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  1. USS Buffalo $3,000,000 upgrade choice?

    Yeah, I'm really disappointed with the Buffalo. It really feels like a downgrade. Anyway, I took MAM1, DCS1, AAG2 because underwhelming-for-US-AA needs all the help it can get, DCSM2, DCS2 (though I think rudder or acceleration are valid choices for this lackluster cruiser), Concealment mod and main battery mod 3 Aside from that I don't see many upgrade choices being all that relevant. The Buffalo is a fat, wallowing slow-firing pig of a cruiser, utterly reliant on all-or-nothing AP strikes. It's an absolute chore to play, and must be meant as some kind of sacrificial step one must take before getting to the Des Moines.
  2. USN Battleships Suck /Thread

    Yeah, no. This is definitely a "pics or it didn't happen" situation. Yuuuuup. And before you roll your eyes, it's because at this point, apparently our experiences are so incredibly polar opposite that we may as well be playing different games, and we should probably both be bringing screenshot and/or video evidence that we both are, in fact, playing World of Warships. BURN_Miner, on 28 July 2015 - 12:39 AM, said: Edit: For more clarification. Again, I am far from a hardcore gamer. With that said I am by no means a "great BB Captain", but I can sink a DD. To claim that every DD I come up against is a poor DD Captain is a laughable concept. Sorry, but it is. To say that is only stating that for every BB Captain that can sink a DD. DD's are a great counter to BB's, I never have disputed that, but not such a hard counter that a DD is invincible to a BB. If a BB is played correctly it can put up a good enough fight to either bait the DD into the fleet (which a BB shouldn't be alone - though situationally it might be), or the BB can do enough damage to it to either kill it or make it run, and yes even at close range. Oh and the creme dela creme, spoiler inc, you can even dodge the incoming torps. As I've stated many times. Well, bully for you. But in general? Yeah, it really does sound like you're fighting DD lackwits. "Bait into the fleet"? Any DD driver worth his salt will see that a mile off and peel out. BURN_Miner, on 28 July 2015 - 12:39 AM, said: The last time I recall getting hit by a torp by an actual DD was when I wasn't paying attention, my fault, another shocker as I am taking self responsibility here and not blaming the ship or game mechanics, I'll let people take a moment gather themselves. The main torps I get hit by are the torp bombers, in which case I rarely die to them, but only get hit by one, maybe 2 and that's if the Captain of the CV is not just doing a fire and forget and actually maneuvering them into position as they get close. If the Captain of the BB is doing a fire and forget (you can tell when they get closer) you can easily dodge them... Yeah, by your own admission, you're having an amazing lucky streak with regard to enemy incompetence here. CV drivers who don't know how to aim torpedoes, a run of DDs who have no idea how to do anything but drive straight at you... BURN_Miner, on 28 July 2015 - 12:39 AM, said: But, no use in debating. I'll take an arrow to the knee. I face nothing but bad DD Captains. BB's are the worse class in the game. They need to have laser point accuracy all the time. I should be able to alt/tab out of the game and have Perpetual Motion Drinking Chicken at my keyboard playing for me and racking up points so I don't even have to be at the keyboard. Yes, I am being completely facetious, but so is the premise that every DD Captain that gets sank by a BB is a bad one... Or that because a "tail wagging works" and various other strats makes me a liar, as another poster has stated. I love how you're so defensive over simple skepticism, going so far as to be offended on behalf of other people I've responded to. I never called you a liar, I said the things you mentioned have rarely, if ever, worked for me when playing a battleship. BURN_Miner, on 28 July 2015 - 12:39 AM, said: Try the strats, watch UPK's videos and try his strats, stop trying to preach to the BB community what most of us know is incorrect. You are truly only hurting new players and discouraging them as they don't know what is actually true. BB's have "growing pains" and nothing more. They can be worked around, like every other ship. There isn't a ship in the game that a BB cannot solo if done properly. You have to know how to do it and most of the time that does not include going "broadside" with it.... Despite popular belief. 1.) Who the hell is UPK? 2.) I'll stop preaching when you do, Rev. Softcore McGitgud 3.) I'm hurting new players? I doubt so much as 0.001% of them will ever see this thread. Thank your lucky stars my malevolence is so limited, padre. 4.) If you say so. I think you're flatly wrong, you think I'm flatly wrong... whatever. I'll just stick with cheerily ambushing hapless BBs with my DDs. See, you say that, and yet the guy you're so offended on behalf of says: seamus2008, on 30 July 2015 - 08:36 AM, said: Most deaths are from Carriers, some are from DDs and BBs, none from cruisers. Those poor things just get citadel-ed all day err day. I feel for them, cruisers are pretty ships ;_; So the experience is not universal. In any case, it should be fairly obvious I'm not one of those guys complaining about cruiser HE spam.
  3. 1955 USN Battleship Training Video (LOL)

    That's actually a pretty pathetic rate of fire. IIRC, the crew of the Washington got theirs down to 14 seconds.
  4. USN Battleships Suck /Thread

    With those stats, there is no way he is playing against anyone with a clue as to how DDs work. I believe I've mentioned before that I vastly prefer driving DDs to BBs. I'm not saying this because I hate DDs slightly less than I hate BBs. I'm saying this because DDs are actually fun, and BBs are easy prey for them. Unless, I dunno, you pop smoke in spawn, drive straight at the enemy firing shots for fun and never, ever zigzag.
  5. Blowing up a bunch of tied-up, unloaded, largely un-crewed ships before they navy they belonged to was a participant in the conflict does nothing to further your argument. The same would've happened to US CVs, had they been there like the Japanese anticipated.
  6. USN Battleships Suck /Thread

    Either you're playing co-op or against the worst DD and CV players this game has to offer.
  7. What food do you want me to surrender to you? any will do?

