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  1. thejoker767

    Broken Lag - kills CWars

    got it in space battle too
  2. thejoker767


    Now for the 3rd time in 10 minutes...wth
  3. thejoker767

    Cannot join Clan Battles during CIS time

    Same here getting unreadied when we try to launch
  4. thejoker767

    Cross Server Clan Battles problem

    Ill bet it a time sync issue ...
  5. thejoker767

    Cross Server Clan Battles problem

    Weve been waiting for 15 mins
  6. Anyone else has the issue ? The post saying its only ui is wrong ....
  7. Can we have an ETA on thie fix ?
  8. Its saying tonights battle has ended ....
  9. thejoker767

    Clan battles season

    Same problem here
  10. Torpedo spam is a definite problem, its being abused largely. Capping the amount of DDs allowed in one match is a start. Capping the amount of torpedo ammo would be a good addition as a 15 torpedo spread is pretty much an ultimate attack. No other ship class has this type of one-shot overkill capability all while staying undetected. Another issue that give torpedo abusers a significant advantage is you do not need to aim like you would to with guns. The aim should be entirely based on players judgement as it is with gun and not have a precalculated firing vector given to the player. A fair balance in this case would be to have to suggested firing solution to guns, when a DD is targeted by a cruiser or Battleship. Another good way to balance this issue would be to add Radar capabilities to battleships and not only cruisers and/or significantly reduce the cooldown of HydroAcoustics. The best random battles have no more than 2 DDs per team, and these matches have much more engaged into battle players rather than everyone staying as far from the cap point as possible. In any case, Destroyers are given a significant tactical advantage on the battlefield: - Fire while invisible - Precalculated firing vectors for torpedoes - Massive ultimate strike capability by sheer number of torpedoes and range - Unlimited ammo on torpedoes - Very limited countering abilities to offset their massive advantage