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  1. I think PEF is fine, I drive it in the same manner as a smaller version of the Bismarck. Prinz Eitel Friedrich 6 Germany 33 78.79% 1 423 50 130 1.06 2.82
  2. And this is in Gearing! Think about any other DD line (except Groz). And yes if this is as bad as it looks, I will be submitting for a refund on the Kidd for sure.
  3. Seloth

    No Clan Battles tonight?

    yep, we are stuck as well.
  4. can not complain here. 12 crates: Mass, Trip, Asashio, 2500 dubloons, 35000 fxp, and a the rest was the shadow cammo.
  5. Seloth

    PSA: Halloween Crates are not worth it.

    40 crates here: 5000 dubloons, 150k fxps, all the new camos/missions. boat load of flags. I am okay with my purchase.
  6. Seloth

    Armored Knights Recruiting 18+ (Fresh Update)

    Yep still looking for good people
  7. Seloth

    West Virginia - Getting her done right

    I like this proposal. I would buy the ship in this form. I have zero plans to buy the WV as shown in the Devblog.
  8. Seloth

    CV Rework Feedback

    if they can do the endurance thing and all the rest of this I would play CVs a lot more with current mechanics. (hell they are the only thing I have left to grind). Assuming the engine can not have airplane endurance (or on a timer like catapult planes), reduce the fighter to one squadron per CV, 1 Torp bomber, and 1 or 2 DB. For national flavor tinker with the damage they do, the hps the planes have and the speed (not my idead, saw in this thread) and I think honestly you have a solution that most can live with and save all the Risk of the overhaul.
  9. Seloth

    CV Rework Feedback

    We already know that the brief video was bot ships and nerfed aa DPM. We can infer nothing from that in regards to aa and dfaa effects on the incoming planes
  10. Seloth

    CV Rework Feedback

    Honestly I am okay with fighters as you are right you can use them to help defend your team mates. The problem currently is then the USN is locked into one load out, while your IJN is not. so right now your usn can only have a single fighter group, where as the IJN cv can have up to three.