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  1. I have played mmorpgs since 1999 and muds before that. If someone in your party AFKs in a dungeon/raid you had the option as a group to vote kick them. Are you willing to allow a team to have that power in Warships?
  2. I will repeat this since you are not taking it into account, WG is not going to punish you for one time AFK, it for a pattern of misbehavior. As for how many strikes you get that is up to WG (of course), but the term pattern means more then one or two. Your example of a family emergency is not a pattern but a single event.
  3. Real life take precedence, this is a game. if you are worried about leaving the game ONCE for a real world emergency then your priorities might need to be examined. WG has stated it is NOT going to punish you for afk that ONE time but for a pattern of bad behavior. Your straw man argument is invalid from the start.
  4. Going to have to disagree here. I want the people that afk, tk and leave a game even though they are still alive (versus a disconnection) to suffer a consequence. You make a choice that affects my side in a match like those actions I WANT you to have a negative outcome.
  5. Graf Z Needs to be Balanced

    I am still waiting for the people threatening to delete the game to do it. Frankly there is not enough details here, but from what I have read your cruisers are a. lower tier, b. not good aa cruisers. Add in that you say you all chased, that would usually mean you are strung out and can not support each other, so you probably got picked off one by one. I am BAD with CVs but I will tell you to get over it. The GZ is now "released" so this is what we get. WG does NOT target nerf released Premiums. (as someone else said they might never sell the ship, that is best you can hope for at this point, but the people that have it, have it)
  6. I love my Bismarck/Tirpitz/FdG/GKs. secondary builds all of them. If you try to sniper with them you will be disappointed. If you can brawl and know when and where it is safe to push in then you will do some amazing things. The Hydro on them a requirement in my opinion, especially when you are brawling. Honeslty the biggest problem right now for the KM BB line is that for the most part BBs seem to hang way back and when you move into brawl you are the best/only target for the other team.
  7. New Ranked is split T8/T10

    I have to honestly ponder the GZ for the tier 8 phase.
  8. Generally speaking I do not use it as I assume if detected that everyone that can see me will shoot me. I take PM over PT normally
  9. I am curious how many that drew a line in the sand "if x ship goes live I am uninstalling" are willing to do it? GZ is live now. Did you really uninstall?
  10. I was not chasing any ship. I enjoy the game. I am now left with the CVs as my "final frontier." Once I am comfortable with the strafe mechanic I will play them more. I find each ship/line is interesting in how you need to play them.
  11. Mouse finds Happiness.

    I think you have MajorRenegade here on film sir.
  12. I vote for medium_black_lert after the famous dutch pirate
  13. If we get a corgi, can we also get an avian one too?
  14. Honestly we have the Alabama, Unless the slapped a gimmick on to Mass. I am not sure honestly why they would release it unless they retired the Alabama. My care meter on this subject is zero. I have the Alabama, so unless Mass is really different I will not be buying it.