  8. USN Battleships Suck /Thread

    I don't know from personal experience, hence the quotation marks. People swear up and down the New Mexico is where BBs start getting good. Even if the New Mexico sucks a fat one, my point stands.
  9. I never sit in spawn. I've tried a couple different things, staying with at least a handful of teammates (this usually winds up in being dragged to some irrelevant corner of the map while the useful ships fight over the objectives, and games like this. At this point I'm actually more likely to at least land some hits first if I lone wolf it. And yeah, I know you're not supposed to, but so far in BBs trying to play with friendlies in close proximity only gets me killed that much faster.
  10. USN Battleships Suck /Thread

    So, you won a fight against a destroyer in one of the "good" battleships, in a tier-6 BB vs tier-5 DD at that, over a significant length of time and apparently in large part due to the incompetence of the DD driver. This is not exactly persuasive that BBs don't suck much.
  11. At the end of the day, it's a game, and games are supposed to be fun. Driving a battleship is not fun. It feels like work: A long stretch of tedium for a paltry reward. I mean, this was the best round I've ever had in a New York, and it was so boring. The rest of the time it's pure frustration.
  12. US BB Line playing experience survey

    Haven't made it to tier 6 yet, and I am so absolutely disgusted with the -fully upgraded- New York that I don't think I'll be bothering to, either.
  13. Battleships Secondaries

    I found the problem, this is the guy who aims secondaries.
  14. I don't see this as particularly relevant given that carriers are stuffed in a small box just beyond visual range of the enemy fleet.
  15. USN Battleships Suck /Thread

    Generally, I try to advance far enough to be useful while keeping the enemy at arm's length. The way I see it, the battleships' secondary batteries are irrelevant. If you've closed that far with the enemy, you done goofed. The pathetic accuracy and power of secondaries means they're little more than a lame firework show to celebrate the arrival of enemy torpedoes. If I see a DD I die. There is nothing quite like firing an entire broadside practically point-blank at an ambushing DD, watching as the shells scatter in stupid directions all around it despite your aim being bang-on, land 2 hits, and then getting torped to oblivion. See above about keeping enemy at arm's length. Torpedo bombers are like destroyers. There really isn't anything you can do once they've zeroed in on you. Oh sure, you can try turning toward or away from them before they drop, but so far I find that this really only works against new players in their first CV; the BBs do not have the maneuverability to turn quickly enough, and if they're an enemy CV that can send more than one flight of torpedo bombers after the same target, you are screwed anyway. I don't even bother trying to coordinate with teammates anymore. Being an AA screen for a BB is boring, so after about five minutes the guy who agreed to cover you tears off to go do his own thing, leaving you as bomber bait. That's if anyone agrees, anyway; I've seen cruiser drivers yell at BBs asking for AA cover because "that's not what cruisers are for." Plus everyone else is convinced they've got the One True Plan that will lead the team to victory and the chat is a confused mess of armchair admirals pitching plans and then screaming about how terrible the team is 30 seconds into the match. So, I just generally try to follow a couple ships who seem like they might be going in the right direction. I don't see a reason to load anything but AP on battleships. Even against DDs. With the main guns' completely idiotic reload time, you're certainly better off going with the most reliable ammo choice at the start and sticking with it unless by some miracle you're all alone against an enemy CV and nobody is going to interrupt you killing it. I'd rather bet on a citadel hit than hope for the best with DoTs. Alternating's never really done anything for me. There really isn't a whole lot of use for the landscape when it comes to BBs besides something to run into. With the glacial turning speed of the main turrets, combined with the extremely wide turning radius, islands and whatnot are far more useful to the enemy. That said, islands can protect you during reloads, but their only consistent use for BBs is a wall to screen a retreat and buy time to repair. "Tail wagging" only really works for DDs and some cruisers. It is extremely limited use on BBs due to their lack of maneuverability. This is why for me, so far, the Wyoming has been the most consistent performer: It just sucks less at making this stuff work than the SC and NY. But I finally unlocked my hull upgrade for the NY, so we'll see how it goes. Update: Nope, it sucks. Even had a cruiser helping me with AA and the torpedo bombers made a mockery of it. Had to turn right to avoid absorbing the whole spread (couldn't turn left or I'd ram my escort) and ran aground instead, got lit up by enemy battleships, and more torpedo bombers to finally finish me off. Absolutely terrible.