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  1. kalman81

    Optimal Commander Skills for Immelmann?

    highly recommend this channel in youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHiU4YKBk-QoOOAa9AGywbw Ahskance goes into detail of each option for most CVs apart from teaching you how to play them properly
  2. kalman81

    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

    have you considered playing more competitive like clan battles? maybe being in a more competitive clan could help you, just a though. I think my clan and CB is the only thing keeping me in this game.
  3. Captains, I am having issues with colorblind mode, it gets reset every time I open the game, the changes I make are not being saved.
  4. @LittleWhiteMouse is one of the best and most precious CC's we have
  5. this grind is absurd, wildly unreasonable, illogical, inappropriate and it almost feels like an insult, considering a huge percentage of people who play this game will be spending time traveling, with family or well deserved vacation after a tough year. Could it be that WG is making a big joke out of this?
  6. kalman81

    Matchmaker queue times, nobody wants to play!

    Ppl complain MM is broken, demands daily to WG to fix... WG says we can fix but it will increase waiting time.... Ppl demand fix, and state they dont care about wait time.... WG fixes MM...... wait times increase as expected.... Ppl complain wait time increased due to MM fix...... sigh......
  7. Ppl complain to WG that MM is broken and want more fair MM WG applies fixes to to have more fair MM Ppl complain wait time is to long for fair MM sigh.....
  8. hey guys, is there anywhere I can find a spreadsheet or sorts where it describes the caliber and what armor it can bounce or pen?
  9. kalman81

    Being a Marauder

    did you guys got anything for being a Marauder apart from the experience?
  10. and at the end all would fail to the might of CV's if we keep historically accurate.
  11. Typical marketing tactic from any company...
  12. hey guys, I enjoy the podcast, for ideas on who to invite next week, why dont you guys invite someone from more of a casual non-unicom, CC, etc...just someone from a clan that is average to get feedback from those players? I mean thats where most of the player base is right?
  13. WG, can you please look into the huge difference in damage per puff between a T7 and bellow and T8+. The damage difference is practically double between T7 and T8 making AA for T7 and bellow terrible.
  14. kalman81

    I'm done in Random

    you know you are right, I apologize for that and I will refrain myself from such things.