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  1. GothicNightmare

    Tier 5-7 AA is still way weak.

    so true lol
  2. i would like the same thing but it wont happen since them make money off of it
  3. if they smoke up i just sent my torp bombers and start launching torps into the smoke cloud
  4. lol i see a DD main l love targeting DDs with my Carriers
  5. that wont happen because if they remove carriers they would have to refund money to people who spent money on prem Carriers as well as would have to refund credits and exp for all the players who have gone up the lines plus they have plans to use the carriers they removed with the rework like the essex to put them back in as an alt branch
  6. GothicNightmare

    Siegfried where you be??

    dont forget about the two new premium german ships that were announced with the subs
  7. GothicNightmare

    Matches like this should never launch.

    you will never find me lol
  8. GothicNightmare

    Matches like this should never launch.

    I love playing my CVs there so far fun to play
  9. As a Carrier player if i am up tiered like 10 in my 8 i go to a full support mode which includes spoting for my team and helping to reset caps only go after lone targets in up tiered match you will get plenty of credits and exp for good spoting dmg and spoting ribbons
  10. GothicNightmare

    Which is better

    hello I was wondering which is the better tier 10 cruiser I need a Jap Cruiser and was wondering which one is better
  11. GothicNightmare

    Just stop it

    what are you smoke ban the good players for learning the game and getting good maybe your the one who should get better or just deal with its not the games fault and I will admit the RNG does control a decent amount but it still takes a good player to be able for rng to be in you favor example aiming, shooting, positions, etc.
  12. GothicNightmare


    Flamu submarine video said that in a interview that was posted with Wargaming said that Subs and the Carrier change has been confirmed for 2019 I know some people are upset about this but I am very excited for Submarines
  13. GothicNightmare

    Jean Bart the Dissapointment.

    ikr but it is an HE spamer like the UK BB
  14. GothicNightmare

    Izumo why are u so Bad

    the Izumo in my option is the worse Battleship of the IJN BB line I hate running this thing I know the main goal of the line is the Yamato and that is the only reason I am gridding this to make things worse it is after a really great tier 8 amagi so I was wondering should the izumo be buffed or removed and replaced with something else and if so what do you guys thing should replace it I am kind of interested