to not being able to stealth fire over open water. Which granted in that time was important to DDs over all. I think a lot of people left them in the middle tier due to that. and now that you came back to them, you are just in time to sink all those RN BBs!
  3. err sorry not OP as in over powered. I ment "I am glad you found them Original Poster" (lol I am dane bread on a Friday). Z-52 is not a wall of skill like the shim, she is evil in that you pitch out 8 torps here and then move over there and about a minute later you send out 8 more. Smoke is a bit short if you are a smoke and sit type, but with Hydro i usually smoke turn away, break contact and maneuver to a new spot as they fixate on the smoke.
  4. The Z-52 is an amazing dd. Like all lines there is a bad ship in the line. Which one it is depends on who you ask. I found that the KM dd was very enjoyable through out as long as you did not either try to make them fit another countries playstyle, or get too fixated on the 150s. I am glad you found them OP.
  5. Thank you to the management of WG evaluation the ship, the CC, and the situations. You (and iChase) have show that when you get past the emotional reflex about something you care passionately about common ground can be found. I think this Response is a dam good one and shows to me at least that you listen and care about your community. I will keep the GZ (I am not a cv player but she looks freaking awesome)
  6. Same, i wanted to buy the Graf, but no way will i reward them with my pfennings for a ship they even say is not finished.
  7. Be happy it is not 1 BB (CV), 4 Cruisers and the rest DDs. (edit) p.s. the Brit tier 10 machine gun likes a lot of destroyers too.
  8. Conway's defines the Alaska as a CB (large Cruiser). Safe to say thoughts and opinions will differ on this unusual design. The USN called is CB as they plan to use it with the same doctrine as the Heavy Cruiser classes. It will be interesting to see if and how WG brings it to the game. Looking at what they have done with Scharnhorst/Gneisenau and the KGV/the rest of the class, it is clear that they are willing to use conjectural builds.
  9. Not much of a CV player to date, but I am so buying this.
  10. ​Crap I rolled 01 and fumbled. My 16 inch shell hit MY citadel!
  11. That really sucks Man, I feel for you Kitsune. I mean wouldn't be great to log in later today and see some strange email waiting for you.
  12. (beson's xo) Turn us around Captain! That is NOT an island, it is a fully operational battleship!
  13. ​I believe they were fixed mounts, with two of them (one each side) under water forward of A mount. So I am really not sure the torps will make it into the game.
  14. My biggest mistake is either being too aggressive or hitting "Battle" in my Baltimore and thinking I might be anything but a potato in it. (sorry do not get that ship at all)
  15. ​10. Island camping by everyone not in a DD, as they whine about how the DD's are not capping, and or dying like n00bs.