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  1. Is the latest update just redownloading the whole game ? I felt like playing, but after 40 mins of updating im gonna do something else... i mean seriously ...
  2. thejoker767

    More Rewards for Twitch Prime Members!

    The coop scenarios could use more missions , tiers and even diff levels. It would be a great way to reward that type of play. The scenarios offer combat situation possibilities that you dont get in pvp thus will help players fine tune some skills
  3. thejoker767

    Ranked Battles: the Seventeenth Season

    Jist because you have trouble killing a specific type of ship does not mean its OP. That term is widely used and most likely exaggerated.
  4. thejoker767

    Ranked Battles: the Seventeenth Season

    The lower the tier the more frustration. The MM problem is the main source. Winrates and team dmg avrg is never even close. At least at t10, you can hope having less unexperienced players. I gave up on anything at t7 and under , its an utter waste of time. The losses are not even close. Its MM that decides if you in the right team. So i dont waste flags and credits for that. Ranked at t7 and less becomes a credit and flag sinkhole
  5. Your immaturity is blatent and is unnecessary in this forum

  6. thejoker767


    More than childish
  7. Heres an easy fix, make match maker put in an equivalent number of radar ships for dds. 1 dd, 1 radar and so on. Dds always asking for nerfs
  8. thejoker767


    Again, another DD player asking to nerf stuff that prevents him from spamming more torps. Nerfs to radar, ap shells and whatnot is more that enough, if not totally exagerated. Theres no too many DDs, it makes agressive capping and non camping games very rare. Ill say it again: torp ammo should be capped, DD numbers per team should be capped much tighter and they should have citadels like any other class. The advantage given to DDs atm is obvious. Radar capabilities to battleships and extended hydro would go a long way to balance torp spammig which a deplorable meta now. I will go even further towards adding decoys to BBs which would give off false locations on minimap and thus make those torp spams wasted shots.
  9. thejoker767

    Upgraded to Win 10 Pro - a few items

    1) 32 Gb for gaming on Wows is overkill, 12 gigs is more than enough and 16 give you multitasking capacity while gaming 2) Webroot is nowhere on the radar on all test benches for personnal use or enterprise grade protection. In sum, both of your points are totally off. You have no chance of working on my Infosec team bruh, sorry .
  10. thejoker767

    FtP vs Premium

    Only one explanation: your facing better players point. Theres no difference between players performance FtP vs Premium, any claim to the contrary is just a wild goose chase. If there was a minute base of truth behind your claim it would have been found out long before your post.
  11. thejoker767

    Too much bbs...

    Well said ! lollll
  12. Totally agree on adjusting conq citadel. Same as limiting torpedo range to 12km max or 1.2x detectiim range of the destroyer. Would hugely improve gameplay.
  13. thejoker767

    No subs please.

    Subs will probably have a 25 torpedo spread on a 30 reload and be OP like any destroyer lollll .
  14. thejoker767

    Good job wg you just killed CV

    Cruisers job is to take out destroyers... battleships take out cruisers ... and destroyers take out cruisers and battleships with a bunch of nerfs to incoming dmg... your point is not solid at all
  15. thejoker767

    New Mode Dominated by Clans

    A huge problem is all the nerfs to other classes to help destroyers to keep on spamming torps. its sad and will ruin the gameplay if this keeps up. Or just make it simple: a new game mode called "No destroyers, no spam, all skills"